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L. M.

His loving kindness is better than life.
GOD, thou art my God alone;
Early to thee my soul shall cry;
A pilgrim in a land unknown,--

A thirsty land, whose springs are dry.
2 Thee, in the watches of the night,
When I remember ou my bed,
Thy presence makes the darkness light;
Thy guardian wings are round my head.
8 Better than life itself, thy love;
Dearer than all beside to me;
For whom have I in heaven above,

Or what on earth, compared with thee? 4 Praise with my heart, my mind, my voice, For all thy mercy I will give:

My soul shall still in God rejoice.-

My tongue shall bless thee while I live.


12th P. M. 76, 76, 78, 76.

Jesus, the same yesterday, to-day, ana forever. MAST on the fidelity


I shall his salvation see,
According to his word:
Credence to his word I give;
My Saviour in distresses past
Will not now his servant leave,
But bring me through at last.
2 Better than my boding fears
To me thou oft hast proved;
Oft observed my silent tears,
And challenged thy beloved:
Mercy to my rescue flow,

And death ungrasp'd his fainting prey; Pain before thy face withdrew,

And sorrow fled away.

3 Now as yesterday the same,
In all my troubles nigh,
Jesus, on thy word and name
I steadfastly rely:

Sure as now the grief I feel,

The promised joy I soon shall have; Saved again, to sinners tell

Thy power and will to save.

4 To thy blessed will resign'd,
And stay'd on that alone,
I thy perfect strength shall find,-
Thy faithful mercies own;
Compass'd round with songs of praise,
My all to my Redeemer give;
Spread thy miracles of grace,

And to thy glory live.




Vanity of earthly enjoyments.

C. M.

vain are all things here below;
How false, and yet how fair 1
Each pleasure hath its poison too,
And every sweet a snare.

2 The brightest things below the sky
Give but a flatt'ring light;

We should suspect some danger nigh,
Where we possess delight.

3 Our dearest joys, and nearest friends,
The partners of our blood,

How they divide our wav'ring minds,
And leave but half for God.

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4 The fondness of a creature's love,
How strong it strikes the sense;
Thither the warm affections move,
Nor can we call them thence.

5 My Saviour, let thy beauties be
My soul's eternal tood;

And grace command my heart away
From all created good.


9th P. M. 87, 87, 87, 87.

Worldly pleasures renounced.


AIN are all terrestrial pleas res;
Mix'd with dross the purest gold;
Seek we then for heavenly treasures,-
Treasures never waxing oid.
Let our best affections centre

On the things around the throne.
There no thief can ever enter;

Moth and rust are there unknown.

2 Earthly joys no longer please us;
Here would we renounce them all;'
Seek our only rest in Jesus,-

Him our Lord and Master call.
Faith, our languid spirits cheering,
Points to brighter worlds above;
Bids us look for his appearing;
Bids us triumph in his love.

8 May our light be always burning,
And our loins be girded round,
Waiting for our Lord's returning,-
Longing for the welcome sound.
Thus the Christian life adorning,
Never need we be afraid,

Should he come at night or morning,
Early dawn, or evening shade.



ORD, in the strength of grace,
Within glad heart and free,

Myself, my residue of days,
I consecrate to thee.

2 Thy ransom'd servant, I
Restore to thee thine own;

And from this moment live or die,
To serve my God alone.


S. M.

12th P. M. 76, 76, 78, 76.

Determined to know nothing but Jesus and him


TAIN, delusive world, adieu,

With all of creature good:

Only Jesus I pursue,

Who bought me with his blood: All thy pleasures I forego;

I trample on thy wealth and pride; Only Jesus will I know,

And Jesus crucified.

2 Other knowledge I disdain; 'Tis all but vanity:

Christ, the Lamb of God, was slain,

He tasted death for me.

Me to save from endless wo

The sin-atoning Victim died: Only Jesus will I know,

And Jesus crucified.

8 Here will I set up my rest;
My fluctuating heart
From the haven of his breast

Shall never more depart:
Whither should a sinner go!

His wounds for me stand open wide;

Only Jesus will I know,

And Jesus crucified.

4 Him to know is life and peace,
And pleasure without end;
This is all my happiness,
On Jesus to depend;
Daily in his grace to grow,
And ever in his faith abide;
Only Jesus will I know,
And Jesus crucified.

50 that I could all invite,

This saving truth to prove;

Show the length, the breadth, the heignt, And depth of Jesus' love!

Fain I would to sinners show

The blood by faith alone applied; Only Jesus will I know,

And Jesus crucified.


Steadfast faith.

C. M.

M'And will not quit my claim,
God, I know, I feel thee mine,

Till all I have is lost in thine,
And all renew'd I am.

2 I hold thee with a trembling hand,
And will not let thee go,

Till steadfastly by faith I stand,
And all thy goodness know.


10th P. M. 8 lines 8s.

Following the Lamb.

WHAT now is my object and aim!


To follow the heavenly Lamb,
And after bis image aspire:
My hope is all centred in thee;
I trust to recover thy love;
On earth thy salvation to see,
And then to enjoy it above.

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