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“Stop your havers,” said Mac “ Master at home?” woke me Tavish, as he deftly swathed my up. An early visitor was hailing shoulder in bandages ; “your my peon, who was going through master's had enough bad luck for his daily task of dusting in the one day anyway. Now, Wilmot, verandah. I heard the replymy man, you'll just get into your “ Master sick, Doctor Sahib bed, and you'll bide quiet there say nobody seeing." till I tell you to get up.

You've « Dear me! I'm very sorry. had a fine shake, and you're not Give your master my salaam." going to be allowed to run the I recognised the voice as that risk of fever."

of the excellent chaplain, who

weekly denounced our shortcomI did not pass a very comfort- ings at the church parade service, able night, as my arm was ban- and whom we all knew as a good, daged up, I a good deal carnest, hard-working fellow, who bruised, and, with my bodily in was busy early and late in his firmities, my mental troubles had sacred calling, and had acquired returned in full force. The In- great and legitimate influence with (lian noises of the night also, which many of the men of the —th. are little regarded when a man is “ Holloa, Padre! Do come in," strong and well, were perfectly I shouted. “I'm delighted to see maddening in my shattered state. you. Have a cigarette, and tell Why should there have been such me how you are getting on.” a prolonged festival in the neigh I knew that the good priest, bouring Hindoo part of the can who was the cantonment agent of tonment, which involved such a the Total Abstinence Society, and continuous charivari of pipes and fulminated energetically against tom-toms ? Why should the king- alcohol in every form, admitted crow, locally known as the Scotch human weakness sufficiently to nightingale, have clone his best to countenance tobacco, and enjoyed make night hideous with his dis- the weed at all times and in every cordant chatter? And why-oh, form. why !—should my native servants “I hope this isn't a bad business, have helil a “ tabak's parliament'

Wilmot. What's the matter?" in the back premises till the small Oh, I've only had a smash hours, discussing the follies and riding, Padre. I shall be all right weaknesses of master, in the lowest soon, I hope. But what are you of tones it is true, but even then doing paying visits so early?inexpressibly irritating in their

“I knew there was nothing gounceasing and fitful murmur ? ing on this morning, and I thought

But there is an end of every- I would find some of you officers thing. At last “moru broadened at home.

We've been very badly on the borders of the dark," the ofl' for music at St Peter's at the night-prowling mosquito retired afternoon services, when we don't to rest for the day, driven away have the band to play.

The bishop by the cool air of sunrise, which was talking to me about it the llowed gratefully through the other day at his visitation, and bungalow, and, with Ramasawmy's suggested that we should get up assistance, I managed to get to the

a fund to buy an organ.

Your sofa in my sitting-room. Sleep colonel has given me a hundred asserted itself, and I dropped off rupees towards it, and told me I into an easy and refreshing cloze. might ask you all to contribute;

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so I am going round to see what “Master done give ring to I can get out of you.

But I Padre Salib?” said Ramasawmy, won't bother you to-day. I'll wait after he had showed my visitor out. till you're better, and then, per Yes, Ramasawmy. He's going haps, you'll assist in what I think to sell it for his church.” is a really good work."

Master done very clever thing. “I'll do as well to-day as any I speak true word.

That ring other time, Padre; but you're un- bringing master bad luck. Now lucky in not coming to me last good man got it, bad luck going week. I was stupid enough to away." lose a lot of money at the races I did not believe much in the the day before yesterday, and I've connection between my misforvery little loose cash in conse tunes and the ring, but I certainly quence.”

hoped that my late bad luck would “ That's a pity, Wilmot. I can't change. understand why you men can't en Half an hour later, old Macjoy all the amusements you have Tavish paid me his promised visit, without risking your means, and his


from his morning perhaps preventing yourselves from duties at the hospital, and prodoing some good when you have a ceeded to look at my shoulder, feel chance."

my pulse, and generally take stock A brilliant thought struck me. of my health. I knew that the taxes of the Well, Wilmot, you're just a Church had, in old days, been as deal better than I expected, or inoften paid in kind as in money, deed than you've any right to be. and I did not see why I might not There's a Providence watches over revive the custom.

you daft boys, I'm thinking. Your “I tell you what it is, Palre. shoulder's doing nicely, and you've I can't give you a cheque, but I've no fever, If you keep quiet till got a very good ring that I'll tomorrow, I daresay I'll let you give you, and you can convert it go out for a drive, and you'll be for the benefit of your organ. I off' my list in a week, though you'll warn you that I've been told it have to be careful with your arm carries bad luck with it in some for a while.” mysterious way, and certainly I've “ That's good hearing, doctor. come to grief in everything since I'm awfully obliged to you for I've had it.”

your care.

