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PSA L M S and H YM N'S

For Sunday.

E holy Souls, in God rejoics,

Your Maker's Praise becomes your Voico:
Great is your Theme. your Songs be tiek
Sing of bis Name, bis Word, his Ways,
His Works of Narure and of Grace,

How wise and holy, just and true !
z Justice and Truth he ever loves,
And the whole Earch his Goodne!'s proves ;

His Word the heavenly Arches spread : How wide they thine from North to Souch! And by the Spirit of bis Mouth

Were all the Starry Armics made.
3 Thou gathereft the wide flowing Scas;
Those wairy Treasures know their place

Io che va& Score-bousc of the Decp :
He spake, and gave a!l Nature Birth;
And Fires and Seas 2nd Heaven and Eartb

His everlatting Orders keep.
4 Let Morrals tremble and adore
A GOD of such reliAtels Power,

Nor dare indulge their feeble Rage : Vain are your Thoughts and weak your Hands, But his eternal Counsel ftands, And ruics the World from Age ic Age.



Psalm XLVI.
ON God fupreme our Hope depends,

Whofe omnipresent Sight
Even to the pathless Realms extends

Of uncreated Night.
2 Plung'd in the Abyss of deep Distress

To him we rais'd our Cry :
His Mercy bad our Sorrows cease

And fill'd our Tongue with Joy.
3 Tho' Earth her ancient Seat forsake,

By Pangs convulsive torn,
Tho' her self-ballanc'd Fabrick shake

And ruin'd Nature mourn :
4 Tho' Hills be in the Ocean loft

With all their trembling Load, No Fear shall e'er disturb the Just,

Or shake his Trust in God.
5 Nations remote and Realms unknown

In vain resist his Sway;
For lo! Jehovah's Voice is shewn

And Earth shall melt away.
6 Let War's devouring Surges rise
And swell on every

The Lord of Hofts our Safeguard is,
And Jacob's God our Guide.

Pfalm XLVII.
For a Shout of sacred Joy
To God the sovereign King!

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Let every Land their Tongues employ,

And Hymns of Triumph sing. 2 Fefus our God ascends on high;

His heavenly Guards around Attend him rising through the Sky,

With Trumpet's joyful Sound. 3 While Angels shout and praise their King,

Let Mortals learn their Strains : Let all the Earth his Honours sing;

O'er all the Earth he reigns. 4 Rehearse his Praise with Awe profound,

Let Knowledge guide the Song. Nor mock him with a solemn Sound

Upon a thoughtless Tongue.
5 In Ifrael stood his ancient Throne,

He lovd that chosen Race;
But now he calls the World his own,

And Heathens taste his Grace.
6 Remotest Nations are the Lord's ;

There Abraham's God is known :
While Powers and Princes, Shields and Swords

Bow down before his Throne.

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Psalm C.
Efore Fehovah's awful Throne,

Ye Nations, bow with sacred joy.
Know that the Lord is God alone;

He can create, and he destroy.
2 His sovereign Power without our aid

Made us of clay and form'd us Men;
And when like wandring Sheep we stray'd
He brought us to his Fold again.

3 We'll



3 We'll crowd thy Gates with thankful Songs,

High as the Heavens our Voices raise;
And Earth with her Ten Thousand Tongues

Shall fill thy Courts with sounding Praise. 4 Wide as the World is thy Command.

Vast as Eternity thy Love:
Firm as a Rock thy Truth must stand
When rolling Years shall cease to move.


Psalm CXIII.

Are spent in your Creator's Praise,
Still more and more his Fare express !
Ye pious Worshippers proclaim
With shouts of Joy his holy Name;

Nor satisfied with praising, bless.
2 Let God's high Praises still resound,
Beyond old Times too scanty bound

And thro' eternal Ages pierce,
From where the Sun first gilds the Streams
To where he sets with purpled Beams,

Thro' all the wide stretch'd Universe.
3 The various Tribes of Earth obey
Thy awful and imperial Sway;

Nor Earth thy sovereign Power confines; Above the Sun's all-chearing Light Above the Stars and far more bright

Thy pure essential Glory shines. 4 What mortal form'd of fading clay, What Native of eternal Day

Can with the God of Heaven compare ? Yet Angels round thy glorious Throne


Thou stoop'st to view : nor they alone;

Even Earth-born Men thy Goodness share. 5 The Poor thou liftest from the Dust; The Sinner, if in thee he trust,

From depths of guilt and shame thou'lt raise, That he in Peace and Safety plac'd With Power and Love and Wisdom grac'd

May sing aloud his Saviour's Praife. 6 To Father, Son and Holy-Ghost The God whom Heaven's triumphant Host

And suffering Saints on Earth adore,
Be Glory as in Ages past,
As now it is and so shall last

When Earth and Heaven shall be no more.



Part of Psalm CXV.
Ot unto us : We all disclaim :

Glory alone to God's great Name,
Whose Truth shall stand for ever fast,

Whose Love to endless Ages last.
2 Thou reignest, Lord, enthroned above !

Yet dost thy humble Sons approve:
Thou all Events disposeft ftill;

For all obey thy sovereign Will. 3

The silent Dead no Praises give :
But we who by thy Mercy live,
While we have Breath will Offerings bring,

And grateful Hallelujahs sing.
4 To God the Father, God the Son,

And God the Spirit, Three in One,
Be Honour, Praise and Glory given,
By all on Earth and all in Heaven.

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