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-Horæ Beatæ Mariæ Virginis secundum usum Romanum. Illuminated MS., French, latter Fifteenth century. Semi-gothic characters, on 82 leaves of vel., 5% in. by 35% in. 16 large miniatures, one containing portraits and arms of owners, each with border containing miniatures, also armorial bearings on last page; in all about 75 small miniatures; borders on fore margin of almost every page, all in gold and colors; capitals and line-ends in Litany in gold over red. Bnd., sm. 8vo, brocaded velvet, g.e., worn and broken at back, small tear in one leaf, several leaves stained or soiled; lacks 2 blank leaves.

Minns, G., May 2, '22. (423) $190.00. -Hora Beatæ Mariæ Virginis secumdum usum Romanum, cum Calendario. Italian MS., end of the Fifteenth century. Round characters, on 155 leaves of vel., 5 in. by 31⁄2 in. 3 miniatures, each with frame of gold; four full borders. 13 large and 160 small initial letters in gold over color, other capitals in blue or gold. Bnd., 16mo, old brocade, silver clasps, portion of upper clasp lacking, g.e. gaufred, worn and faded, rebacked with mor. Note shows ownership by Piccolomini family.

Minns, G., May 2, '22. (421) $270.00. -Hora Beatæ Mariæ Virginis secundum usum Turonensem [Tours], cum Calendario. French (Tours) MS., middle of Fifteenth century. Gothic characters, on 145 leaves of vel., 734 in. by 51⁄2 in. 4 large miniatures, each within border, in gold and colors; 15 partial borders, initials, line-ends in Litany, and smaller capitals in gold or colors. Bnd., 4to, old black mor., silver clasps, hinge of one lacking, small holes in back cover; stains on few leaves. Minns, G., May 2, '22. (410) $400.00.

-Hora Beatæ Mariæ Virginis secundum usum Romanum, cum Calendario. French MS., second half of Fifteenth century. Round characters in gold, blue and black on 225 leaves of vel., 7 in. by 44 in. 12 large miniatures, 5 with architectural borders, all in colors with gold; 7 miniatures within frames; 9 large initials and capitals throughout in gold and colors. Bnd., sm. 8vo,, velvet, gold clasp, g.e., gauffred. One miniature rubbed.

Minns, G., May 2, '22. (411) $270.00. -Horæ Beatæ Mariæ Virginis secundum usum Ambianensis [Amiens], cum Calendario. Flemish MS., after 1475. Semigothic characters, on 195 leaves of vel., 65% in. by 4% in. 33 large miniatures, all but 4 with borders, and 73 smaller miniatures, initials and capitals in gold and colors. Bnd., sm. 8vo., mor.; rubbed, back loose, family records on blank leaves.

Minns, G., May 2, '22. (412) $200.00. -Horæ Beatæ Mariæ Virginis secundum usum Romanum, cum Calendario. Flemish MS., of Bruges or Ghent, end of the Fifteenth century. Gothic characters, on 142 leaves of vel., 81⁄2 in. by 6 in. 9 large miniatures and 9 initials, each miniature and


color, and capitals in gold or colors; line-ends in Calendar and
Litany in colors and gold. Bnd., 4to, mor., with mark of clasp,
g.e.; rubbed, back torn and loosened from cords, few leaves loose.
In silk wrapper.
Minns, G., May 2, '22. (420) $310.00.

-Hora Beatæ Mariæ Virginis secundum usum Romanum, cum
Calendario. French (Auxerre) MS., late Fifteenth century.
Lettres bâtardes, on 153 leaves (should be 155) of vel., 6 in. by
4% in. 14 large and 52 smaller miniatures. 15 small miniatures
in text, all in gold and colors, and 24 miniatures as borders to
Calendar. Lateral borders on 130 pages, in gold and colors; ini-
tials, capitals and line-ends in gold over color. Bnd., 12mo, new
vel., old g.e., in bd. case. Few injuries. Belonged to family of
St. Hermine de Vattier. Minns, G., May 2, '22. (417) $315.00.