Won't you stop and “Oh, I don't believe in any of have some breakfast ? that nonsense, and if I did, the “No, no. I've three or four ring's bad luck would disappear more visits to pay yet, and maybe in the Church's service. I'll take you'll eat better, if I'm not here to it gladly, and I'll put your name tell you what will disagree with down in the subscription-list for you." whatever I get for it.”

My spirits were rising. The “All right then, Padre. Hi! shifting of the bandages on my Ramasawmy. Bring my new ring shoulder, and a certain amount of from my dressing-table.

toilet, had made me much more The ring was brought, and the comfortable, and as I had had chaplain departed, delighted with little dinner on the previous night, his acquisition, and saying it was I prepared to do justice to the the best subscription he had yet breakfast which my butler had received.

brought me from the iness.



I was just beginning, when had loaded me for the last two in dashed "Skefly, in boots and days. Skeffy's rather homely and breeches, fresh from his morning matter-of-fact countenance seemed ride. “IIolloa, old chap! How are surrounded with a halo of light, you this morning ? You can't be and I blessed the stewards for very bad, if you're going to eat all their prompt and energetic action. that. There's plenty for two, and, If only the disasters of the regias I've lots to tell you, I will stay mental ball could also be reversed, and breakfast with you."

there would be no happier captain “ You can't do better, Sketly. of hussars in her Majesty's service. Ilelp yourself, and open your hud “ One peon brought chit for get of news.”

master,” and Ramasawmy handed "Well, the news is the best any me a note, on whose envelope was way, and will improve your appe a cipher that I knew well. I tite. I've just come from the opened it.

There was a meeting of the stewards this morning about “ DEAR CAPTAIN WILMOT,–I the race for the Maharajah's Cup. was so sorry to hear of your acciIt seems that it was suspected dent last night, and hope you will something was shady about that soon get over it. It may help horse Songster, and his history your recovery to tell you that I was inquired into, and they have have just been riding with Kitty the best evidence that he is five Clover, and we had a long talk years old instead of being four as about you. I was able to explain ho was entered, so he carried 1 lb. a misunderstanding that seems to too little in the race. Of course have occurred at your ball, and, if he has been disqualified, so your you call, I think she will be glad horse won after all. I congratu- to see you. You have my best late you on winning the cup and wishes.-Yours very sincerely, taking all the money out of the

“ CLARA FORTESCUE. lotteries.”

What a reprieve! I felt as if I I believe there must have been had been relieved from an oppres some truth in Ramasawmy's ideas sive and inordinate weight that about that ring, after all,

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In the midst of the rumours ing to Prince Talleyrand both a that on all sides arose on the permanent and a personal one. announcement of the forthcoming You may like or dislike what he did • Memoirs’ of Prince Talleyrand, or made others do—it is no question no truer words seem to have been of sympathy or antipathy; but uttered than those wherehy M. you cannot do without him-you Jules Simon has characterised the cannot ignore him. If you desire effect produced by the long-de to seize the raison d'être of the ferred publication of the work.1 history of modern times (of your “ Talleyrandl,”, said the gifted French

own times, remember, and what philosopher and critic,"" makes as immediately preceded and produced much noise at this present moment them), you are obliged to take as he made at the moment of his cognisance of the deeds and death half a hundred years ago—nay, thoughts of the unescapeable Properhaps even more! At the identi

teus who was cal hour aflirmed by report to have

a bishop (and a been fixed by his own will for the diplomat to boot :) in 1792, a Conpublication of his own autobiography, ventionnel in '97, a Bonapartist other writers from the outside seem Foreign Minister in '98, a Court to have resolved to furnish the world chamberlain in the "pit full of with their descriptions of his life and kings ” of Erfurt in 1808, whilst his political career. Nor does the one being the indirect collaborator (as in any way apparently injure the

