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-Cato Major, or his Discourse of Old-Age. Phila., B. Franklin, 1744. Sm. 4to.

Hf. cf. (some stains, title torn in center and on margin, with small piece of lower blank missing), G., Dec. 6, '21. (247) $110.00. Lev. mor., g.e. (lower blank margin of title supplied), Foster, A., Mar. 14, '22. (79) $220.00. '22.

Lev. mor., g.t., unc., by Rivière (Borden copy), Vail, A., May 2, (594) $300.00.

Cato Major. Trans. by James Logan. Lond., 1750. 8vo. Old cf., B., Sept. 30, '21. (81) $37.00.

-Les Oraisons. Avec des Remarques. Par M. de Villefore. Paris, 1732. 8 vols., 8vo.

Mor., g.e., gauffred, by N. D. Derome (bnd. for Madame Victoire), A., Nov. 30, '21. (85) $100.00.

-Der Teütsch Cicero. 165 leaves. Portrait of J. von Schwartzenberg after Albrecht Dürer, and 129 woodcuts, 42 signed by H. Schaueflein the Elder. [Augsburg, H. Steyner], 1535. Fol. Bnd. in old vel. MS. (some marginal and corner repairs), Minns, G., May 2, '22. (127) $70.00.

CINCINNATI AND MACKINAW RAILROAD. Exposition of [its] Plan, Prospects, Character and Advantages. Cincinnati, 1854. 8vo.

Paper, A., Nov. 1, '21. (510) $7.50.


Charters of,

and the Cincinnati, Cambridge and Chicago Short-Line Railroad Co. Folding map. Cincinnati, 1853. 8vo.

Unc., Barnwell, H., Nov. 15, '22. (710) $6.00.

CIPRIANI (G. B.). Catalogue of the Prints contained in this Collection after the Sketches and Drawings of G. B. Cipriani, Engraved by R. Earlom. [Lond.], J. and J. Boydell, 1798. Atlas fol.

Cf. (rubbed, portrait of Mr. Coles inserted), Coles, G., May 16, '22. (198) $32.50.

-A Collection of Prints, after the Sketches and Drawings of G. B. Cipriani. Engraved by R. Earlom. Lond., J. and J. Boydell, 1789. Atlas fol.

Hf. sheep (back broken, one plate torn, portrait of Mr. Coles inserted), Coles, G., May 16, '22. (197) $22.00.

CLAP (Thomas). Religious Constitution of Colleges Especially of Yale-College. New-London, 1754. Sm. 4to.

(Presentation copy, Isaiah Thomas's copy), G., Dec. 6, '21. (177) $11.00.

CLARENDON (Edward Hyde, Earl of). History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England. Oxford, 1702-04. 3 vols., fol.

CLARENDON (Edward Hyde, Earl of).—Continued.

-History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England. Oxford, 1843. 2 vols., 8vo.

Cf., Lane, A., May 16, '22. (100) $12.00.

-The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England. Oxford, 1849. 7 vols., 8vo.

Hf. cf., O'Fallon, A., Nov. 21, '21. (106) $15.00.

Cl., Warfield, A., Nov. 7, '21. (167) $5.00.

CLARETIE (Jules). La Canne de M. Michelet. Paris, 1886. 8vo.

Mor., g.t., unc. (40 water-color drawings on margins and text by E. Gatget), Vail, A., May 2, '22. (207) $27.50.

Lev. mor., g.t., by Rousselle (Large Japan paper, orig. wrappers bnd. in), A., Nov. 30, 21. (86) $10.00.

CLARK (A. H.). History of Yachting, 1600-1815.

1904. 8vo.

Cl., g.t., unc., Morgan, A., Jan. 17, '22. (32) $8.00.

N. Y.,

CLARK (C. M.). A Trip to Pike's Peak and Notes by the Way. Views. Chic., 1861. 8vo.

Orig. cl., A., Nov. 28, '21. (198) $90.00.

Orig. cl., O'Brien, A., Mar. 27, '22. (108) $75.00.

CLARK (Cumberland). Shakespeare and Dickens; Dickens and Talfourd; Charles Dickens and Clarkson Stanfield; Charles Dickens and his Jewish Characters; Dickens' Letter to Colburn; Charles Dickens and the Yorkshire Schools. Lond., 1918-19. 6 vols., 8vo.

Cl., Patterson, A., May 15, '22. (122) $11.00.

CLARK (Daniel). Further Information and Papers laid before the House of Representatives of the United States, relative to Brigadier General Wilkinson. Wash., 1808. 8vo. Cl. (De Puy copy), G., Mar. 17, '22. (29) $10.00.

-Proofs of the Corruption of Gen. James Wilkinson. Phila., 1809. 8vo.

Sewed, unc., G., Mar. 17, '22. (28) $13.00.

CLARK (I.). Glances at Character. 7 colored plates.

1814. 12mo.


