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Friend after friend departs

. Montgomery 647
From all that dwell below the skies

Watts. 1%
From Calvary a cry was heard ..

.Cunningham 87
From every stormy wind that blows

. Sloucell 332
From Greenland's icy mountains .

.. Heber 584
From the cross uplifted bigh..

Haueis 211
From whence these direful omens

.S. Wesley, jr. 88
Full of trembling expectation

C. Wesley 398
Give me the wings of faith to rise

Watts 556
Giver and Guardian of our sleep

C. Wesley 361
Giver of concord, Prince of peace.

C. Wesley 418
Giver of peace and unity ...

C. Wesley 414
Give to the winds thy fears.

.J. Wesley 465
Glad was my beart to hear...

Montgomery 154
Glorious things of thee are spoken

Newton 144
Glory be to Gorl above....

C. Wesley 413
Glory be to God on high

C. Wesley 31
Glory to God on high ..

... Ilart. 168
Glory to God, whose sov'reign grace

C. Wesley 186
Glory to the almighty Father.

. Bathurst 20
Glory to thee, my God, this night

. Ken.. 364
Glory to thee, thou righteous God.

C. Wesley 455
Glory to thee, whose powerful word

C. Wesley 624
God is a name my soul adores

Walls. 70
God is gone up on high

C. Wesley 100
God is in this and every place.

C. Wesley 189
God is my strong salvation ..

Montgomery 440
God is our refuge and defence.

Montgomery 502
God moves in a mysterious way

Couper 444
God of all consolation, take

C. Wesley 676
God of all consolation, The

C. Wesley 287
God of all grace and majesty .

C. Wesley 495
God of all power, and truth, and grace. C. Wesley 297
God of almighty love

C. Wesley 341
God of eternal truth and grace

C. Wesley 310
God of eternal truth and love

C. Wesley 158
God of love, who hearest prayer

C. Wesley 350
God of my life, through all my days..

Doddridge 550
God of my life, to thee I call..

Coroper 451
God of my life, to thee, My.

C. Wesley 391
God of my life, what just return

C. Wesley 221
God of my life, whose gracious power

C. Wesley 455
God of my salvation, hear

.C. Wesley 245
God of my strength, in thee alone.

Wrangham 461
God of thine Israel's faithful three

C. Wesley 469
God of unexampled grace.

.C. Wesley 90
God of unspotted purity..

C. Wesley 515
God's holy law transgress'd

Beddome 177
Go, preach my gospel, saith the Lord

Watts 127
Go, ye messengers of God

Marsden 590
Grace, 'tis a charming sound.

.Doldridge 173
Gracious God, my sins forgive.

C. Wesley 234
Gracipus Redeemer, shakz..

...C. Wesley 511

Slocker 118
Montgomery 498
.Boston Col. 48
.C. Wesley 64

Watts. 22
Roscoe 616

Watts 285
Heginbotham 378

Fellows 158
The Psalmist 613
C. Wesley 148
C. Wesley 63

Steele 365
Luther 673

Walts. 579
Unknown 683
. Francis 578
... Steele 615

. Newton 26
.Doddridge 141

.Haweis 117
.. Oliver 493

Gracious Spirit, love divine
Grant me within thy courts a place
Great First of beings! mighty Lord..
Great God, accept a heart ..
Great God, attend, while Zion sings
Great God, beneath whose piercing eye
Great God, indulge my humble claim.
Grea' God, let all our tuneful powers
Grea: God, now condescend
Great God of nations, now to thee.
Great God, this hallow'd day of thine.
Great God, to nie the sight afford..
Great God, to thee my evening song
Great God, what do I see and hear
Great is the Lord our God.
Great Jehovah! we adore thee.
Great King of glory, come .
Great Ruler of the earth and skies.
Great Shepherd of thy people, hear
Great Source of being and of love ...
Great Spirit, by whose mighty power
Guide me, O thou great

Had I the gift of tongues..
Hail! Father, Son, and Holy Ghost .
Hail! Father, whose creating call.
Hail! holy, holy, holy Lord....
Hail! sacred truth, whose piercing rays
Hail! the day that sees him rise.
Hail! thou once despised Jesus
Hail! to the Lord's anointed
Hail! to the Sabbath-day ..
Happy soul, thy days are ending.
Happy soul, who sees the day.
Happy the man who finds the grace
Happy the meek, whose gentle breast.
Happy the souls to Jesus join'd...
Hark! a voice divides the sky..
Hark! from the tombs a doleful sound
Hark! how the gospel trumpet sounds
Hark! how the watchmen cry.
Hark! my soul, it is the Lord.
Hark! the glad sound! the Saviour comes
Hark! the herald angels sing..
Hark! the notes of angels singing.
Hark! the song of jubilee...
Hark! the voice of love and mercy.
Hark! what mean those holy voices.
Hasten, Lord, the glorious time
Hasten, sinner, to be wise
Head of the Church triumphant
Hlead of the Church, whose Spirit fills
Hear, gracious God, my humble prayer.
llearken to the solemn voice.


