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Lafayette (Gilbert Motier, Marquis de). Collection of 35 letters, written 1832-33, to Bernard Sarrans. The letters, dated from La Grange, are filled with allusions to America, his friend's book, and French politics. Many are a half-page or a page in length, some 3 or 4 pp. In French, with English translations.

B., Mar. 11, '22. (106-a) $200.00 Lamb (Charles). MS. Common-place Book, entirely in the autograph of Lamb. In ink on 70 sm. 4to leaves, comprising 124 pages of MS. With portrait engraved by Finden after Wageman, inserted. Each leaf attached to stub, and bnd., sm. 4to, lev. mor. tooled, inlaid, unc., in silk folder and lev. mor. case, by Birdsall. From the Rowfant library, with list of contents in LockerLampson's hand. Mohr, G., Apr. 11, '22. (466) $2650.00. -MS., Poem, "What is an Album?” One page, fol. Signed "C. L." In cl. slip case.

-A. L. S., 2 pp., 8vo.

Patterson, A., May 15, '22. (437) $125.00. [Sept. 10, 1825.] To T. Allsop.

A., Jan. 9, '22. (133) $135.00L -A. L. S., fol., n.d. To Messrs. Taylor & Hessey, Booksellers, Fleet Street, with address. Relative to letter of James Thomson. Manigault, H., Nov. 22, '21. (11) $100.00. -Galley Proof of a letter of James Thomson, author of "The Seasons," with Lamb's Autograph Corrections in ink, on the back of which Lamb has written a characteristic letter. Long fol. With attached slip upon which the editor of the London Magazine has written a note. Manigault, H., Nov. 22, '21. (12) $140.00. Lee (Richard Henry). A. L. S., 4 pp., 4to, New York, Oct. 1, 1787. Preserved under silk gauze. To [George Mason], regarding Congressional action on the proposed Constitution.

Vail, A., May 2, '22. (319) $210.00. -A. D., 134 pp., large fol., preserved under silk gauze; and mounted wrapper with full address, also in Lee's hand, to "George Mason, Esquire, of Gunston Hall, in Fairfax County, Richmond, Virginia," franked and dated "Richd. H. Lee, 1787 [Alexandria, Nov. 2.]" 2 pieces. Vail, A., May 2, '22. (318) $130.00. Lincoln (Abraham). A. L. S., 4to. Springfield, Ill., March 31, 1854. To Geo. B. Kinkead. H., Dec. 13, '21. (294) $132.50. -A. L. S., 4to. Springfield, Ill., June 16, 1854. To Geo. B Kinkead. H., Dec. 13, '21. (295) $165.00. -A. L. S., one page, 12mo, Springfield, Ill., Aug. 14, 1860. To James E. Harvey, Esq., Brattleboro, Vermont, acknowledging receipt of a letter. With addressed and stamped envelope.

G., Dec. 6, '21. (411) $100.00.

-Two-line Autograph Endorsement, signed, in Lincoln's hand, "Let this case stand high for a chance-A. Lincoln-June 3, 1861,' on back of letter by Charles L. Thomasson, addressed to "His Excellency, President of the United States," and sent by J. F. Speed of Louisville to Lincoln. With special note.

Lincoln (Abraham).—Continued.

-Autograph endorsement, signed, upon an official military telegram. One page, March 7, 1864. In favor of Willard M. Randolph. Vail, A., May 2, '22. (802) $65.00. Lincolniana. Head (Jesse). A. D. S., one page, 4to, relative to the Marriage of Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks: "I do hereby certify that by Authority of License I have solemnized the rites of Matrimony between Thomas Lincoln and Nancy HanksJune 12th 1806Witness my hand. Jesse Head D. M. E. C." Attested by E. B. Head. etc. [Also] D. S. of Isaac Shelby, Governor of Kentucky, with seal, one page 4to, Frankfort, Jan. 30, 1813, Warrant for Jesse Head as Assistant Judge; [Also] D. S. of R. P. Letcher, Governor of Kentucky, one page 4to, Frankfort, Jan. 14, 1842, Warrant for Scott Graves as Justice of the Peace. Together, 3 pieces, all inlaid.

