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“ I know what beauty is, for Thou 1 lose to find. On white-robed bride Hast set the world within my heart; Fair jewels fairest light afford ; Of me Thou madest it a part;

So, gathered round Thy glory, Lord, I never loved it more than now.

All glory else is gloritiell.'

-(Vol. ii. p. 232.) I know the Sabbath afternoons ; The light asleep upon the graves ; After reading and studying such Against the sky the poplar waves ;

a poem, in which there is hardly The river murmurs organ tunes.

the shadow of a flaw, one feels I know the spring with bud and bell ; moved to envy the authorship of The hush in summer woods at night; it as a priceless possession ; for Autumn, when leaves let in

can almost appropriate the light;

exclamation of Scaliger over the Fantastic winter's lovely spell.

“Quem tu Melpomene” of Horace, I know the rapture music gives,

“I had rather be the author of The power that dwells in ordered that ode than be king of Arragon." tones ;

These are some of the notes Dream-muflled voice, it loves and moans, breathed to us from his fine shepAnd, half-alive, comes in and lives.

herd's ilute, and they reveal a The charm of verse, where love-allieil, power largely equal to all the inMusic and thought, in concord high, tellectual modulation of the human Shew many a glory sailing by,

soul. It is pleasing to think that, Borne on the Godhead's living tide ; judging from his latest long poem, And Beauty's regnant All I know ; • The Diary of an Old Soul,' this The imperial heail, the starry eye; fine modulation still remains with The fettered fount of harmony,

him ; but we must content ourThat makes the woman raciant go. selves meantime with the older But I leave all, thou Van of Woe!

evidences above given, and Put off my shoes and come to Thee,

these we are disposed to rest our Most beautiful of all I see,

article of poetie creed, that we Most wonderful of all I know.

have in George MacDonald a poet

in the high sense—“a priest of As chilil forsakes his firvourite toy,

the wonder and bloom of Ilis sister's sport, his wild bird's nest;

the And, climbing to his mother's breast,

world.” Enjoys yet more his former joy

W. 1). GENDES.



A note dancing in a sunbeam—the sun has set-the mote is gone-whither ?-into a brother's eye, puerchance. Well, if he be a true brother, it is safer there than in the sun."-Dark Sayings, by an Utterer,



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We all belong, consciously or out of the room, and never let me unconsciously, to the Society for see it again. As for the doctor, - Protection against the Un- he's the image of a duck-billed known.” Dogs sniff at new-com- platypus.” So spoke Mrs Trench

We shrink from death, from ard to her attendant, while the unfamiliar names, from new little French doctor, in coat lined thors, With crafty, half-averted with otter-skin, stood grimacing eye we scan the titles of books, of on the hearth-rug. Mrs Trenchmagazine articles, and, repelled by ard was lying in the Valley of a new combination of letters, we the Shadow of Death, her fourelect to pass by on the other side. months-old infant was lying in the Now, before the wary reader has Valley of the Shadow of Life-I had time to withdraw that cau know not which the darkest, know tious, suspicious eye from this ‘not I. “ Mais, madame l'affaibpage, let me hasten to fix and lissement est extrême," and the litperchance soften it by explaining tle doctor advanced murmuring that “ The Muqaddam of Spins, " fer bravais et la pipette;" but in Anglo - Indian parlance, only Mrs Trenchard turned her face

“The Chief of Spinsters wearily to the wall. A week -Boss, more in virtue of years later, à mound in a French cemeand “far-off, old, unhappy things, tery hid les beaux restes de Madame and battles long ago," than in Trenchard, whose play of humour virtue of social position.

and handsome face had made her She, whose story is

ere told,

a striking personality in the world was endowed at birth with gifts in which she lived, and Pipette and graces not a few : beauty, was handed over to the care of an wit, good - nature ; a charming easy-going, scheming married couvoice and a grand talent pour la sin, Mrs Candy, who allowed the société; a moral nature, the tex- child to grow up in her own nurture of which was not perhaps as sery, sent her at the age of ten to tough as cocoa-nut fibre, but which a second-rate school in Brussels, might wear well, if no great strain and at eighteen fetched her hoine were put upon it; and a heart as to Weedington to enjoy the social true as steel. But, alas ! who amenities of a garrison town. must needs step in at her chris- Here Pipette danced, flirted, pictening, but the invisible, uninvited, nicked, rode to hounds when malicious fairy godmother ! — her friends gave her a mount, and decree being that' saddest of all got herself well, or rather ill, mortal decrees – “Of love that talked about. Poor little Pipette ! never found its earthly close.” “To Mirth-loving, mirth-provoking, she love and to ride away

was to be was an attractive mark for men's the rule of the road for all the admiration and women's envy.

