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MILTON (John).—Continued.

-Paradise Regain'd. First edition. Lond., 1671. 12mo. Lev. mor., g.e., in case, by Rivière (one or 2 headlines shaved), Leo, A., Oct. 26, '21. (182) $40.00.

Lev. mor., g.e., by Rivière (with License leaf, and page of errata), Depuy, A., Jan. 18, '22. (214) $90.00.

Mor., tooled, g.e. (has License leaf, separate title for "Samson," and leaf of errata; date on title restored, few headlines trimmed), Appleton, A., Mar. 6, '22. (665) $22.00.

Lev. mor., g.e. (has License leaf, separate title for Samson, and leaf of errata, the latter restored on margin), Vail, A., May 2, '22. (879) $80.00.

-Poems of Mr. John Milton. Portrait by W. Marshall. Lond., 1645. Sm. 8vo.

Lev. mor., g.e., by Rivière (2 or 3 paginations trimmed, additional portrait pasted in front cover), Vail, A., May 2, '22. (876) $400.00.

-Poetical Works. Portrait by Woolnoth. Lond., 1826. 3 vols.,


Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc., Morgan, A., Jan. 17, '22. (115) $20.00. -Poetical Works. Edited by Sir Egerton Brydges. Lond., 1835.

6 vols., 12mo.

Mor., g.e., by Rivière, Corder, G., Jan. 26, '22. (565) $47.50.

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Bayntun, Corder, G., Jan. 26, '22. (564)


Hf. mor., g.t., Appleton, A., Mar. 6, '22. (670) $26.00.

Hf. mor., g.t., unc., A., Apr. 10, '22. (332) $10.00.

-Poetical Works. Lond., 1852. 4 vols., 8vo.

Old cf., tooled (rebacked, corners repaired), Mohr, G., Apr. 11, '22. (535) $15.00.

-Poetical Works. 3 vols. 1890. [With] Masson (David). The Life of John Milton. 7 vols. 1859-94. Lond., and Cambridge, 1859-94. 10 vols.

Cf., g.t., unc., by Zaehnsdorf, Mohr, G., Apr. 11, '22. (536) $110.00.

-Poetical Works. Bost., n.d. 4 vols., 8vo.

Pigskin, g.t., unc., Foster, A., Mar. 14, 22. (141) $36.00.

-Tetrachordon. Lond., 1645. Sm. 4to.

Old cf. (rubbed, Holden copy, name completed in old hand on title), A., May 22, '22. (324) $5.00.

Old cf., W., Aug. 3, '22. (69) $8.50.

-Farnaby (Thomas). Systema Grammaticvm.


Lond., 1641.

Mor., in cl. folder and cl. case (rubbed, Milton's copy, with his autograph and several corrections in his hand, C. F. Gunther copy), Corder, G., Jan. 26, '22. (35) $150.00.

[Attributed to Milton.] Life and Reigne of King Charls, or, the Pseudo-Martyr discovered. Lond., 1651. 16mo.

MILWAUKEE. History of Milwaukee, with a copy of the City Charter, [and] a List of its Citizens. By J. P. B. McCabe. Milwaukee, 1847. 12mo.

Roan, in mor. case, A., Nov. 28, '21. (605) $6.00.

MINIATURE BOOK. Officivm B. Mariæ Virg. nuper reformatum. Woodcuts. Antverpiæ, Plantin., 1677. 32mo. Orig. vel., unc. and unopened, Minns, G., May 2, '22. (448) $15.00. MINIATURES. Collection of 50 beautiful Miniatures in gold and colors, of the 14th and 15th Centuries. Wien, n.d. 8vo. Hf. mor., g.t., unc., by Rivière, Vail, A., May 2, '22. (294) $18.00. MINIATURES PERSANES. Tirées des Collections de MM. Henry d'Allemagne, Claude Anet, Duc de Luynes, etc., et exposées au Musée des Arts Décoratifs, 1912. Préface et Commentaire par MM. Marteau et Vever. 195 reproductions. Paris, 1913. 2 vols., fol. Unbnd. in cl. portfolios, unc., Depuy, A., Jan. 18, '22. (217) $180.00. MINNESOTA. Debates and Proceedings of the Minnesota

Constitutional Convention. St. Paul, 1857. 8vo.

Hf. sheep, A., Nov. 28, '21. (411) $6.50.

-Journal of the First Session of the House of Representatives. St. Paul, 1850. 8vo.

[blocks in formation]

MINOT (H. D.). Land-Birds and Game-Birds of New England. Bost., 1895. 8vo.

Hf. mor., W., May 18, '22. (47) $5.00.

MIRABEAU (H. G. R., Comte de). Contes et Nouvelles Imités des Anciens. Tours, An IV, [1796]. 8vo.

Hf. cf., g.e., Appleton, A., Mar. 6, '22. (672) $5.00.

MIRROR FOR MAGISTRATES (A). Newly enlarged. Lond., 1610. 4to.

