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The production of copper-ore by the Indian
Copper Corporation Ltd. amounted to
371,458 tons (357,194 tons). A total of
374,742 short tons (348,375 short tons)
of ore
was treated in the mill and the
production of refined copper amounted to
6,830 long tons (7,200 long tons).
7,750 tons were produced by the Burma
Corporation Ltd. (7,500 tons).

330,690 ozs. of gold were produced from the
Kolar goldfields in Mysore during 1937.
(331,856.1 ozs.). The production from
the operations of the Burma Corporation
Ltd., at Bawdwin, Burma, amounted to
894 ozs. (1,294 ozs.).

The production in Travancore


amounted to 181,047 tons (140,477 tons). 2,522,750 tons of iron-ore were produced by the principal mining companies in Bihar and the Eastern States Agency. (2,484,445 tons). The production by the Burma Corporation Ltd. from their mines. at Wetwun, near Maymyo, Burma, amounted to 25,426 tons. (26,316 tons). This is used as a flux in smelting lead. The production of lead-ore at the Burma Corporation's Bawdwin mines in Burma amounted to 476,896 tons (468,842 tons); the total amount of metal extracted was 77,650 tons (73,155 tons) including 1,150 tons (1,240 tons) of antimonial lead. The production of calcined magnesite by the Salem Magnesite Syndicate, Ltd., Salem, Madras, amounted to 10,339 tons. (12,966 tons). The production in Mysore State amounted to 2,384 tons (2,502 tons).

978,193 tons were produced during the year. (813,442 tons).



Nickel speiss





Tin concentrates.

297,343 cwts. of mica, including splittings, were exported from India during the year. (177,664 cwts.).

The production in Travancore State amounted to 3,081 tons. (2,628 tons). The production by the Burma Corporation Ltd. amounted to 4,020 tons (4,325 tons). This product contains 30-20 per cent. of nickel, 8.94 per cent. of copper, 6-81 per cent. of cobalt and 17.7 ozs. of silver to the ton.

The production in Assam amounted to
65,718,437 gallons, (64,844,712 gallons),
in the Punjab 10,026,560 gallons, (4,396,792
gallons) and in Burma 273,807,738 gallons.
(265,570,120 gallons).

The production of salt amounted to 1,898,157
tons, (1,735,888 tons) including 53,813
tons in Burma and 355,166 tons in Aden.
167,147 cwts. were exported from India
during the year (162,808 cwts.).
The production of silver from the Burma
Corporation Ltd. Bawdwin mines
amounted to 6,180,000 ozs. (5,952,000 ozs.)
and that from the Kolar gold mines in
Mysore State 28,959 ozs. (estimated).
(24,477 ozs.).

5,173 tons were produced in Burma in-
cluding Karenni and Mong Pai States.
(6,498.8 tons).

Tungsten concentrates. 3,028 tons were produced in Burma in

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Quarterly Statistics of Production of Coal, Gold and Petroleum in India including Burma: October to December, 1937.

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*These figures represent the total amounts of gasolene derived from natural gas at the well-head. Of these amounts a portion is sold locally as petrol' and the remainder is mixed with the crude petroleum and sent to the refineries. The figures given in the two columns, therefore, together represent the total raw products' obtained. These remarks apply to the similar totals quoted in previous Records.



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