Something of her history, as years - Call the child Pipette, and went on, may be gathered from the take that bottle of Fer Bravais desultory remarks of friends (sic).

girl's suitors.



“Oh yes,” Mrs A. would say; clay. Pipette was set down at 9 “Pipette Tronchard was engaged Jermyn Street, while her cousin years and years ago to Frank So went to Mrs Bracegirdle's. mers, but he broke off owing to Captain Marmaduke Ferrers was some fracas about marriage set at home, having just breakfasted. tlements. Her solicitors, Mum He saw Pipette enter with astonBudget, thought him grasping; but ishment, deepening into annoyI forget the outs and ins.”

ance She attempted to explain, " I knew her first when Charlie then grow detiant before his frigid Bessborough, now Lord Aldine, manner. And when Mrs Candy was paying her great attention, entered breathless from the hands said Mrs B. “He was on the of her (Iressmaker an hour late, verge of cleclaring himself when she found Marmaduke coldly suMrs Candy spoilt all. She locked percilious and the girl half frightthein into the conservatory the ened, half indignant. night of the Peihams' dance, and "I see you continue to worship lost the key. Charlie lost his tem at the shrine of the great god per- didn't propose. Mrs Candy Huyser Murger," he said, as he had out-mana uvred herself, and handled the ladies into their Pipette sutlered."

hansom. • But Mrs Candy's most

"Oh! what have I done?” whisscientific stroke was played in the percal Pipette, with sad beseeching Ferrers allair,“ suded His Z. eyes.

Marmaduke Ferrers had in truth · It's not what you have done loved the girl, and Pipette had it is what you are,” and he bowed given him her heart. No word with a chilling, sarcastic air. had yet been spoken, but Captain Pipette saw no more of MarmaFerrers's whole being was cluke. Ilis regiment was ordered tring round the thought of Pipette to Canada, and Pipette herself as a wife. She was not his ileal went out to India to live with woman : her surroundings offended her half-brother, Richard Trenchhis taste. Many things in her ard, fifteen years her senior. Mr manner, in her character, jarred Trenchard belonged to the unupon his finer sense. But he covenanted Civil Service, and was loved her, and saw her adiptabil- full of the grievances of that longity and chameleon - like capacity suttering body. He was entirely for taking on the colour of her departmental, and entwined from environment. lle also believed top to toe in blue tape (I think in his own inherent


to I am right in saying that the raise her to and keep her at a uncovenanted C. S. are not alhigher level of culture and refine- lowed to uso red tape). He was ment than she had yet reached. id tall, pale, still man, without the

“We must go to town soon for faintest sense of humour, with an the day, Pipette," said Mrs Candy; aggrieved tone in his voice as of “I've got to be titted by his one who had been sinned against Braceyirdle. I shall drop you out past forgiveness. He had a way at Marmaduke Ferrers's rooms, and of turning his head and shoulders be back in twenty minutes to when addressed, as if he were lunch there. I'll send him a line carved out of one solid block of to say we're coming."

wood and had no pivot on which The line was forgotten, but the his neck could revolve. two ladies started for town next Pipette became very popular at


Kalijigaum, which is a large civil ard testily, turning his head and military station in the Deccan. and shoulders en masse towards She was invited everywhere, and Pipette, and looking out through often seemed on the verge of mar her at the distant view. It was riage, when suddenly her gourd a way he had. IIe never looked would wither in a night—the de at anybody, but always through sire of her eyes become the desire or beyond. It was very aggraof other eyes. The blight of the vating, and made people long to fairy godmother came to blast all pull his nose or his hair, or to her buds of hope. Pipette was strike him across the mouth with ever ready to flirt with the com the back of the hand, or offer mander-in-chief; to drive with the some other atrocious indignity. collector's lonely wife—he had " A woman come to your years, I only one, but a great many people repeat, should not talk foolishly. in India have more, it's only a I hope you and I have other and question of pigment; and she was more useful things to think of equally ready to sit up at night than our tombstones.” Then riswith the American missionary's ing, he walked with his deliberate sick baby, while the worn-out step and air of protest towards his mother and ayah slept.

