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September 1, 1921. A Collection of Rare Americana. C. F. Heartman.

September 2, 9, 1921. Miscellaneous Books. The Walpole Galleries.

September 26, 1921. Private Library of a New Yorker. The Walpole Galleries.

September 30, 1921. A Collection of Rare Americana. C. F. Heartman.

October 10, 1921. A Collection of American Newspapers and Eighteenth Century American Sermons. C. F. Heartman. October 17, 18, 1921. First Editions and Manuscripts of Rudyard Kipling, George Moore, Stevenson, Whitman, Whistler, Bliss Carman, Lord Dunsany, Thomas Hardy, including The Kelmscott Chaucer, etc. The Anderson Galleries.

October 19, 1921. Library of the late Henry G. Ashmead. Stan. V. Henkels.

October 26, 1921. English Literature. The Library of Rita Wellman Leo. The Anderson Galleries.

October 26, 27, 1921. A Collection of American History and Miscellaneous Literature. Stan. V. Henkels.

October 31, 1921.

First Editions of Modern Authors and Books of Modern Art from the Library of C. R. Herzler. The Anderson Galleries.

November 1, 1921. Americana from the Rhode Island Historical Society. The Anderson Galleries.

November 3, 1921. Library of the late Joseph M. Farren. Stan.. V. Henkels.

November 4, 1921. Fine and Rare Books mainly from the Libraries of a Member of The Grolier Club and of a New York Collector. Walpole Galleries.


November 7, 1921.
Baltimore, Md.

Library of the late Dr. R. B. Warfield of
The Anderson Galleries.

November 9, 1921.

Library of the late Robinson Locke. The American Art Association.

November 10, 1921. A Collection of Americana. C. F. Heartman. November 14, 1921. Selections from the Libraries of Dr. Lucius Pitkin of New York City and the late Dr. R. H. Ward of Troy, N. Y. The Anderson Galleries.

November 15, 1921. Library of James G. Barnwell, Dec'd. Stan. V. Henkels.

November 19, 1921.

A Collection of Acts, Bills, Laws and Resolves passed by the U. S. Government, 1789-1810. C. F. Heartman.

November 21, 22 and 23, 1921. English, French and American Authors, Illustrated Books, Standard Sets, First Editions, Autographs, Caricatures, Colored Plate Books, including the Libraries of the late Charles F. Libby of Portland, Me., and the late Edward B. Camp of Millburn, N. J. The American Art Association.

November 21 and 22, 1921. Library of the late Benjamin O'Fallon. The Anderson Galleries.

November 22, 1921. The Library of Thomas L. Manigault. Stan. V. Henkels.

November 26, 1921. A Collection of Americana. C. F. Heartman. November 28 and 29, 1921. Books, Pamphlets, Broadsides and Maps relating to the Western States. Including the original Manuscripts of Sutter's Fort, 1846-1847. The Anderson Galleries.

November 30, 1921. Library of a Reader and Scholar of New York, Part I. The Walpole Galleries.

November 30 and December 1, 1921. Rare Books with special Historical Interest, Royal Bindings and Important Works from the Libraries of the Duke of Kent, Philip Earl de Grey, Lord Foley, etc. The Anderson Galleries.

December 1 and 2, 1921. Library of the late James G. Barnwell. Stan. V. Henkels.

December 3, 1921. A Collection of Americana. C. F. Heartman. December 5, 1921. A Collection of Americana Comprising Almanacs, American Revolution Material, Lincolniana, Indians and the Early West. The Anderson Galleries.

December 6, 1921. A portion of the Library of Mr. John C. Tomlinson and Library Sets from the Estate of Mrs. Lee

December 6 and 7, 1921. A Notable selection of Books, Broadsides, Letters, also paintings, from various collections, includ-ing those of the late Edward Tuckerman of Amherst, Mass., the late Judd Stewart of Plainfield, N. J., Frank M. Bristol of Chattanooga, Tenn., and The American Antiquarian So-ciety of Worcester, Mass. The American Art Association. December 8, 1921. Books, Pamphlets, Broadsides, Prints and Paintings pertaining to the Sea, etc. From the collection of Mr. Fred J. Peters of Little Neck, L. I. The Anderson Galleries.