Stennett 501
.C. Wesley 67
S. Wesley, jr. 69

C. Wesley 66
.Baptist Col. 410

C. Wesley 100

. Bakewell 112
. Montgomery 81

.Bulfinch 153
.C. Wesley 655
C. Wesley 273
.C. Wesley 178

. Scott 500
C. Wesley 553
.C. Wesley 647

Watts. 642
Medley 442
.C. Wesley 432

Cowper 274
Doddridge 76
C. Wesley 80

...Kelly 11
.Mintgomery 601

Francis 92
. Cawood 73

.Lyle, 596
T. Scott 200
C. Wesley 526
C. Wesley 589

Steele 239
C. Wesley 630

Hearts of stone, relent, relent.

C. IVesley 295
Hear what God, the Lord, hath spoken

Couper 147
Heavenly Father, sov'reign Lord.... . Salisbury Col. 31
He comes ! He comes! the Judge severe. C. Wesley 665
He dies! the Friend of sinners dies.

Watts. 95
Help, Lord, to whom for help I fly.

C. Wesley 345
Help us, O Lord, thy yoke to wear

Anon. 619
He's gone, the spotless soul is gone.

C. Wesley 651
He wills that I should holy be

C. Wesley 289
High on a throne of light, O Lord

Pratt's Col. 619
High on his everlasting throne.

.J. Wesley 134
Ho! every one that thirsts, draw nigh. .J. Wesley 212
Holy, and true, and righteous Lord

.C. Wesley 303
Holy as thou, O Lord, is none.

.C. Wesley 66
Holy Ghost, dispel our sadness

Anon. 123
Holy, holy, holy Lord..

C. Wesley 68
Holy Lamb, who thee receive

.J. Wesley 321
Holy Spirit, Fount of blessing.

Anon. 124
Hosanna be the children's song

Montgomery 605
Hosanna to Jesus on high.

C. Wesley 654
How are thy servants blest, O Lord

.. Addison 621
How beauteous are their feet.

Watts, 128
How blest is our brother, bereft.

C. Wesley 653
How blest the children of the Lord

.Lyte. 618
How blest the righteous, when he dies.

Barbauld 650
How can a sinner know ....

C. Wesley 276
How do thy mercies close me round

C. Wesley 528
How great the wisdom, power, and grace

. Beddome 173
How happy are the little flock....

C. Wesley 663
How happy every child of grace

C. Wesley 552
How happy, gracious Lord, are we

C. Wesley 545
How happy is the pilgrim's lot

.J. Wesley 562
How happy the sorrowful man..

C. Wesley 381
How helpless nature lies...

Sleele. 188
How large the promise, how divine

Watts. 155
How many pass the guilty night

C. Wesley 627
How oft have I the Spirit grieved.

C. Wesley 254
How oft this wretched heart

. Steele. 522
How perfect is thy word ...

. Altered froin Watts 406
How precious is the book divine

Faucett 407
How sad our state by nature is

Watts. 194
How shall a lost sinner in pain

C. Wesley 521
llow sweetly flow'd the gospel's sound

. Bouring 172
llow sweet the hour of closing day

. Bathurst 646
How sweet the name of Jesus sounds

. Newton 177
How swift the torrent rolls...

.Doddridge 63€
How tedious and tasteless the hours

Neuton 539
How tender is thy hand ...

Hastings 531
How vain are all things here below.

Watts. 474
How vain is all beneath the skies.

. Pratt's Col. 636
Humble, and teachable, and mild .

C. Wesley 495
I and my house will serve the Lord

C. Wesley 374
i ask the gift of righteousness.

.C. Wesley 323

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I call the world's Redeemer mine

C. Wesley 561
If death our friends and us divide.

C. Wpsiej 382
If human kindness meets return.

Noel's Cut 164
If, Lord, I have acceptance found.

C. Wrsie) 181
If, on a quiet sea...

Unkrowr 167
If thou impart thyself to me

.C. Wesley 312
I know that my Redeemer lives, And. C. Wesley 290
I know that my Redeemer lives, What.

Medley 113
I listen for the voice

C. Wesley 277
I'll praise my Maker while I've breath

Watis. 549
I long to behold him array'd

.C. Wesley 568
I love the Lord: he heard my cries.

Watts. 525
I love thy kingdom, Lord

. Dwight 146
I love to steal awhile away

Mrs. Brown 386
Immortal honour, endless fame.

Dryden 681
I'm not ashamed to own my Lord

Watts. 482
In age and feebleness extreme.

C. Wesley 400
In answer to ten thousand prayers

C. Wesley 270
In every time and place

C. Wesley 492
In every trying hour...

Coombs 471
In expectation sweet.

. Anon.. 670
Infinite excellence is thine.

