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Rhode Island. In General Assembly, March Session, A. G. 1777. [Relates to Resolves for an attack upon the enemy at Rhode Island.] Witnesses: Henry Ward. [Providence, J. Carter, 1777.] Fol. B., Jan. 28, '22. (193-a) $22.00. -In General Assembly, Oct. Session, 1791. [Through this Act the Providence Bank was established and made a Corporation.] [Providence], John Carter, [1791]. Fol.

B., Dec. 3, '21. (164) $26.00. San Francisco. Extra. Herald Office, 6 P. M. Explosion of the Steamer Jenny Lind!!! Awful Destruction of Life! [Attached to a 3-page autograph letter, of Thomas T. Seward, which contains a description of the explosion.] [San Francisco, April 11, 1853.] G., Dec. 6, '21. (139) $12.50. Schalnberg (Adam de). Copy of Memorial Tablet of Adam de Schalnberg, born 1579, died 1619. Woodcut, printed in white on black ground, the entire cut reversed with inscription reading backwards. Trimmed close, matted. n.p., [1619?] 11% in. x 8% in. Minns, G., May 2, '22. (75) $5.00. Seccombe (John). Father Abbey's Will. To which is added, a letter of Courtship, to his most amiable widow. [By John Hubbard.] Cambridge, December, 1791. Woodcut at top left. Unc. n.p., n.d. 4to. G., Dec. 6, '21. (239) $10.00. Slave Deed. Deed of sale of a negro man, by Swen Warren to Thomas Lawrence. Phila., Sept. 18, 1744. 4to.

H., May 18, '22. (47) $7.50. Sonora, California. Preamble and Resolutions Read and Adopted at the Mass Meeting, Held in the Town of Sonora, on Sunday, July 21, 1850. [Resolutions, in regard to the protection of the lives and property of the American citizens of Tuolumne county.] Sonora, July 21, 1850. Sm. fol. G., Mar. 17, '22. (44) $130.00. -Triumph of Law Mass Meeting. [Denouncing the lawless conditions, and urging citizens "to ferret out the marauders who surround us."] 3 columns. [Sonora, July 20, 1850.] Sm. fol. G., Mar. 17, '22. (45) $45.00. Texas. Fellow Citizens: Pause and Consider, Before you Oppose the Admission of Texas into the Union, a Border War will be prevented, thousands of lives saved, etc. n.p., [1844]. Obl. 18mo. A., Nov. 28, '21. (570) $10.00.

Thorn (C. B.). Grand Complimentary Benefit to Sig'a Clotilde Barili Thorn. Long Silk Broadside signed by John Bigler, S. H. Marlette, and others. Sacramento, 1855.

A., Nov. 28, '21. (76) $13.00. Todes-Trieb Desz flüchtigen Rades unsers nichtigen und unbeständigen Lebens. Bild- und Gesangsweisz vorgestellt. Engraving containing 14 circular emblems and corner designs, by G. Strauch. 3 lines of music and verses in German below. Trimmed, several small tears in border and one in plate. Matted. Nürnberg, P. Fürsten, [about 1650?] Fol.

United States. United States in Account with the Rebellion.
Stand by Congress. [Attack on the administration of President
Johnson.] Double column. n.p., about 1865-66. 4to.

G., Dec. 6, '21. (438) $7.00. -Circular letter. Printed but signed in the autograph of Albert Gallatin, Secretary of the Treasury, March 6, 1806, giving notice of the suspension of intercourse between the United States and the Island of St. Domingo. Fol.

H., May 18, '22. (55) $6.25. Union Society of Uwcalan for the Detection of Thieves. Organized Sept. 7th, 1816. Names of members. Westchester, n.d. Fol. B., Aug. 24, '22. (244) $10.00. University of Pennsylvania. Printed programme of the Commencement exercises of the College and Academy of Philadelphia, June 16, 1763. Giving names of graduates, titles of theses, etc. Fol. H., Apr. 6, '22. (108) $22.50. Vermahnung, Desz vnbeständigen, kurtzen vnd vergängklichen zeitlichen Menschlichen Lebens. Engravings, German verses in 2 columns with heading, "Memento Mori." Backed, 2 repairs. Matted. [Augspurg?] Steffan Michelspacher, 1616. 5% in. x 91⁄2 Minns, G., May 2, '22. (81) $5.00.

Via Perditionis et Via Salvtis. Engraving, title and verses in Latin and German in opposite columns. Torn. Matted. Augspurg, Sara Mangin Wittib, [about 1690-1700]. 4to.

Minns, G., May 2, '22. (81) $5.00.