office, which was at the end of Pipette came very near marry- the verandah, in a small detached ing Major Fazakerly of the artil- bungalow. lery-very, very near. But he “If my age is so prodigious, happened to overhear her mimick- what must your own be, my good ing his bad Hindustani to Captain man !” laughed Pipette. Poor Duftar, the Persian interpreter, Pipette ! she was feeling very sore and his vanity being greater than at heart that day—for she had his love, swamped it, and Pipette just heard that Marmaduke Ferwas left lamenting.

rers was in Tundarāt on a month's Years rolled on, and her hair, leave. His regiment was in the which was of that wavy silver- Deccan, and he had come up to gold not often scen, showed more share The Hermitage with his of the silver and less of the gold, friends the Oakleys. Rumour and the slender figure was growing said he admired Kate Oakley set and plump. But still Pipette a handsome gipsy - dark girl just looked young and débonnaire. fresh from home. Colonel Fer- The Muqaddam of Spins has rers was now fifty, and his hya

like Jephthal's daughter, to cinthine locks were beginning to bewail her spinsterhood upon the thin on the temples and turn mountains," wrote Mr Hoskins grey. the judge to his wife at home. “ It must be Panorama Point Pipette and her brother had gone to-day,” cried Kate.

She was up to the charming hill-station of mounted on Ilyder, a Cabul pony, Tundarāt to spend the hot weather. and was waiting the escort of • Richard, when I die you are

Colonel Ferrers for an afternoon to be sure to put · Pipette, Muqad- ride. “Old Silver is game for the dam of Spins,' on my tombstone, dizzy steep, isn't he ?" and nothing else, mind," said The colonel assented, not quite Pipette one morning at break- certain that old Silver's master fast.

was equally


game.” “ A woman of your age shouldn't duke was feeling the effects of talk nonsense,” replied Mr Trench- climate.


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“We shall have to go in Indian to the perilous path. Panorama tile most of the way, which is a l'oint is only to be reached after position 1 shall find distinctly an hour's riding at a very slow tantalising, with Miss Oakley for pace along what at first sight looks my companion,” said he.

like the bare face of a precipice, “Well, you must be content to but which nearer inspection shows follow the leader to-day;" and

and to

a very narrow path. On one Kate set off at a smart pace on

side there is a descent more or her sturdy cob, followed by the less abrupt of 1200 or 1500 feet white charger.

into the gorge below; on the other Pipette, in riding gear, had a sloping acclivity dotted with caught from her verandah, which Karinda bushes and a few trees : overlooked The Hermitage, the iz road requiring a quiet hill-pony, words - Panorama Point." Her strong nerves, and a steady head. heart was hot within her as she Panorama Point is a huge spur saw (herself unseen) the riders of the mountain, and allords standwind up the avenue, Colonel Fer- ing room for a goodly cavalcade rers's handsome face bent down when reached; but the access to over the saddle-bow towards the it is not easy, and a ride to Panbright face of Kate Oakley. orama Point is regarded in the too will ride to Panorama Point," light of an adventure. thought Pipette. “Kate shall Kate, with her yhorawallah or learn from me how cold-blooded groom at Ilyder's headl, was making and cruel Marmaduke can be." her way at a rapid pace along the Revenge is sweet even to a sweet- mountain-side, old Silver picking natured

l'ntrue ; but his steps gingerly behind, distrustsaid as a concession to Diogenes ful in some measure of the strait and other tubbers. And so Pipette and narrow way; and a good many rode forward on her little grey yards behind the colonel Pipette, Arab, which was dear to her as her heart beating fast, and her a daughter.

little Arab stepping along in proud The path to Panorama Point emulation of the charger's stride. turns ofl' abruptly from the main On rode the three, and no word road at a corner where a clump broke the stillness. Colonel Ferrers of trees, overarching, form a kind never turned his head, and Pipette of bower known as the “Chota did not know if he heard the sound Tope.” The riders had passed of her horse's feet, for the wind this, just as Pipette came up, and was blowing in her face. Kate saw to her dismay that Kate was was now far aheadl, and had disheading the line of march, the appeared from sight round a curve. colonel following. She had hoped Pipette looked across the long to get directly behind the girl, valley. Range after range of and on some pretext or other to weird llat-topped masses of hill cause her to lay behind, thereby stretched away to a golden sea. securing time and occasion to pour A huge square mass of purple “ the leprous (listilment” into her mountain, with a fantastic rock

But her plan was balked. pepper-pot jutting out from its To follow and chance an oppor- side, dominated the foreground. tunity for mischief, was all that There was beauty, the beauty of remained to her, and so i third “a land that is very far ott," and figure on horseback

it touched Pipette with a feeling rounding the corner that led on of awe for "the incomparable



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