Cf., g.t., unc., by Zaehnsdorf, Vail, A., May 2, '22. (251) $15.00. CLARK (J. A.). Gleanings by the Way. N. Y., 1842. 12mo. Cl., A., Nov. 28, '21. (199) $11.00.

CLARK (J. C., “Kyd”). Characters of Charles Dickens. 24 colored plates. Lond., n.d. Sm. 4to.

Bds. (loose), Wilkins, A., Feb. 13, '22. (97) $8.00.

-Some Well-known Characters from the Works of Charles Dickens. 16 colored plates. Lond., n.d. Sm. 4to.

Cl., Wilkins, A., Feb. 13, '22. (98) $7.50.

CLARK (J. G.). Genealogy of the Clark Family in America. Portraits and plates, some in colors. San Fran., 1898. 8vo.

CLARK (John). Series of Practical Instructions in Land-scape Painting in Water-Colours. 55 views. Lond., 1827. 4to. Text in orig. 4 parts, plates on separate mounts, one attached to. cover, in orig. hf. leath. portfolio), G., Jan. 26, '22. (148) $40.00.

CLARK (R. S.) and SOWERBY (A. de C.). Through. Shên-kan. Maps. Lond., 1912. 4to.

(149) $10.00. bnd. in, portrait: (192) $5.00.

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc., by Rivière, G., Jan. 26, '22. Lev. mor., g.t., unc. (orig. front cover and back-strip of Mr. Coles inserted), Coles, G., May 16, ’22. CLARKE (A. B.). Travels in Mexico, Arizona and California. Bost., 1852. 12mo.

Mor., g.t., A., Nov. 28, '21. (197) $85.00.

CLARKE (McDonald). The Elixir of Moonshine. [N. Y.],. Gotham, [1822]. 12mo.

Old mor., B., Dec. 3, '21. (33-A) $5.10.

-The Gossip, or Love with the Ladies. Bds., unc. (lacks back cover), B., Nov. 10, '21. Bds., unc. (lacks back cover), B., Dec. 3, '21.

N. Y., 1823. 12mo. (41) $6.00. (33) $5.10.

CLARKE (Mary Anne). The Rival Princes.

2 vols., 8vo.

Lond., 1810..

Hf. cf., O'Fallon, A., Nov. 21, '21. (103) $6.00.
Hf. lev. mor., g.e., by Root, Saltus, A., Jan. 18, '22. (33) $9.00.

-Stratford's Authentic Edition of the Investigation of the
Charges brought against the Duke of York. Lond., n.d. 2 vols.,.


Old cf. (covers loose), Appleton, A., Mar. 6, '22. (201) $5.00. CLARKE (Samuel). General Martyrologie. Lond., 1677. Fol.. Hf. cf. (another work bnd. in), O'Fallon, A., Nov. 21, '21. (104) $5.00.

-The Marrow of Ecclesiastical Historie. Portraits. Lond.,. 1650. Sm. 4to.

Mor., tooled and inlaid, g.e., by Rivière, Leo, A., Oct. 26, '21. (40) $15.00.

CLARKE (William). Observations on the Late and Present: Conduct of the French. Lond., 1755. 8vo.

Hf. mor., g.t., Norton, A., Feb. 28, '22. (275) $21.00.

CLARKE (William). Three Courses and a Dessert. 51 woodcuts by G. Cruikshank. Lond., 1830. Sm. 8vo.

Lev. mor., g.t., by Bayntun, Mohr, G., Apr. 11, '22. (212) $6.00. CLAUDIANUS (Claudius). Opera quæ exstant. Nic.

Heinsius recensuit. Lugduni Batavorum, Elzevir., 1650. 12mo.. Old mor., A., Nov. 30, '21. (132) $5.25.

CLAVIJERO (F. J.). Historia de la Antigua O Baja Cali-fornia. Mexico, 1852. 8vo.

CLAY (Henry). Works. Edited by C. Colton. N. Y., 1904. 10

vols., 8vo.

Orig. cl., g.t., unc.

A., Dec. 6, '21.

(Federal edition, A. L. S. laid in), Tomlinson, (72) $25.00.


Queens of Song. Lond., 1863. 2 vols., 8vo. Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc., by Zaehnsdorf, Mohr, G., Apr. 11, '22. (166) $6.00.

CLEMENS (S. L.). Addition to the Private History of the "Jumping Frog" Story. N. Y., 1918. 8vo.

Cl. (Japan paper, bnd. in are the earlier printed version extracted from "North American Review," photostat copy of the proof, and p. 116 from "Introduction to Greek Prose Composition), Libby, G., Nov. 21, '21. (330) $17.50.

-Adventures of Tom Sawyer. 1876. Sm. 8vo.

Tauchnitz edition. Leipsig,

Paper (author's own copy, with his pencilled autograph on front cover), W., July 20, '22. (73) $10.50.