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Stikeman, in case (Lefferts copy), Vail, A., May 2, '22. (885) $80.00.

MIRROR OF THE STAGE (The); OR, NEW DRAMATIC Censor. Nos. I to XXIV, New Series Nos. I to XXVI, with duplicates of New Series Nos. XV and XVI. 52 engraved plates (2 duplicates), of which 49 are colored, by R.. Cruikshank, Findlay, Kenny Meadows and others. Lond., 1823-24. 8vo. 52 in 50 orig. parts, unc., in cl. folders, and cl. cases (Nos. I to XXIV, Vols. I and II, are in the original wrappers, with the exception of five numbers. Nos. I to XXVI New Series, Vols. III, IV and all published of Vol. V, have no wrappers, except Nos. XV and XVI which are in duplicate, with and without wrappers. Vols. III, IV and V have been bnd. from the original parts and later split up again into the separate parts, the stitching broken; one number and several plates trimmed at edges; leaf of Contents is omitted in the final number of Vols. III and IV. Nos. XII and XXIV New Series, the page numbers 177-178 being wanting in the first mentioned, but not in the second. Pages 81-82 are wanting between Nos. XVII and XVIII, Vol.


Missale Romanum. Printed throughout in red and black, numerous small woodcuts, some colored, and music.

1485? 12m0.

Oak bds. heavily covered with silver, with clasp (text defective at end), Appleton, A., Mar. 6, '22. (17) $40.00.

-Missale Romanum. 287 leaves. Woodcuts; several small miniatures. [Venice, 1508.] 8vo.

Cont. mor., g.e. gaufred (rubbed, worn, several leaves stained), Minns, G., May 2, '22. (449) $10.00.

-Missale Traiectense cõpletissimü. 294 leaves. [Paris, W. Hopylius, 1515.] Sm. fol.

Old mor. over oak bds., with clasps (rebacked, some leaves loose, several margins repaired), Minns, G., May 2, '22. (450) $11.00. [Missale secundum ordinem fratrem prædicatorum.] leaves. [1519;] [Hore intemerate marie virginis secundum vsum Romanum.] [1569.] Paris, 1519-69. Sm. 8vo.


Old cf. (rubbed, title and one leaf of first vol. and title and 2 leaves of second vol. lacking, some marginal repairs, some leaves soiled, 2 vols. in one), Minns, G., May 2, '22. (451) $6.00. -Missale Romanum. Neapoli, 1793. Fol.

Old velvet, embroidered, Vail, A., May 2, '22. (886) $25.00. -Weltlicher Leute Meszbuch. Einsiedeln, 1763. Sm. 8vo. Shagreen with gold clasps and side pieces, W., Sept. 2, '21. (38) $8.50.


Constitution and Ordinances of the State of

Mississippi. Jackson, 1868. 8vo.

Sewed, A., Nov. 28, '21. (414) $12.50.

-Laws. Passed at the Fourteenth Session of the General Assembly. Jackson, 1830. 8vo.

Barnwell, H., Nov. 15, '21. (572) $8.00.

-Laws. Passed at the Seventeenth Session of the General Assem

bly. Jackson, 1834. 8vo.

Barnwell, H., Nov. 15, '21. (573) $8.00.


Memorial of the Sub

scribers in Behalf of Themselves and Others, Their Associates. II pp. n.p., n.d. [N. Y., 1822]. 8vo.

Orig. paper, O'Brien, A., Mar. 27, '22. (483) $16.00.

MISSOURI. Address to the Citizens of the State Explanatory of the Present Position of the Railroad Interests of the State. Sept., 1855. St. Louis, [1855]. 8vo.

Orig. paper, B., Aug. 24, '22. (69) $5.75.

-A Digest of the Laws of Missouri Territory. Compiled by
H. S. Geyer. St. Louis, 1818. 8vo.

Orig. sheep, O'Fallon, A., Nov. 21, '21. (335) $65.00.

-History of Saline County. St. Louis, 1818. Sm. 4to.

(Lacks back), B., Apr. 24, '22. (68) $6.10.

-Map of the State of Missouri and Territory of Arkansas.
Folding copperplate map, 18 by 221⁄2 in., in colors. Phila., S. A.
Mitchell, 1836. 18mo.


-Memorial of the Legislature for a Division of the Terri-tory. [Dated St. Louis, Nov. 22nd, 1818.] Wash., 1818. 8vo. B., Jan. 5, '22. (121) $16.00.

-State Convention: Jefferson City, July, 1861.
Proceedings. St. Louis, 1861. 8vo.

Hf. sheep, W., Apr. 14, '22. (662) $12.00.


MITCHELL (D. G.). Dream Life. Reveries of a Bachelor, Wet: Days at Edgewood, Seven Stories, and My Farm at Edgewood. By Ik Marvel. All first editions. N. Y., 1850-65. 5 vols., 12mo.. Hf. cf., g.t., Coates, H., Mar. 31, '22. (549) $12.50.

-Works. N. Y., 1907. 16 vols., 8vo.