G., Dec. 6, '21. (471) $200.00.

Livingston (Philip). A. D. S., 2 pp., sm. 4to, New York, June 26, 1776. To the Provincial Congress of the Colony of New York. With engraved portrait. Together, 2 pieces.

G., Dec. 6, '21. (475) $60.00.

Livingston (Robert R.). His Commission as Minister Plenipotentiary of the U. S. to the Republic of France. Oct. 2, 1801. Signed by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

H., Apr. 6, '22. (298) $60.00.

Logbooks and Journals. MS., Journal of a Voyage in the Brig "Owhyhee," John Dominis, Master, from Sandwich Islands to the Columbia River, Canton, China, and around the Cape of Good Hope to Boston, Mass., 1827 to 1830, with 2 watercolor sketches of the brig. Also, 2 pp. MS. note giving instructions relative to the voyage. In all 172 pages, sm. fol., bds.

G., Dec. 6, '21. (123) $260.00. -MS., Remarks on Board the Whaling Ship "Courier," from her departure, Oct. 4, 1856, to her return (Buzzards Bay, Mass.), July 3, 1861. 436 pp. Marginal stencil cuts, in colors. Pencil drawing of the "Constitution" and "Guerriere," by C. H. Bateman, Nov. 1857, laid in. Fol., bds., covered with cl.

G., Mar. 17, '22. (229) $55.00. -MS., Journal on board the Bark "Helen Augusta" of New Bedford, on her Voyage from Boston to California, with the Massachusetts Mining Company, May 14th-October 31st, 1849, 54 pp.; Journal of the Company's experiences in San José Valley, MarchSeptember 1850, 38 pp.; Accounts of purchases by the Company, 14 pp. In all 106 pp., 4to boards, in cl. folder.

G., Dec. 6, '21. (133) $260.00. -MS., Journal by John I. Stickney, of a Voyage from Newburyport, Mass., to San Francisco, on the brig "Annah," 1849-1850. 68 pp. Also, cont. transcript. 32 pp. Together, 2 vols., 4to, sewed in cl. portfolio. Letter to Stickney and his commission as

Longfellow (Henry W.). A. L. S., 3 pp., 4to. Cambridge, Feb. 24, 1842. To Samuel Ward. On the third and fourth pages Charles Sumner has written a note also. A., Jan. 9, '22. (154) $72.50. -7 A. L. S., Cambridge, Mass., 1871-1876. To Karl Keck. In all, 27 pp., 12mo. Mohr, G., Apr. 11, '22. (498-503) $65.00. -A. L. S., with initials. One page, 8vo. Cambridge, Oct. 2, 1876. To George W. Greene. Containing sonnet "In the Charchyard at Tarrytown." With 2 portraits. Coutant, A., Feb. 20, '22. (998) $57.50. Lowndes (Edward Chaddock, of Castle Combe). MS., Hunting Diary. 1857-1907. Upwards of 700 pages, giving accounts of the various runs, incidents, etc., while hunting with the Hurworth, Durham County, Pytchley, Cambridgeshire, Warwickshire, Duke of Beaufort, and other Hunts. Bnd., 7 vols., 12mo, mor., in mor. A., Apr. 3, '22. (213) $130.00.


Lynch (Thomas). Autograph Signature-"Lynch," cut from the title of a volume of Swift's Works. With letter from Lyman C. Draper authenticating it and portrait of Lynch. Together 2 pieces. G., Dec. 6, '21. (481) $355.00.

McKean (Thomas). A. L. S., 2 pp., 4to. Phila., May 20, 1776. In reference to the condition of the Ammunition. From the Danforth Collection. With address,-"To The Honble Committee of Safety, of the Province of Pennsylvania." Docketed, in the autograph of George Clymer. With portrait. Together, 2 pieces. G., Dec. 6, '21. (482) $85.00.