-Horæ Beatæ Mariæ Virginis, cum Calendario. French MS., end
of Fifteenth century. Gothic characters, on 96 leaves of vel.,
71⁄2 in. by 51⁄2 in. 12 large miniatures, each with border, in gold
and colors; large initials in colors on gold; other capitals in gold
over colors. Sm. 4to, Sixteenth century, French bndg. mor.

Minns, G., May 2, 22. (415) $375.00.

-Hora Beatæ Mariæ Virginis secundum usum Rothomagensem
[Rouen], cum Calendario. French (Rouen) MS., School, late
Fifteenth century. Gothic characters in red and black, on 85
leaves of vel., 65% in. by 4 in. 13 large miniatures with borders,
in gold and colors. 24 small miniatures in borders of Calendar ;.
numerous lateral borders; initials, smaller capitals and line-ends in
gold and colors. Bnd., 12mo, lev. mor., g.e., by Rivière; small
tear in edge of one leaf. Minns, G., May 2, '22. (414) $230.00.
-Horæ Beatæ Mariæ Virginis. French MS. of the Fifteenth cen-
tury. Gothic characters, on about 300 leaves of vel. Large
initials in gold and colors, smaller initials in red and blue, orna-
mental borders and marginal decorations. Some leaves repaired.
With Annotations in cont., and others in a later hand, on many
margins. 8vo, bnd., mor., tooled, g.e., signed "B. C. D. 1914"
[Beatrice Davenport], in cl. case.

Depuy, A., Jan. 18, '22. (206) $180.00.

-Hora Beatæ Mariæ Virginis, hollandice, cum Calendario. MS.,
Fifteenth century, on vel., 164 leaves, Gothic letter, long lines, 17
to page. Illuminated letters, and half borders, numerous smaller
initials, also 6 decorative borders with illuminated capitals, and 5
full-page miniatures in gold and colors, within borders. Bnd., sm.
4to, old cf.
Patterson, A., May 15, '22. (395) $190.00.

-Hora Beatæ Mariæ Virginis, cum Kalendario. MS. on vel., in 2
sizes of Gothic characters, on 98 leaves. Miniatures, initials and
borders in gold and colors. Bnd., 8vo, lev. mor., tooled, inlaid,
g.e., in cl. case, by Broca.

Hours. Continued.

-Horæ Beatæ Mariæ Virginis ad usum Parisiensem. French MS., Fifteenth century, on vel., Gothic characters. 131 leaves, with II large miniatures, 4 smaller ones, 15 borders, and hundreds of initials, also illuminated. Bnd., sm. 4to, lev. mor., g.e., in lev. mor. case, by Zaehnsdorf. Owner's name on last leaf.

Vail, A., May 2, '22. (685) $320.00. -Hora Beatæ Virginis Mariæ ad Usum Romanum, cum Calendario. Flemish MS., Fifteenth century, with Latin rubrics. 258 vel. leaves, Gothic characters, 21 long lines to page; numerous illuminated initials; 12 large initial miniatures; 10 small miniatures; 22 illuminated large miniatures. Bnd., sm. 4to, velvet, with brass rims and clasp, hinges cracked.

Vail, A., May 2, '22. (686) $935.00.. -Horæ Beatæ Mariæ Virginis, cum Calendario. French or Breton MS., late Fifteenth or early Sixteenth century. Gothic characters, on 59 leaves of vel., 8 in. by 5% in. Every page with full border, many containing miniatures, several being portraits, in gold and colors; also 8 large miniatures and 9 smaller ones in text in colors or camaieu with gold; large and small capitals and numerous line-ends illuminated. Bnd., 8vo, cont. velvet with brass corners and clasps, g.e., breaking slightly at joints, text on reverse of one miniature damaged by colors, and slight discolorations in a few other instances. Old document tipped on fly-leaf;; Didot book-plates. Minns, G., May 2, '22. (425) $400.00. Hymnologium cum Notis. MS., probably Flemish, end of Fifteenth century. Gothic characters, with musical notation in black on red! lines, on 22 leaves of vel., 104 in. by 74 in. 3 semi-borders, each containing two small camaieu miniatures, 3 historiated' initials, and 18 initials, all in gold and colors. Bnd., sm. fol., new cf., tooled, untrimmed edges. Belonged to Doctor Becher, of Carlsbad. Minns, G., May 2, '22. (424) $65.00. Ibsen (Henrik). 7 A. L. S. in German, 1891 and 1897, to William Heinemann. In all, 11 pp. With 5 stamped and addressed! envelopes. Together, 12 pieces.

