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have been allowed, by those best qualified to judge, to have rendered important benefit to our religious as well as our civil constitution. It is, therefore, almost useless to declare, that as I could not engage in any Literary pursuits without the sanction of his approbation and the concurrence of his aid, the volumes now given to the public have had their full share of both. I am indebted to him for some curious articles, and I am cheered by the confidence, that what has received his

approbation cannot entirely fail of success with the public.

Thus was I engaged, and with these resources and these aids, in an occupation, of all others, the most grateful to my taste, and most in conformity with my habits, when a dark and sudden tempest arose, which mepaced


little bark with inevitable destruction. While I was basking in the sunshine of a fair fame, with the fond hope, and


strong expectation, that I had only to draw my vessel on shore and suspend my votive tablet in the Muses' Temple, a whirlwind swept me to a gulph, where all but integrity must have foundered.

66 Animus meminisse horret!”

A man was introduced at the Museum, with the sanction of the most respectable recommendation. I mention not his namethe wounds of his own conscience must be so severe a punishment, that I shall not increase his sufferings.

Satisfied with the credentials which he brought with him, and imposed upon by his frank, and seemingly honest manner, I received him in the progress of many attendances with unsuspecting confidence. I believed, for why was I to distrust, the artful tale of what he had in view, and thought that I did no more than discharge my duty by promoting and facilitating its accomplishment.

He proved to be dishonest; he purloined valuable property which was in my custody, and it was thought that the good government of the institution required my dismissal.

I acquiesced in the decision, and retired with no murmurs of resentment, with no querulous expostulation; but with whatanguish of mind, I leave those to determine who have experienced, or who can imagine what it is to have all their literary and domestic plans, in one unexpected moment, overthrown, and to exchange peace, competence, and a situation most congenial to their feelings and pursuits, for loss, anxiety, uncertainty; and above all, the dread of unmerited obloquy.

Such were, undoubtedly, my first sensations, but they have been since alleviated. Indeed, it was soon apparent, that not only



my former friends and protectors still adhered to me, but that some of the most exalted, both in rank and character, among the Trustees themselves, demonstrated the kindest sympathy, and expressed a willingness to confirm their professions of regard by substantial acts of friendship.

While, therefore, I am able to enumerate among those who have stood forth as my protectors, individuals of the most exalted rank; and not only exalted by their rank, but by their virtues; while I can reckon among my familiar friends, some of the first scholars of the country, with a long list of the most excellent and amiable characters in private life, I may, and indeed I do, with

many a pang, regret what I have lost, yet I cannot be considered as one who has no worldly consolation. The cup which was administered to me had gall, indeed, at the top-I found hope, serenity, and peace of mind at the bottom.

I pass now to other things. Some will say I have dwelt too long upon


precedes, and will accuse me, perhaps, of the indulgence of a puerile vanity, by the introduction of the above recited names I shall only reply in the words of one of my

old masters :

Οτω δε

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ren εστιν εν γνωμη φιλα Κεινος τ' εκεινα στεργετω, καγω ταδε.

But to come to the contents of these volumes. · It is

It is very possible that the expectations of many may be disappointed, and that looking for what they will not find, they may throw aside the book with displeasure. But let it be remembered, what alone I have pledged myself to do, namely, to give a description of such rare and curious books as might happen to fall in my way; with such occasional Anecdotes of Literature, interspersed, as might happen to occur to my recollection or reading.--I pretended not to


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