-Autobiographical Sketch. Portrait. Worcester, 1918. 8vo. Cl. (inserted is one of 5 copies of the same work printed on paper water-marked "Clemens"; bnd. in is photostat copy of orig. MS.; with certificate of number of copies signed by the publisher), Libby, G., Nov. 21, '21. (337) $22.50.

-Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, and other
Sketches. N. Y., 1867. 12mo.

Orig. cl. (shaken, worn), Norton, A., Feb. 28, '22. (174) $25.00.
Cl. (with 2 notes on fly-leaf, one by the author), Patterson, A.,
May 15, '22. (61) $95.00.

Orig. cl. (name on title, worn; A. L. S. laid in; portrait of Mr.
Coles inserted), Coles, G., May 16, '22. (202) $12.50.

-Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur's Court. Hartford, 1889. 8vo.

Orig. cl. (inserted are A. L. S. of A. B. Paine and Irving Bacheller, and 11⁄2 pp. of orig. MS. of speech in the autograph of S. L. Clemens), Mohr, G., Apr. 11, '22. (167) $10.00.

-Eve's Diary. Illus. Lond., 1906. 12mo.

Orig. cl. (A. L. S. written inside front cover), A., Oct. 17, '21. (102A) $22.00.

-Innocents Abroad. First issue of first edition. 1869. 8vo.

Cl., O'Fallon, A., Nov. 21, '21. (107) $10.50.


-Life on the Mississippi. First edition. Bost., 1883. 8vo.

Orig. cl. (first issue), A., May 22, '22. (76) $6.50.

Orig. cl. (second issue, without cut on p. 441), Coutant, A., Feb. 20, '22. (419) $5.00.

-Mark interviews Himself on Why Lipton failed to Lift the Cup. Privately printed, 1920. 8vo.

Sewed, Macpherson, A., Apr. 17, 22. (100) $5.50.

-Mark Twain's Letters. Arranged by A. B. Paine. N. Y., [1917]. 2 vols., 8vo.

CLEMENS (S. L.).—Continued.

-Mark Twain's Sketches, New and Old. First issue of first edition. Hartford, 1875. Sq. 8vo.

“Orig. cl., W., June 22, '22. (54) $7.50.

-1601. Conversation as it was by the Social Fireside in the Time of the Tudors. "West Point Edition." Done at ye Academie Presse, 1882. 4to.

Orig. sheets, sewed, in Japan paper wrapper, with imprint_(with extracts from M. Johnson's Bibliography, A. B. Paine's Biography, Putnam's Monthly, June, 1906, and Saturday Evening Post, all reprinted on Japan paper), Vail, A., May 2, '22. (209) $42.00.

-1601. Conversation as it was by the Social Fireside in the time of the Tudors. Privately printed, 1920. 4to.

Bds., unc., Macpherson, A., Apr. 17, 22. (99) $11.00.

-Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson. Hartford, 1894. 8vo.

Sheep, A., Oct. 17, '21. (102) $5.50.

A Tramp Abroad. Lond., Ont., n.d. 12mo.

A., Nov. 14, '21. (198) $15.00.

-Works. All first editions. v.p., 1869-1903. 64 vols., 12m0, 8vo, and sm. 4to.

Hf. lev. mor., g.t. (56 vols. in 64, all but 2 have orig. cl. or paper covers bnd. in), G., Jan. 26, '22. (151) $540.00.

-Works. Engraved title-pages, portraits, and illus. Hartford,
1899. 25 vols., 8vo.

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc. (some backs faded, Autograph edition),
Libby, G., Nov. 21, '21. (334) $300.00.

Hf. leath., g.t., unc. (Royal edition), Tomlinson, A., Dec. 6, '21.
(73) $80.00.

Orig. cl. (Royal edition), Coutant, A., Feb. 20, '22. (420) $37.50.
Lev. mor., g.t., unc., by Haddon (Autograph edition), Locke, G.,
Nov. 9, 21. (205) $610.00.

-Writings. Portraits, vignette title-pages, paper, and other
illus., all on Japan paper. Lond., 1899. 25 vols., 8vo.

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.t., unc. (Author's Edition de Luxe, with autograph and page of orig. MS.; about 700 marginal drawings in water-color and pen-and-ink), Mohr, G., Apr. 11, '22. (168) $460.00.

-Writings. Hartford, 1901. 22 vols., 8vo.

'Cl., g.t., unc. (Underwood edition), Libby, G., Nov. 21, '21. (335) $42.50.

-Wood (J. G.). The Uncivilized Races. Hartford, 1870. 2
vols., 8vo.

(S. L. Clemens's copy, with 2 pp. of MS. in pencil inserted and his
marginal notes throughout), W., Aug. 3, '22. (140) $10.00.
CLEOPATRE [by De Coste de la Calprenède].
Partie. Paris, 1663. Sm. 8vo.


Old mor., g.e. (bound for Beatrix de Choiseul-Stainville, Duchesse de Gramont, with her arms on the sides), A., Nov. 30, '21. (88)

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