Whistler, G., Jan. 13, 22. (315) $50.00. Ide (William B.). D. S., 2 pp., sm. fol., June 15, 1846 "A Proclamation. To all persons, Citizens of Sonoma, requesting them to remain at peace," etc. Recites abuses of former Government, sets forth the objects of the new Government, and invites those friendly to his action to join him at the Fortress. "Head Quarters Sonoma, June 15, 1846." Docketed on back,-"Mr. Ide's proclamation to the people of California." Lower part of second blank leaf torn away. G., Dec. 6, '21. (127) $530.00. Indians. Collection of Contemporary Copies of Letters and Documents regarding the Indians of the North West Territory in connection with the Border Troubles in 1825; Also, Copies of Documents sent by Gov. Cass to Colonel Thomas S. McKenney regarding the charges preferred against Schoolcraft, including, orig. letter by Gov. Cass forwarding copies of the documents.

Ingersoll (Robert G.). MS., Poem, "The Birthplace of Burns." 3 stanzas of 8 lines each, on large fol. sheet. Dated Ayr, Aug. 19, 1878. Signed at end, "For Dr. R. B. Coutant." In gilt frame. Coutant, A., Feb. 20, '22. (818) $60.00.

Irish Autographs. Collection of 162 A. L. S. 6 L. S., Autographs and 94 portraits. These letters, with few exceptions, written 1890-1916, mainly addressed to W. E. Henderson, Hon. Secretary National Literary Society of Ireland. Together, 262 pieces. Bnd., 4to, mor., rebacked, hinges loose.

Corder, G., Jan. 26, '22. (60) $110.00. Irving (Washington). 2 pp. MS. of "Bracebridge Hall," entirely in Irving's autograph. Mounted, and framed with 3 portraits, view of Sunnyside, and 2 engraved scenes.

Norton, A., Feb. 28, '22. (373) $65.00. -MS. of Chapter X of Vol. V of "Life of George Washington." 9 pp. Bnd., with specially printed title-page, 8vo, mor. Bnd. in are: Portraits of the author, Washington and Lafayette, views, printed text, and 2 pp. A. L. S. of Irving to J. F. Tuttle. Facsimile of a letter to his publisher is also laid in.

Coutant, A., Feb. 20, '22. (836) $170.00. Jackson (Andrew). A. L. S., 7 pp., fol. Hermitage, May 20, 1822. To Capt. Richard R. Coll, with address.

H., Dec. 13, '21. (40) $50.00. -A. D. S., 3 pp., 4to. Interrogatories to be submitted to Lacock, sent to J. C. Calhoun. Wash., May 28, 1832, with attestation, signed by Andrew J. Donelson, dated May 30, 1832, that they had been delivered to Calhoun, H., Dec. 13, '21. (21) $50.00.

James I, King of England. Letters Patent, Westminster, Feb. 6, 1610, conferring upon Sir Robert Harley the right to establish and maintain a weekly market and annual fair at Wigmore, Hereford. On parchment, 473 by 728 mm., with miniature portrait of King James and upper border containing the Tudor rose, lions and crowns. Folded with impression of the Great Seal, 155 mm. in diameter, attached at fold by orig. cords. Mounted on black velvet and framed under glass. Small tear in right margin.