Madison (James). A. L. S., 2 pp., 4to. Orange, (Virga), Feb. 16, 1789. To Tench Coxe. Giving an account of the election of General Washington for President.

H., July 18, '22. (79) $50.00. -L. S., 9 pp., 4to. Montpellier, n.d. [1832.] To Mr. Trist. Against the doctrine of nullification proposed by South Carolina. Bnd., with printed text of the letter, special title, and portrait, mor., g.t. Vail, A., May 2, '22. (845) $310.00.

Manuscripts. Medical MS., about 225 pp., of recipes phabetically, and interleaved. Bnd., fol., orig. vel. Depuy, A., Jan. 18, '22.

arranged alAbout 1600. (61) $67.50.

-MS., Oriental, Sixteenth century, "Book of Hafiz." (Satyrical Poetry). 4 paintings in gold and colors, 4 pp. with borders, and 2 other ornamental corners. 200 leaves, each inlaid and bordered with gold (modern margins). Bnd., 8vo, lacquered and painted, in Mohr, G., Apr. 11, '22. (622) $85.00.

mor. cover.

-Leaf of heavy paper from Sixteenth century Persian MS., 336 by 229 mm., containing miniature portrait of the Empress Noor Jahan, 169 by 99 mm. inside borders. Full length figure, in gold and colors. Frame of black and gold, and outer floral border.

Manuscripts. Continued...

-Leaf of heavy paper from Sixteenth century Persian MS., 342 by 237 mm., containing miniature of the Prince Dara Shikoh and three attendants, 180 by 120 mm. inside borders. Shows the Prince in profile, seated, with two attendants. In gold and colors. Framed in blue and gold, with outer floral border. Matted.

Van Antwerp, G., May 1, '22. (28) $110.00. -MS., Persian. Fifteenth century. "Book of Yousif and Zalikha." 7 miniatures and illuminated head-piece in gold and colors, margins decorated in gold. Bnd., 8vo, in cont. lacquer binding with miniatures in gold and colors; in leath. case. First page mended, margin of one leaf cut. Mohr, G., Apr. 11, '22. (620) $57.50. -MS., Persian, early Sixteenth century, "Book of Hafiz. Love Poems." First 2 pp. with borders in gold and colors, text of these pp. on gold ground. Other leaves, with small illuminations, and inlaid. Bnd., 8vo, mor., in leath. case.

Mohr, G., Apr. 11, '22. (610) $60.00. -MS., Persian. Sixteenth century. "Book of Akhalghi-Mohsni, Moral tales." Illuminated head-piece in gold and colors, and decorative borders, on first 2 pp. 8vo, Persian lacquered bndg., painted; margin of first page repaired.

-MS., Persian, Seventeenth cient History of Persia.". pieces in gold and colors. lions and border designs in


Mohr, G., Apr. 11, '22. (614) $50.00. century. "Book of Shahnama, or An73 miniatures and 3 illuminated headBnd., fol., cont. leath., sunken medalcolors and gold; 2 pp. inlaid, in leath. Mohr, G., Apr. 11, '22. (623) $90.00. -MS. Recipe Book of 345 pp., containing over 1000 recipes, Medical and Culinary. Corbet family recipe book, 1500-1649. Fol., vel. Depuy, A., Jan. 18, 22. (48) $150.00. -Recueil de chants royaux, Ballades, Dialogues et Oraisons en l'honneur de la Sainte Vierge. French MS., beginning of Sixteenth century, 24 leaves of vel., containing 4 full-page miniatures in gold and colors, and illuminated initials. Bnd., 8vo, lev. mor., inlaid, g.e., by Capé, in mor. case. From Blacque-Bancel-H. W. Poor collection. Vail, A., May 2, '22. (852) $1400.00.