Virginia. By the Upper House of Assembly, Oct. 28, 1773. Gentlemen, We return the Bill, entitled, "An Act for the Regulation of the Staple of Tobacco, and for preventing Frauds in his Majesty's Customs," with our Negative. Signed by Order, U. Scott, Cl. Up. Ho. [Williamsburg, 1773.] In cl. folder,

Benedict, G., Feb. 27, '22. (471) $22.50. -To prevent Impositions, The Board in Council, Dec. 1, 1786, Advise, That from and after the first day of March, 1787, no Testimonial be given unless the instrument of writing, to which it is to be annexed be sealed with the Office from which it may come, etc. The Governor orders accordingly, Copy Teste, Archibald Blair, C. C. Piece inset in margin, note in ink, etc., in cl. folder. [Richmond? 1786]. Fol.

Benedict, G., Feb. 27, '22. (473) $105.00. War of 1812. Brigade Orders, Third Brigade, Connecticut Militia. William Williams, Brigadier General. Regimental orders, by William Belcher, at the back, in MS. New London, Aug. 19, 1811. B., Jan. 5, '22. (240) $7.50. -Another Glorious Victory. The Capture of the British Packet "Morgiana," Capt. Cunningham, by the Privateer "Saratoga," Capt. Addington, New York. Newport, 1813, with engraving of the captured ship as heading. Framed.

War of 1812.-Continued.

-Endymion and President. A New Song, called The Endymion's Triumph. Woodcut heading. 3 columns. [Lond.,] J. Pitts. 4to. Peters, A., Dec. 8, '21. (127) $6.50. -Wasp stinging Frolic, or engagement between the American Sloop of war Wasp, of 18 guns, and the British Sloop of war Frolic, of 20 guns. Ballad. 4 woodcuts, 3 of which are ships, the other a large American Eagle with shield. [Bost.,] Coverly, Jun. [1812]. 4to. Peters, A., Dec. 8, '21. (130) $20.00. Washington (George). Graf-Schrift op den Grooten George Washington, Die den 14 December, 1799 te Moun-Vernon in Amerika Overleeden is, in den Ouderdom van 68 Jaaren, etc. (By) J. L. Van Laar Mailuer. Inlaid. Den Haag, 8 Febr., 1800. Fol.

B., Mar. 4, '22. (102) $6.00. "The melancholy Event of General Washington's Death was announced to the President of the United States in the following Letter from Mr. Lear Signed (printed) Thomas Lear. Mounted. W. Bulmer. [Lond., 1800]. Fol.

B., Mar. 4, '22. (103) $10.10.

Waugh (J.). The Steam Boat Songs of the United States. Fol.
Norton, A., Feb. 28, '22. (106) $13.00.

Whitefield (George). Poem, On the joyful News of the Rev. Mr.
Whitefield's Visit to Boston. Unc. Bost., Oct. 1754. Fol.
G., Dec. 6, '21. (726) $27.50.

-Character and Death Of the late Rev. George Whitefield. 4 columns. Bearers' names in double column separated by design of a coffin supporting an emblematic winged hour-glass on a black background. Unc. [Colophon.] [Portsmouth, N. H.:] Printed and Sold by D. and R. Fowle [1770]. Fol.

G., Dec. 6, '21. (728) $35.00. Worthy Example (A) of a Virtuous Wife, In a most affecting and truly striking Manner exemplified in the remarkably dutiful, humane, benevolent and pious Conduct of a most excellent young Lady. Poem of 44 4-line stanzas. 2 woodcut vignettes, one a profile of George Washington. Tear repaired. Bost., E. Russell, Octo. 7, 1794,-Sold by J. Hallowell, in Bridgewater. Fol.

G., Dec. 6, '21. (707) $37.50.


Adams (John). A. L. S., 4 pp., 4to, Auteuil near Paris, Nov. 4, 1784. To Elbridge Gerry. G., Dec. 6, '21. (7) $80.00.

-A. L. S., 3 pp., 4to, Auteuil near Paris, April 13, 1785. To Elbridge Gerry. Docketed on back in Gerry's autograph. With engraved portrait of Adams. Together, 2 pieces.

G., Dec. 6, '21. (4) $90.00.

-A. L. S., 4 pp., 4to, Quincy, Oct. 9, 1815. To Richard Rush.
H., Dec. 13, '21. (113) $60.00.