Hf. vel., unc., Foster, A., Mar. 14, '22. (142) $30.00.

MITCHELL (Joseph). The Missionary Pioneer, or a Brief Memoir of John Stewart. N. Y., 1827. 18mo.

Orig. bds., O'Brien, A., Mar. 27, '22. (496) $14.00.

MITCHELL (S. A.). New Map of Texas, Oregon and California. With the Regions adjoining. [With] Accompaniment.. Folding colored map, 23 x 21 in. Phila., 1846. 18m0.

Roan, A., Nov. 28, '21. (417) $27.00.

Leath., B., Jan. 5, '22. (39) $23.00.

Orig. leath., O'Brien, A., Mar. 27, '22. (510) $9.00.

-Map of Upper California and Mexico. Double fol. colored' map, and leaf of text. Phila., 1847. 12mo.

Roan, A., Nov. 28, '21. (172) $5.00.

-Traveller's Guide

plans. Phila., 1833.

through the United States.

Mor., B., Apr. 24, '22. (181) $5.60.

Map and!

MITCHELL (Silas Weir). Collected Poems. N. Y., 1896. 8vo.. Cl., g.t., unc. (presentation copy), Coates, H., Mar. 31, '22. (551). $5.50.

-Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker. N. Y., 1899. 2 vols., 12mo.

Cl. (presentation copy, inscribed in each vol.), Coates, H., Mar. 31,. '22. (552) $20.00.

-Wonderful Stories of Fuz-Buz the Fly and Mother Grabem: the Spider. Phila., 1867. 12mo.

Orig. cl., W., May 26, '22. (259) $5.50.

MITCHELL (Susan L.).

George Moore. Lond., 1916. 12mo. Cl., Herzler, A., Oct. 31, '21. (152) $6.00.

MITCHILL (S. L.). Life, Exploits and Precepts of Tammany. Oration pronounced before the Tammany Society, May 12th, 1795. N. Y., 1795. 12mo.

Sewed, Norton, A., Feb. 28, '22. (640) $5.50.

-Picture of New York; or, The Traveller's Guide. Map engraved by P. Maverick. N. Y., 1807. 16mo.

Cont. hf. sheep (map repaired), Norton, A., Feb. 28, '22. (462), $9.00.

MITCHILL (S. L.).—Continued.

-Tour Through Part of Virginia, 1808. N. Y., 1809. 8vo. Mor., unc., H., July 18, '22. (332) $12.00.

MITELLI (G. M.). Proverbj Figvrati. Title and 48 plates. Bologna, 1678. Fol.

Orig. bds. (soiled, stained, some marginal repairs, engraved broadside inserted), Minns, G., May 2, '22. (452) $17.50.

MITFORD (A. B.). Tales of Old Japan. Lond., 1871. 2 vols., 8vo.

Cl. (backs worn), G., Mar. 1, '22. (533) $15.00.

Hf. mor., g.e., by Rivière, Appleton, A., Mar. 6, '22. (674) $23.00. MITFORD (John). Adventures of Johnny Newcome in the Navy. By Alfred Burton. Colored plates by Rowlandson. First edition. Lond., 1818. 8vo.

Cf., g.t., unc. (some leaves soiled), Vail, A., May 2, '22. (887) $12.00.

Cf., g.e., by Rivière (W. M. Pegge copy), Vail, A., May 2, '22. (1027) $22.50.

-Adventures of Johnny Newcome in the Navy. Lond., 1819. 8vo.

Lev. mor., g.t., by Rivière, A., May 22, '22. (328) $28.00.

-Adventures of Johnny Newcome in the Navy. 20 colored plates. Lond., 1823. 8vo.

Orig. bds., unc., in cl. case (rebacked), A., Apr. 3, '22. (116) $35.00. Cont. cf. (rubbed, name on title, several plates trimmed, injuring title), Libby, G., Nov. 21, '21. (1375) $7.50.

-My Cousin in the Army, or, Johnny Newcombe on the
Peace Establishment. First edition. 16 colored plates by I. R.
Cruikshank. Lond., [1822].

Hf. mor., g.t., unc., Woodbury, G., Mar. 15, '22. (493) $28.00.
Mor., g.t., by Root, A., May 22, '22. (329) $32.50.

MITFORD (M. R.). Dramatic Works. First edition. Lond., 1854. 2 vols., sm. 8vo.

Cf., g.e., by Rivière (orig. covers bnd. in), Corder, G., Jan. 26, '22. (567) $15.00.

-Our Village. Lond., 1879. 8vo.

Hf. lev. mor., g.e., Woodbury, G., Mar. 15, '22. (767) $5.00.


Jersey. See Scot (George).


MODERN BELLES. Dedicated to all the Beaux. 6 colored

plates. Lond., 1818. 12mo.

Cf., g.t., by Tout, Vail, A., May 2, '22. (340) $6.00.


Century. See Boehn (Max von).


MOIR (D. M.). The Life of Mansie Wauch.
G. Cruikshank. Edinburgh, 1839.


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