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For the convenience of historians and other students of the civil war records, certain special compilations in addition to the “General Index” and the “Additions and Corrections") have been made and are published in this volume. Those compilations are as follows:

Synopsis of the contents of volumes.--This statement describes the scope of each of the four series into which the work is divided, and the general operations and principal events covered by each volume. To this is added a table which shows the volumes (called “Companion Volumes ") that refer to particular groups of operations from the beginning to the close of the war.

Special index for the principal armies, army corps, military divisions and departments. This is an abstract, from the general index, of references to the volumes in which are to be found documents pertaining to the operations of the principal commands or organizations. It contains certain other references, chiefly with regard to army corps, which are explained on page XLIII, post. This abstract enables the searcher to readily trace the operations of any or all of the larger commands without recourse to the widely separated entries in the general index.

Toble shoring volumes pertaining to contemporaneous operations. This table shows the volumes containing documents relating to operations in each month from December, 1860, to the end of the war. By the aid of the table the reader can find the records of all contemporaneous operations throughout the country during any month of any year.


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The Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies consist of official reports, correspondence, orders, returns and maps. Each volume, including the Atlas, contains a full index which points to

[blocks in formation]

these papers under appropriate headings, and, in addition, contains the names of each individual and of each military organization (from an independent company to a regiment) mentioned in the text. The General Index, which is an abridged consolidation of the indexes to the several volumes, points to the volumes alone and not to parts thereof. The searcher should, therefore, consult the indexes to the several parts of the volumes indicated in the general index for definite reference to matter pertaining to any particular event, subject or person.

The letters U and C are used in place of the words “Union" and “Confederate.” Other abbreviations are so easily understood that a detailed explanation of them is unnecessary.

A plus sign (+) following a volume reference shows that the “Additions and Corrections” (pages 1091-1242, post) for the volume indicated should be consulted.

The series are indicated by roman numerals I, II, III, IV, meaning, respectively, first, second, third and fourth series, Arabic figures, following the roman numerals, are used to indicate the volumes of the several series.

Organizations, from an independent company to a regiment, which were designated or known by the names of their commanding officers, changing names with successive commanders, are indexed as follows:

[Extracts from general index.] Arkansas Troops (C.).

Pennsylvania Troops. Artillery, Light-Batteries :

Engineers-Companies : Provence's-Huniphreys'-Rivers'.


The arrangement of names in the preceding extracts denotes the several commanders in regular order of succession.

As a rule (to which there are a few exceptions, especially in the case of army corps) brigades, divisions, army corps, armies and geographical military divisions and departments have not been indexed, either in the volumes or in the general index, under their numerical or other designating titles, but are referred to under the names of their commanding officers. A full explanation of this subject will be found in the note which precedes the Special Index, page XLIII, post.

In many volume indexes initials only have been used for Christian names, but in the general index the full names bave been supplied as far as possible.

Errors and omissions that have been discovered in the various volume indexes are not shown in the general index, which contains the corrected or completed entries only. All such errors and omissions, however, are fully set forth in the additions and corrections for the several volume indexes, to which attention is directed in the general

[blocks in formation]

The following extracts from a volume index, together with corre-ponding extracts from the general index, illustrate the plan of both indexes and the relation between them:

(Extracts from index, Series I, Volume XII, Part II.]
Adjutant-General's Office, U. S. A.
Correspondence with
Porter, Fitz John.....

505, 506 Orders, General, series 1862: No. 18, 507.

Orders, Special, series 1862: No. 256, 766.
Lee, Robert E.
Congratulatory order. Battle of Cedar Mountain, Va., Aug. 9

185 Correspondence with Adjutant and Inspector General's Office, C. S. A

176, 551 Mentioned...

6-8, 12, 13 Reports of (edar Mountain, Va. Battle of, Aug. 9

176 Northern Virginia. Campaign in, Aug. 13-Sept. 2

531, 551, 559 Northern Virginia. Campaign in, Aug. 16-Sept. 2. Casualties. Returns of Confederate troops

560-562 l'nion forces...