Van Antwerp, G., May 1, '22. (25) $125.00. -Westminster, Jan. 19, 1622. License of Alienation in respect of property in the parish of St. Sepulchre, Newgate. Parchment, 370 by 271 mm. With indorsements on back, first by "Edmond Godfrey," second:-"A License of alienation from Anne Guinnes (?) widowe to Aubrey Hambleton Baron. Long Lane 19th January 1622." With impression of Great Seal, 152 mm. in diameter, attached at bottom fold by orig. parchment strips. Folded, in fitted velvet tray, in sm. 4to mor. case, by Sangorski. Van Antwerp, G., May 1, '22. (26) $105.00. Jefferson (Thomas). MS., Address, signed, to "My Friends and Children, Chiefs of the Osagis, Missouris, Kanzas, Ottos, Panis, Agowas, and Sioux." 4 pp., 4to, dated Jan. 4, 1806. With por

Jefferson (Thomas).-Continued.

-MS. Notes, 48 pp., 12mo, with caption "A Manual of the Rules of Proceeding in the Senate of the U.S."

G., Dec. 6, '21. (383) $160.00. -MS., Account Book, 1792-1793, 44 leaves, all but a few of the pages containing partial or full-page records. Entries for 1793 in Autograph of Jefferson, those for preceding year are in another hand. First page contains index in Jefferson's handwriting for account books covering the years 1792 and 1793. Bnd., sm. fol., paper. G., Dec. 6, '21. (382) $60.00. -MS. Diary for 1775, entirely in handwriting of Jefferson, on 38 pp. of interleaved Almanack, entitled, "The Virginia Almanack for the Year of Our Lord God, 1775." Williamsburg, J. Dixon and W. Hunter, [1774]. 12mo, cont. sheep, bnd. obl. at top of leaves. G., Dec. 6, '21. (379) $610.00. Johnson (Andrew). MS. Account-Book entirely in handwriting of Johnson. 64 leaves (128 pages), all but 4 or 5 pp. written on, and contain accounts covering the years 1831-1841. Autograph signature appears in several pp., twice as "Andrew Johnson, Greenville, E. Tennessee." There are also a number of memorandums and attempts to improve his penmanship. Sm. 4to, bds., both sides covered with signatures and figures, bndg. broken.

G., Dec. 6, '21. (391) $190.00.

Johnson (Samuel). A. L. S., one page, 4to. April 8, 1775. To Dr. Edward Bentham. With portrait. Framed library panel. Patterson, A., May 15, '22. (427) $80.00.

-A. L. S., one page, 4to.
With portrait. Framed

Sept. 23, 1776. Mentioning Mr. Thrale. library panel.

Coutant, A., Feb. 20, '22. (883) $75.00. Kalb (John, Baron de). A. L. S., 4to. Jan., 1778. To Henry Laurens.

Kern (Edward M.). A. L. S., 6 July 28, 1846. To R. H. Kern. with the natives, etc.

H., Dec. 13, '21. (63) $72.50. pp., fol. U. S. Fort, Sacramento, Gives detailed account of trouble H., Apr. 18, '22. (25) $325.00. -A. L., 27 pages, 8vo. Oct. 8 to Nov. 11, 1848. Illustrated with several sketches, and giving detailed account of his trials from day to day through Kansas. H., Apr. 18, '22. (27) $300.00. Kipling (Rudyard). MS., Poem, "A Ballad of Bitterness." 16 stanzas, 4 lines each. "Dedicated (without permission) to my Mater, December, 1883." Written on the 4 pp. of small giltbordered folder. Signed "Boy." A., Oct. 17, '21. (289) $510.00. -A. L. S., one page, 8vo. Brattleboro, Vt., April 21, [1893]. To Prof. Dowden on Irish affairs. A., Jan. 9, '22. (131) $70.00. Koran. The Al-Koran. Seventeenth century Arabic MS. of 269 leaves of native paper. Illuminated title and borders. Bnd., sm. fol., lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, by Morrell; several leaves repaired, with text supplied in facsimile.

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