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THE HE great satisfaction evinced on the publication of the former Edition of Mr. Gibbon's Miscellaneous Works, and the strong wish repeatedly expressed that I should give to the public several of the pieces in my possession, mentioned in the Advertisement to that Edition, have much lessened my apprehension of indulging too far my partiality for the compositions of my friend, and have induced me to include in a new Edition such Articles as seemed likely to reflect credit on his memory.

It will be remembered that the Memoirs were composed and formed from six different Sketches, and from Notes and Memoranda on loose unconnected Papers and Cards, all in Mr. Gibbon's handwriting. This new Edition of his posthumous Works has furnished me with the opportunity of interweaving several additional Extracts

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Extracts from the same sources; illustrating and enlarging the Memoirs, where they were most scanty, by Notes principally selected from his Journal.

To the Letters printed in the former Edition, a considerable number, both from himself and many other distinguished persons, are introduced in the present publication.

Availing myself still further of the occasion of a new Edition, I have endeavoured to class the several Essays and Compositions by a convenient arrangement of them, according to their several subjects, under the following heads:

1. Historical and Critical.

2. Classical and Critical.
3. Miscellaneous.

Among the new matter contained under the first Division will be found,

1. Mémoires sur la Monarchie des Mèdes.This, it is presumed, will be esteemed, by the readers best able to appreciate it, a Dissertation of great erudition and discernment.

2. Les principales Epoques de l'Histoire de la Grèce et de l'Egypte, dans la Nouvelle Chronologie du Chevalier Newton, comparées avec les Chronologies ordinaires.

3. Remarques Critiques sur le Nouveau Système de Chronologie du Chevalier Newton.

4. Extraits

4. Extraits Critiques de Trois Mémoires de M. l'Abbé de la Bleterie sur la Succession de l'Empire Romain et d'un sur le prénom d'Auguste.

5. Remarques sur le Nombre des Habitans dans la Cité des Sybarites.

6. Gouvernement Féodal, surtout en France. An able Dissertation on the Rise and Establishment of the Feudal Laws.

7. Noces du Duc de Bourgogne avec la Princesse Marguerite, Sœur d'Edouard IV.-The reader will find this a very pleasing and curious account of the Ceremonies and Pageantry with which that royal marriage was celebrated.

8. Introduction à l'Histoire Générale de la République des Suisses.-From the Author's Journal and Memoirs it appears that he bestowed much time and attention ou this Article.

9. Remarques touchant les Doutes Historiques sur la Vie et le Règne du Roi Richard III. par M. Horace Walpole.--This Article is mentioned by Mr. Gibbon in his Journal and Memoirs as written by him for a periodical Work edited by his friend M. Deyverdun, entitled Mémoires Littéraires de la Grande Bretagne pour l'an 1768."

10. The Materials for an additional Section on the Antiquities of the House of Brunswick.These being found in an imperfect state among Mr.

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Mr. Gibbon's Papers, have been connected, and, where the manuscript ceases, have been continued to the Accession of George the First to the British Throne, from Mr. Butler's very able publication, entitled "A Succinct History of the Geographical and Political Revolutions of the Empire of Charlemagne from 814 to 1806."

Under the second Division will be found1. An interesting "Essay on the Character of Brutus," in Mr. Gibbon's best manner.

2. A Classical Geography of Ancient Italy, entitled Nomina Gentesque Antiquæ Italiæ.-A work composed by Mr. Gibbon preparatory to his tour in that part of Europe: this work is often mentioned in his Memoirs and Journal. The manuscript was found in a disordered state; but it is correctly printed from Mr. Gibbon's manuscript, and the inaccuracies are noticed in an Errata at the end of the volume.

The following articles are also added under the same Division, viz.

3. Remarques sur les Ouvrages et sur le Caractère de Salluste.




de Tite Live.

7. Remarques Critiques sur un Passage de


de Jules César.

de Cornelius Népos.

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