Fawcett 37
Infinite God, to thee we raise

C. Wesley 33
In hope against all human hope.

C. Wesley 265
In mercy, Lord, remember me.

Moravian 368
In sorrow I lament.

Stennett 240
Inspirer and flearer of prayer

Toplady 369
In that sad, memorable night.

C. Wesley 160
In the sun, and moon, and stars

.. Heber. 664
In thy name, O Lord, assembling

...kelly 33
In thy presence we appear.

. Montgomery 34
Into thy gracious hands I fall

.J. Wesley 269
Is there a thing too hard for thee

C. Wesley 227
I thank thee, uncreated Sun.

.J. Wesley 488
I the good fight have fought..

C. Wesley 440
I thirst, thou wounded Lamb of God.

.J. Wesley 318
It is the Lord, who doth not grieve.

C. Wesley 457
I want a heart to pray,

C. Wesley 347
I want a principle within

C. Wesley 348
I would be thine, () take my heart

Reed's Col. 222
I would not live alway.

. Muhlenburg 568
Jehovah, God the Father, bless.

.C. Wesley 352
Jehovah, God, thy gracious power

Dr. Thomson 65
Jerusalem, my happy home..

Unknown 562
Jesus, accept the praise...

C. Wesley 675
Jesus, all-redeeming Lord

C. Wesley 165
Jesus, and shali it ever be .

Grigg. 483
Jesus, at whose supreme command

C. Wesley 161
Jesus, a word, a look from thee.

C. Wesley 191
Jesus Christ, who stands between

C. Wesley 262
Jesus comes with all his grace

C. Wesley 308
Jesus, faithful to his word.

C. Wesley 669
Jesus, Friend of sinners, hear

..C. Wesley 51%


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Jesus, from whom all blessings flow.

C. Wesley ,40
Jesus, fulfil our one desire

C. Wesley 426
Jesus, great Shepherd of the sheep

C. Wesley 417
Jesus hath died that I might live.

C. Wesley 316
Jesus, I fain would find..

C. Wesley 345
Jesus, I fain would walk in thee

C. Wesley 353
Jesus, if still the same thou art.

C. IVesley 236
Jesus, if still thou art to-day

C. Wesley i91
Jesus, if thy free grace

C. Wesley 522
Jesus, immortal King, arise.

.Burder 597
Jesus, in whom the Godhead's rays.

C. Wesley 351
Jesus is our common Lord

C. Wesley 557
Jesus, kind, inviting Lord

C. Wesley 157
Jesus, let thy pitying eye.

C. Wesley 228
Jesus, Lord, we look to thee

C. Wesley 419
Jesus, lover of my soul

C. Wesley 234
Jesus, my Advocate above

.C. Wesley 105
Jesus, my all, to heaven is gone

Cennick 270
Jesus, my life, thyself apply

C. Wesley 320
Jesus, my Lord, attend.

.C. Wesley 342
Jesus, my Lord, I cry to thee

C. Wesley 313
Jesus, my Lord, my God.

Henwood 462
Jesus, my Saviour, Brother, Friend

.C. Wesley 344
Jesus, my strength and righteousness

C. Wesley 390
Jesus, my strength, my hope

C. Wesley 346
Jesus, iny truth, my way..

C. Wesley 293
Jesus, our best beloved friend

Montgomery 343
Jesus, plant and root in me

C. Wesley 322
Jesus, Redeemer of mankind.

.C. Wesley 206
Jesus, Redeemer, Saviour, Lord

C. Wesley 257
Jesus, shall I never be

C. Wesley 508
Jesus shall reign where'er the sun

Watts, 598
Jesus spreads his banner o'er us .

...R. Iart 169
Jesus, take all the glory

C. Wesley 548
Jesus, the all-restoring Word.

C. Wesley 513
Jesus, the Congu'ror, reigns

C. Wesley 441
Jesus, the gift divine I know

C. Wesley 490
Jesus, the Lamb of God, hath bled

C. Wesley 268
Jesus, the Life, the Truth, the Way

C. Wesley 341
Jesus, the Lord of glory, died

Unknown 108
Jesus, the Name high over all .

.C. Wesley 136
Jesus, the sinner's friend, to thee

C. Wesley 247
Jesus, the sinner's rest thou art

Toplady 292
Jesus, the word bestow ...

C. Wesley 410
Jesus, the word of mercy give

C. Wesley 131
Jesus, thine all-victorious love .

C. Wesley 323
Jesus, thou all-redeeming Lord

C. Wesley 37
Jesus, thou art our King.

C. Wesley 310
Jesus, thou everlasting King.

Watts. 12
Jesus, thou soul of all our joys .

C. Wesley 14
Jesus, thou Source divine

Steele. 107
Jesus, thou sov'reign Lord of all

C. Wesley 333
Jesus, thy blood and righteousness.

.J. Wesley 110
Jesus, thy boundless love to me

.C. Wesley 493

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