Marie Louise. A. L. S., one page, sm. 4to. Gand, May 17th, 1810. To her Mother-in-law, Lættier Bonaparte.

Marshall (John). A. L. S., 31 Washington, Sept. 20, 1800. caused the War of 1812.

A., Jan. 9, 22. (171) $55.00. pp., 4to. Department of State, On acts of Great Britain, which H., Dec. 13, '21. (318) $280.00.

Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. MS. of the History of Her Trial. 92 pp., fol. [1587.] Probably in the autograph of Sir Francis Walsingham's brother and secretary, William. From the Library of Miss Strickland, and used when compiling her "Life" of the Queen. Several passages scored and marked. Her autograph and note on the fly-leaf. Bnd., fol., hf. cf., with a Broadside, a Tract, MS. of W. Townsend, and 3 printed works; bndg. broken.

Mason (George). MS., 2 pp., folio. [1787.] Preserved under silk gauze. Contains Amendments to be proposed to the Federal Constitution during the Sitting of the Convention, 1787.

Vail, A., May 2, '22. (315) $210.00. -MS., 5 pp., sm. 4to, headed "Amendments Proposed to the new Constitution of Government"; and another draft of the second part of the same (in another hand), viz., the Amendments added to the Declaration of Rights, 4 pp., small 4to. All preserved under silk gauze. [1787-88.]

Vail, A., May 2, '22. (321) $625.00. -MS., 31⁄2 pp., sm. 4to, closely written. Preserved under silk gauze. Contains draft of Speech before the Federal Convention, advocating three persons instead of one as Supreme Executive of the United States. [June, 1787.] Vail, A., May 2, '22. (314) $250.00. -A. L. S., 51⁄2 pp., fol., Gunston Hall [Va.], Oct. 19th, 1782. To Edmund Randolph. Dealing with the question of Virginia's Western territory. With addressed wrapper. Preserved under silk gauze. Vail, A., May 2, '22. (320) $160.00. Meade (George G.). Copies of all the telegrams and letters both to and from General Meade from the time of his taking command of the Army of the Potomac, June 28, 1863, to May 1, 1865. Bnd., 4to, 24 vols., hf. roan, broken. H., Jan. 27, '22. (284) $275.00.

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (Felix). Musical MS., with autograph on cover, and date "April 17th" at end. Sonata for B Clarinet and Piano. Fol., 17 pp., bnd. bds. A., Jan. 9, '22. (176) $155.00. Meredith (George). MS., Play "The Egoist." 139 leaves, 4to. Arranged for the stage by the author and Alfred Sutro. Complete typewritten original, with a number of MS. alterations by George Meredith, and about 42 inserted pages entirely in his Autograph. Bnd., 4to, cf., g.e. Inserted A. L. S., 3 pp., 8vo, Box Hill, Dorking, Feb. 3, 1907, relating to MS.

-MS., Criticism of Mrs. 4to, laid in cl. folder.

Foster, A., Mar. 14, '22. (138) $350.00. Meynell's Two Books of Essays. 18 pp. Mohr, G., Apr. 11, '22. (525) $50.00. -A. L. S., 6 pp., 8vo, Box Hill, March 17, 1883. To Robert Louis Stevenson. Mohr, G., Apr. 11, '22. (819) $100.00. Milton (John). Modern MS. "L'Allegro, a Poem." 29 pp. of vel. 1134 in. by 84 in., illuminated in the style of Fifteenth century. With miniature portrait of Milton, within border of Gold and Colors; 2 full-page miniatures with floriated borders, 12 smaller miniatures and initials with full or partial borders, also in gold and colors; 2 other illuminated initials; half-title in gold letters on colors and gold, with border; title in gold. Portrait is dated 1920 and some of the miniatures bear dates 1920 or 1921. Manuscript designed, written and illuminated by Alberto Sangorski. Bnd., sm. fol., lev. mor., elaborately tooled, inlaid, richly jewelled, g.e., in mor. case with gilt clasps.

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