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3 Jehovah, Christ, I thee adore,

Who gav'st my soul to be; Fountain of being and of power,

And great in majesty. 4 The Lord, the mighty God, thou art,

But let me rather prove
That name inspoken to my heart,

That fav’rite name of Love.
5 Merciful God, thyself proclaim

In this polluted breast;
Mercy is thy distinguish'd name,

And suits the sinner best.
6 Our mis'ry doth for pity call,

Our sin implores thy grace ; And thou art merciful to all

Our lost, apostate race.


S. M.

Love and mercy.


(REAT God, accept a heart

That pants to sing thy praise; Thou, who without beginning art,

And without end of days: Thy goodness is display'd,

On all thy works impress’d; Thou lovest all thy hands have made,

But man thou lovest best.

2 Gracious art thou to all

Who truly turn to thee;
O hear me, then, for pardon call,

And show thy grace to me:
Through mercy reconciled,

For Jesus' sake forgiven;
Receive, O Lord, thy favour'd child,

To sing thy praise in heaven.

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C. M.
Source of all blessings.
EHOVAH, God, thy gracious power

On every hand we see;
O may the blessings of each hour

Lead all our thoughts to thee.
2 If on the wings of morn we speed,

To earth's remotest bound,
Thy hand will there our journey lead,

Thine arm our path surround.
3 Thy power is in the ocean deeps,

And reaches to the skies; Thine eye of mercy never sleeps,

Thy goodness never dies. 4 From morn till noon-till latest eve,

Thy hand, O God, we see; And all the blessings we receive,

Proceed alone from thee.




C. M.
The Author of every good gift.
ATHER, to thee my soul I lift;

. ; Convinced that every perfect gift

From thee alone descends. 2 Mercy and grace are thine alone,

And power and wisdom too: Without the Spirit of thy Son,

We nothing good can do. 3 We cannot speak one useful word,

One holy thought conceive, Unless, in answer to our Lord,

Thyself the blessing give. 4 His blood demands the purchased grace:

His blood's availing plea Obtain'd the help for all our race,

And sends it down to me.


5 Thou all our works in us hast wrought;

Our good is all divine:
The praise of every virtuous thought,

And righteous word, is thine.
6 From thee, through Jesus, we receive

The power on thee to call,
In whom we are, and move, and live;

Our God is all in all.

L. M.
OLY as thou, O Lord, is none;

Thy holiness is all thine own;
A drop of that unbounded sea
Is ours,-a drop derived from thee.
2 And when thy purity we share,
Thine only glory we declare;
And, humbled into nothing, own,
Holy and pure is God alone.
3 Sole, self-existing God and Lord,
By all thy heavenly hosts adored,
Let all on earth bow down to thee,
And own thy peerless majesty :
4 Thy power unparallel’d confess,
Establish'd on the Rock of peace;
The Rock that never shall remove,--
The Rock of pure, almighty love.

C. M.
The Trinity.
AIL! holy, holy, holy Lord,

Whom one in three we know;
By all thy heavenly host adored,

By all thy Church below.
2 One undivided Trinity

With triumph we proclaim ;
Thy universe is full of thee,

And speaks thy glorious Name.



3 Thee, holy Father, we confess;

Thee, holy Son, adore;
And thee, the Holy Ghost, we bless,

And worship evermore.
4 Hail ! holy, holy, holy Lord,

Our heavenly song shall be; Supreme, essential One, adored

In co-eternal Three ! 102

L. M. The glorious goodness of the triune Jehovah. TOME, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

Whom one all-perfect God we own, Restorer of thine image lost,

Thy various offices make known. 2 Jehovah in three persons, come,

And draw, and sprinkle us, and seal, Poor, guilty, dying worms, in whom.

Thou wilt eternal life reveal. 3 Our fallen, ruin'd souls, to raise,

The knowledge of thyself bestow; Reveal the riches of thy grace,

And all thy glorious goodness show. 103

C. M.
One God in three persons.
AIL, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

One God in persons three;
Of thee we make our joyful boast,

And homage pay to thee.
2 Present alike in every place,

Thy Godhead we adore :
Beyond the bounds of time and space

Thou dwellest evermore
3 In wisdom infinite thou art,

Thine eye doth all things see; And every thought of every heart

Is fully known to thee.

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4 Thou lov'st whate'er thy hands have made;

Thy goodness we rehearse, In shining characters display'd

Throughout the universe.
5 Wherefore let every creature give

To thee the praise design'd;
But chiefly, Lord, the thanks receive,-

The hearts, of all mankind. 104

5th P. M. 4 lines 7s.

The co-eternal Three.
COLY, holy, holy Lord,

God the Father, God the Word,
God the Comforter, receive
Blessings more than we can give.
2 Join'd with those beyond the sky,
Worshipping the Lord most high,
We our hearts and voices raise,
Echo his eternal praise.
3 Three in one, and one in three,
One, in simplest unity,-
God, incline thy gracious ear;
Us, thy lisping creatures, hear.
4 Thee, while man, the earth-born, sings,
Angels shrink within their wings;
Prostrate seraphim above
Breathe unutterable love.
5 Fain with them our souls would vie;
Sink as low, and mount as high;
Fall, o'erwhelm'd with love, or soar;
Shout, or silently adore !

L. M.
Co-equal and co-eternal.
LESSING and honour, praise and love,

Co-equal, co-eternal Three,
In earth below, in heaven above,

By all thy works, be paid to thee.


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