French ambassador in England in other. The so-called "Memoirs,' edited by the Duc de Broglie, diminish 1832) of Lord Grey in the camin no degree the interest excited by paign of the Reform Bill, after the voluines put forth by V. Pallain having been the indisputable preand others; and the reason is an cursor of Cobden in 1786, the obvious one : Talleyrand held more original initiator on the Continent or less all the strings of all the Govern

of free trade, and the would be ments (however various) that successively ruled France for the

promoter of cheap food !

Spice of fifty years ; he passed with incom

These are titles to the interest parable ease from one to the other, of public men whatever may be always borne as by necessity to the their countries or their creeds, foremost lan of each, and always, and, call him Bishop of Autun, or whatsoever the sway of events (or of Prince de Benevento, or Duc de accident), to outward observation appearing to be their propeller and

Valençay, or by whichever of the their guide.”

many naines he may go down to

posterity, you will find it quite Thus far Jules Simon is right, unavoidable to study the personal but there are other causes which character of the man by whose make the intense interest attach- thoughts and opinions the external

• Memoirs,' edited by the Duc de Broglic (Calman Lévy, 1891). "Corresponclence,' edited by V. Pallain (Plon, 1889-91). 'Napoleon at Alexandria, Talleyrand at Erfurt,' by W. Vandal (Plon, 1991).

1 "Mon Petit Journal,” Jules Simon, Le Temps,' March 15, 1891.

policy of Europe was so influenced His early life before the Revofor a long succession of eventful lution of 1789, with its passage years. This, therefore, makes plain from the old to the new régime. enough why, after a lapse of over His steady preference of civil fifty-eight years, this man, who institutions to military despotmight be supposed to have entirely isms, leading in the end to the lost touch with the present age, sincere adoption of British parliasurvives, and is in reality an ex mentary forms and usages. planation of so much that remains llis curiously keen insight into unexplained in the past, and of so the genuine value and characters of much that was fated to be the the men who were either associfuture of that past, and is in ated with or opposed to him, and fact our present. Talleyrand is some of whom, to the judgment really the thread that binds events of less unprejudiced politicians, together, and for half a century appear as the perfect opposites never entirely breaks. He winds of what they proved themselves through the entire web of political to be. history-one reason whereof being Now the Memoirs' just pubthat his intense vitality is for ever lished will help us in this respect equal to itself. For all the years of far less than was supposed, to the his mere duration on earth he lives. accurate knowledge we need, but Except, perhaps, the first tifteen of will in some degree be of more use carly youth, his life is ever at its than has been assumed. highest. Whenever he acts, right They are, as is now on all hands ly or wrongly, it is in the fullest admitter, not strictly authentic, consciousness of what he is doing ; but they are not distinctly apocryhis highest” may be reprehen- phal. They are of a confirmatory sible, but it is invariably his high- nature, and where borne out by est, and you note in him no intel- autobiographical testimony are by lectual hiatus ; the faculties of no means to be disdained. Ву action are for ever on the alert the side of other more reliable without being on the stretch; chronicles—whether furnished by they are true capacities, and they the evidence of State Papers or by generate other and succeeding re the assertions of incontestable colsults. From his first youth to his lective witnesses in each erent latest year Talleyrand is a states- duly controlled)—the facts related man busy with nothing save state in the Memoirs’ give, when sufficraft and the task of governing na- ciently attested, a manner of actutions; knowing the most of inen, ality, it kind of liveliness, to the and getting the utmost to be got narrative, and, as it were, an acout of them at the moment of the cent to the precise and duller most dominant expediency. utterances.

For it must never be As our limits will not admit of lost sight of that, on most occaa minute research into the various sions, Prince Talleyrand has the details of so long and perpetually world for his collaborator, and is active an existence, we will choose made real and unquestionable as three points of the career of Prince much by the words of others as Talleyrand which seem to us to by his own. contain the largest amount of what where, so that in what they conwe may term the causalities of the firm you can with reasonable serest :

curity consult portions of the

Witnesses are every

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