249-262 Communications from Army Headquarters..

56 Confederate troops. Organization, strength, etc.

546-551 Itineraries of Banks' corps, Aug. 1-31

324 Memorandum of J. E. B. Stuart, Aug. 26-30

739 Reports of Lee, R. E......

531, 551, 559 See also

June 26-Sept. 2. Virginia. Operations in.

Aug. 16–17. Louisa Court-House. Reconnaissance toward.
Union Troops.
(asualties. Returns of
Cedar Mountain, Va. Battle of, Aug. 9

136–139, 153 Northern Virginia. Campaign in, Aug. 16-Sept. 2..

249-262 Halleck, H. W., assumes command of Armies of the United States..

3 Mentioned Organization, strength, etc. July 31. Army of Virginia ...

53 Sept. 2. Pennsylvania Reserves. Army of the Potomac

396 Virginia. Operations in, June 26–Sept. 2. Communications from Pope, J.....

50-52 Reports of Bayard, George D......

88, 92 See also

Mar. 17-Sept. 2. Peninsular Campaign, Va.
Virginia, Army of. (Tnion.)

Banks, Nathaniel P., assumes command of Second Corps...
Constituted ....
McDowell, Irvin, assumes command of Third Corps



coco es XXVIII


Virginia, Army of. (Union)-Continued.

Orders, Circulars, series 1862: Aug. 31.
Orders, Field, series 1862: No. 5.
Orders, General, series 1862: No. 5
Organization, strength, etc., July 31, 1862
Pope, John, assumes command...
Sigel, Franz, assumes command of First Corps.

79, 80 520 50 53 3 3

The foregoing extracts from a volume index are referred to in the general index as follows:

[Extracts from general index.]

Adjutant-General's Office, U.S. A., I, 12.
Adjutant and Inspector General's Office, C. S. A.,

I, 12.
Army Headquarters, I, 12.
Banks, Nathaniel P., I, 12.
Bayard, George D., 1, 12.
Cedar Mountain, Va.

Battle, Aug. 9, 1862, I, 12.
Confederate Troops.

Casualties, 1862, I, 12.

Organization, strength, etc., 1862, I, 12.
Halleck, Henry W., I, 12.
Lee, Robert E., I, 12.
Louisa Court House, Va.

Reconnaissance, Aug. 16–17, 1862, I, 12.
McDowell, Irvin, 1, 12.

Northern Virginia Campaign.

Aug. 16-Sept. 2, 1862, 1, 12.
Peninsular Campaign.

Mar. 17-Sept. 2, 1862, I, 12.
Pope, Johu, I, 12.
Porter, Fitz John, 1, 12.
Potomac, Army of the (U.), I, 12,
Sigel, Franz, I, 12.
Stuart, James E. B., 1, 12.
Union Troops.

Casualties, 1862, 1, 12.

Organization, strength, etc., 1862, I, 12.

Operations, 1862, 1, 12.
Virginia, Army of (U.), I, 12.


[Pages 1091-1242, post.]

The “* Additions and Corrections” for the volumes composing the four series of the entire work are arranged to correspond with those volumes, the additions and corrections for the text of each volume preceding those for the index of the same volume.

All errors and omissions that have been discovered in the trict of the several volumes, oncept errors in names, are shown and corrected in the additions and corrections for the text of those volumes. Errors in names, whether occurring in the text or indexes, are indicated and corrected in the additions and corrections for the indexes of the volumes in which the errors have been found, and not (with a few minor exceptions) in the additions and corrections for the text of those volumes.

All errors and omissions that have been found in the indexes of the various volumes are shown and corrected in the additions and corrections for the indexes of those volumes, italics being used to indicate the corrected or additional entries and roman letters, in brackets, to indicate the erroneous or incomplete ones. Wherever it has been found necessary to strike out a part or the whole of an entry in a volume index, the words or figures to be erased are embraced in brackets in the additions and corrections for that index. Any alteration that has been made necessary in a volume index by reason of a change in the

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