Ainsworth (William Harrison). A. L. S., with initials. 5 pp. 4to, [Nov. 12, 1836]. To Macrone. Blaming Macrone for having quarrelled with Dickens. Jupp, A., Feb. 1, '22. (3) $375.00. Allies (Leaders of the). A large open envelope addressed: "For Miss Italia Garibaldi. With the best wishes of Woodrow Wilson," in President Wilson's handwriting. Following are Autograph Signatures of Sidney Sonnino, David Lloyd George, Admiral Sir David Beatty, Gen. John J. Pershing, E. K. Veniselo, Georges Clemenceau, and Marshal Ferdinand Foch, also Postmarks dated Versailles, June 28, 1919, and St. Germain, July 10, 1919, "Congrès de la Paix." The document is enclosed in a folding morocco case, lettered in gold on front cover. With A. L. S. of Miss Garibaldi attesting signatures.

Depuy, A., Jan. 18, '22. (55) $240.00.

Alvarado (Pedro de). MSS., Signed, May 7, 1524 to Nov. 4, 1782. Consisting of,-(1) Royal Patent of Don Francisco Izquin, last King of Nehaib, in Quiché. II leaves. Text in Quiché. Dated June, 1542, and Nov. 22, 1558. 2 leaves, with earlier date, are in a different hand. (2) Patents of the seigneurs of Quiché. 8 leaves (one or more lacking at beginning), with Autograph of Alvarado, dated, May 7, 1524; (3) Six documents, from 1581 to 1782. 12 leaves. Together, 31 leaves, fol. Old vel. wrappers, with inscription, almost obliterated, and printed title,-"Titulo de los Reyes de Guatemala en Quiché." Edges frayed, some margins restored, injuring text, also several tears, some repaired. Bookplates of Pinart and Brasseur de Bourbourg.

G., Dec. 6, '21. (509) $310.00.

Antiphonal. Leaf from Fifteenth century Flemish Antiphonal, 462 by 303 mm., with large illuminated initial containing miniature in


colors. Below, is miniature, 60 by 210 mm. Other three sides are bordered with a design in color, and gold. Inlaid and matted. Van Antwerp, G., May 1, '22. (31) $80.00. -Vel. leaf from Fifteenth century Flemish Antiphonal, 500 by 342 mm., with large illuminated initial letter "R," 152 by 170 mm., containing miniature in colors, and gold. The page surrounded with border of unusual width, in blue and gold, with 2 small miniatures. Inlaid. Van Antwerp, G., May I, '22. (32) $70.00. -Vel. leaf from Sixteenth century Italian Antiphonal, 530 by 376 mm., with large illuminated initial, 170 by 165 mm., exclusive of outer border, containing miniature, in green and red, with gold, on blue ground heightened with white; initial in mauve, and gold; border in gold and colors.

Van Antwerp, G., May 1, '22. (33) $115.00. -Vel. leaf from Sixteenth century Italian Antiphonal, 580 by 395 mm., with large illuminated initial, 135 by 122 mm., exclusive of outer border, containing miniature. In color, with gold border, and foliate marginal border in gold and colors.

Van Antwerp, G., May 1, '22. (34) $90.00. -Four vel. leaves from Sixteenth Century Spanish Antiphonal, averaging 555 by 385 mm., each containing large illuminated initial, averaging 105 by 115 mm., in gold, silver and colors. Each with elaborate borders, in colors and gold.

Van Antwerp, G., May 1, '22. (35) $190.00.

Arnold (Benedict). A. L. S., one page, fol. Head Quarters, Phila., June 22, 1778. To Col. Henry Jackson.

Coutant, A., Feb. 20, '22. (72) $52.50. -A. L. S., 2 pp., fol. Head Quarters, Robinson's House, Aug. 22, 1780. To Governor Clinton. In cloth case. A lengthy letter written before the discovery of his treason, evidencing his preparations. Patterson, A., May 15, '22. (8) $275.00. Austen (Jane). A. L. S., 4 pp., 4to. Godmersham Park, Oct. 26, [1813]. To "My dearest Cassandra." Long gossipy letter. A., Jan. 9, '22. (5) $155.00. Bach (Johann Sebastian). Autograph Musical MS., with the caption "Tambure; Herr Gott dich loben wir." A piece for the Kettledrum. With A. L. S. of Prof. Spitta and 2 others. 2 PP., folio. A., Jan. 9, '22. (6) $60.00. Bank of the United States. Gilpin (Henry D.). A. L. S., and L. S., from American Statesmen in reference to the affairs of the Bank of the United States. Among them are letters of Geo. M. Dallas, Roger B. Taney, Nicholas Biddle, Thos. H. Benton, and one from Gen. Andrew Jackson. About 80 letters.

H., Jan. 27, 22. (153) $230.00.


Beethoven (Ludwig Von). MS. of a Musical Sketch for the Allegro of the Pastoral Sonata, with corrections. No caption. pp., oblong folio. With a newspaper clipping by Max Kalbeck.

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