December 12, 1921. Library of Americana. Mainly Lincolniana and the Civil War. The Walpole Galleries.

December 12, 1921. The Kate Greenaway Collection of Miss M.. I. Meacham of New York City. The Anderson Galleries. December 13, 1921. A Collection of Historical Documents and Autograph Letters. Stan. V. Henkels.

December 13 and 14, 1921. Library of William M. MacBean of Yonkers, N. Y., and the Collection of Costume and Colored Plate Books of Bertha S. Fiero of New York City. The Anderson Galleries.

December 19 and 20, 1921. Private Libraries of the Hon. John P. Hale and of Frederick Myron Colby with Extra-Illustrated Books from the Library of the Late Teunis V. Holbrow. The: Anderson Galleries.

December 20, 1921. Selections from the Library of a Member of the Players' Club. The Walpole Galleries.

December 20, 1921. A Collection of Valuable Books. Stan. V.. Henkels.

January 5, 1922. A Collection of Rare Americana. C. F. Heart-


January 9, 1922. Rare Autographs and Manuscripts of Famous. Authors, Composers, Artists, etc., including unpublished Musical Manuscripts by Schubert and Mendelssohn-Bartholdy from Various Collections. The Anderson Galleries.

January 10, 1922. Miscellaneous Books in Americana, Art, History, and Biography, First Editions, etc. The Walpole Galleries.

January 13, 1922. Unpublished Correspondence of James Abbott. McNeill Whistler. Together with Autograph Letters of Notable Authors, Writers and Illustrators of His Day comprising the Correspondence addressed to the late William Heinemann, Esq., also Books by and relating to Whistler. The: Property of Miss Susan Minns of Boston, Mass. The Amer


Library of the late Albert J. Morgan of Larch-
The Anderson Galleries.

January 18, 1922. A Collection of Books by Modern Authors, together with Original Manuscripts of the late Edgar Saltus and other Books and Autographs from various collections. The Anderson Galleries.

January 18, 1922. Collection of Cookery Books and Manuscripts gathered by Blanche Halleck Depuy, together with Rarities in all Classes of Literature. The Anderson Galleries. January 20, 1922. Library of a Reader and Scholar of New York, Part II. The Walpole Galleries.

January 26 and 27, 1922. Novelists and Illustrators of the XIX Century, Publications in the Original Parts, forming a Portion of the Library of Mr. Frederick Corder of London, England. Finely bound Sets of First Editions from the Private Library of Mr. David G. Joyce of Chicago, Ill. Unique Kipling Items, Collected by Captain E. W. Martindell of Ashford, England. Association Items of Superlative Interest, etc. The American Art Association.

January 27, 1922. Books, Autographs and Manuscripts from the Library of a Private Collector. The Walpole Galleries. January 27, 1922. Early American and Colonial Laws. Rare. Broadsides, Franklin and other Imprints, etc., and the Library of Major Gen. Geo. G. Meade and of his Son, Col. Geo. Meade. Stan. V. Henkels.

A Collection of Rare Americana. C. F. Heart

The Dickens Collection of Books, Manuscripts and Relics formed by the late Dr. R. T. Jupp of London. The Anderson Galleries..

February 6 and 7, 1922. A Thackeray Library collected by Henry Sayre Van Duzer of New York. The Anderson Galleries. February 13 and 14, 1922. The Dickens Collection of the late William Glyde Wilkins of Pittsburgh, Pa. The Anderson

February 18, 1922. A Collection of Historical Manuscripts. C. F. Heartman.

February 20 and 21, 1922. The Private Library of a Sportsman and Traveler. The Walpole Galleries.

February 20, 21, 22 and 23, 1922. Extensive Library of the late Dr. R. B. Coutant of Tarrytown N. Y. Americana, including a large collection of works relating to André and Benedict Arnold, Johnsoniana, Shakespina and General Liter

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