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L. M.

Sustaining grace prayed for. TAUGHT by our Lord, we will not pray Out of the world to be removed; But keep us, in our evil day,

Till patient faith is fully proved.

2 From sin, the world, and Satan's snare, The members of thy Son defend, Till all thy character we bear,

And grace matured in glory end.


9th P. M. 87, 87.

Bereavement and resignation.


ESUS, while our hearts are bleeding O'er the spoils that death has won, We would, at this solemn meeting, Calmly say,-Thy will be done.

2 Though cast down, we 're not forsaken; Though afflicted, not alone:

Thou didst give, and thou hast taken
Blessed Lord,-Thy will be done.

3 Though to-day we 're fill'd with anourning,
Mercy still is on the throne;
With thy smiles of love returning,
We can sing,-Thy will be done.
4 By thy hands the boon was given;
Thou hast taken but thine own:
Lord of earth, and God of heaven,
Evermore,-Thy will be done.


26th P. M. 76 76, 76, 76.
Exulting in the favour of God.
thee, our God and Saviour,

Tour hearts exulting spring,
Rejoicing in thy favour,
Thou everlasting King

We'll celebrate thy glory,
With all the saints above;
And tell the wondrous story
Of thy redeeming love.
2 Soon as the morn with roses
Bedecks the dewy east,
And when the sun reposes
Upon the ocean's breast;
Our voice in supplication,
Jehovah, thou shalt hear;
O grant us thy salvation,
And be thou ever near.

8 By thee through life supported,
We pass the dang'rous road,
By heavenly hosts escorted

Up to their bright abode;
There cast our crowns before thee,
Our toils and conflicts o'er,
And day and night adore thee,
Forever, ever more.



Retirement and meditation.

C. M.

From strife and tumult far
PAR from the world, O Lord, I flee,

From scenes where Satan wages still
His most successful war.

2 The calm retreat, the silent shade,
With prayer and praise agree;
And seem by thy sweet bounty made
For those who follow thee.

There, if thy Spirit touch the soul,
And grace her mean abode,

with what peace, and joy, and love,
Does she commune with God!

4 Author and Guardian of my life,
Sweet Source of light divine,
And all harmonious names in one,
My Saviour,-thou art mine!

5 The thanks I owe thee, and the love, A boundless, endless store,

Shall echo through the realms above
When time shall be no more.



Enter into thy closet.

C. M.

ATHER of Jesus Christ, my Lord,
I humbly seek thy face;
Encouraged by the Saviour's word
To ask thy pard'ning grace.
2 Ent'ring into my closet, I
The busy world exclude;
In secret prayer for mercy cry,
And groan to be renew'd.

3 Far from the paths of men, to thee
I solemnly retire;

See, thou who dost in secret see,
And grant my heart's desire.

4 Fain would I all thy goodness feel,
And know my sins forgiven;

And do on earth thy perfect will,
As angels do in het ven.



Secret blessings.

C. M.

FATHER divine, thy piercing eye Sees through the darkest night; In deep retirement thou art nigh, With heart-discerning sight.

2 May that observing eye survey
My faithful homage paid,

With every morning's dawning ray,
And every evening's shade.

3 O may thine own celestial fire
The incense still inflame,
While fervent vows to thee aspire,
Through my Redeemer's Name.
4 So shall the visits of thy love
My soul in secret bless;

So wilt thou deign, in worlds above,
Thy suppliant to confess.



C. M.

LOVE to steal awhile away
From every cumb'ring care,
And spend the hours of setting day
In humble, grateful prayer.

2 I love in solitude to shed
The penitential tear,
And all his promises to plead
Where none but God can hear.

3 I love to think on mercies past,
And future good implore,
And all my cares and sorrows cast
On Him whom I adore.

4 I love by faith to take a view
Of brighter scenes in heaven;
The prospect doth my strength renew,
While here by tempests driven.

5 Thus, when life's toilsome day is o'er, May its departing ray

Be calm as this impressive hour,

And lead to endless day.




L. M.

THOU, great God, whose piercing eye Distinctly marks each deep recess; In these sequester'd hours draw nigh, And with thy presence fill the place.

2 Through all the mazes of my heart, My search let heavenly wisdom guide; And still its radiant beams impart, Till all be search'd and purified. 3 Then, with the visits of thy love, Do thou mine inmost spirit cheer; Till every grace shall join to prove That God has fix'd his dwelling here. 1st P. M. 6 lines 8s.


Wrestling Jacob:-1 will not let thee go.

COME, O thou Traveller unknown,

Whom still I hold, but cannot see;
My company before is gone,

And I am left alone with thee:
With thee all night I mean to stay,
And wrestle till the break of day.
2 I need not tell thee who I am;
My sin and misery declare;
Thyself hast call'd me by my name;
Look on thy hands, and read it there:
But who, I ask thee, who art thou?
Tell me thy name, and tell me w.
3 In vain thou strugglest to get re;
I never will unloose my hold:
Art thou the Man that died for me!
The secret of thy love unfold:
Wrestling, I will not let thee go,
Till I thy name, thy nature know. -


1st P. M. 6 lines 88.

Continued. When I am weak, then am I strong.


WILT thou not yet to me reveal Thy new, unutterable name? Tell me, I still beseech thee, tell; To know it now resolved I am: Wrestling, I will not let thee go, Till I thy name, thy nature know.

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