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! From little ones to Jesus brought,

Hosanna now be heard ;
Let little infants now be taught

To lisp that lovely word.
3 Hosanna, sound from hill to hill,

And spread from plain to plain, While louder, sweeter, clearer still,

Woods echo to the strain.
4 Hosanna, on the wings of light,

O’er earth and ocean fly,
Till morn to eve, and noon to night,

And heaven to earth, reply.
5 Hosanna, then, our song shall be;

Hosanna to our King :
This is the children's jubilee;

Let all the children sing.

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C. M. Children recalling the example of Jesus. HEN Jesus left his Father's throne,

He chose an humble birth; And, all unhonour'd and unknown,

He came to dwell on earth.
2 Like him, may we be found below

In wisdom's paths of peace ;
Like him, in grace and knowledge grow,

As years and strength increase. 3 Sweet were his words, and kind his look,

When mothers round him press'd; 'Their infants in his arms he took,

And on his boson blest. 4 Safe from the world's alluring charms,

Beneath his watchful eye, Thus, in the circle of his arms,

May we forever lie.

1014 26th P. M. 76, 76, 76, 76.

Grateful praise.
E bring no glitt'ring treasures,

W ;

We come, with simple measures,

To chant thy love divine.
Children, thy favours sharing,

Their voice of thanks would raise ;
Father, accept our off'ring,

Our song of grateful praise.
2 The dearest gift of Heaven,

Love's written word of truth,
To us is early given,

To guide our steps in youth;
We hear the wondrous story,

The tale of Calvary ;
We read of homes in glory,

From sin and sorrow free.
3 Redeemer! grant thy blessing !

0! teach us how to pray,
That each, thy fear possessing,

May tread life's onward way;
Then where the pure are dwelling

We hope to meet again,
And sweeter numbers swelling,

Forever praise thy Name. 1015

Hosanna to the Son of David.
CHAT are those soul-reviving strains

Which echo thus from Salem's
What anthems loud, and louder still,
So sweetly sound from Zion's hill ?
2 Lo! 'tis an infant chorus sings
Hosanna to the King of kings:
The Saviour comes !—and babes proclaim
Salvation, sent in Jesus' name.

L. M.


3 Nor these alone their voice shall raise
For we will join the song of praise ;
Still Israel's children forward press,
To bail the Lord their Righteousness.
4 Messiah's name shall joy impart
Alike to Jew and Gentile heart:
He bled for us, he bled for you,
And we will sing hosanna too.
5 Proclaim hosannas, loud and clear;
See David's Son and Lord appear !
All praise on earth to him be giver,
And glory shout through highest heaven.


C. M.

Children in heaven.

THERE is a glorious world of light,


Where saints departed, clothed in white,

Adore the Lord most high.
2 And hark, amid the sacred songs

Those heavenly voices raise,
Ten thousand thousand infant tongues

Unite in perfect praise. 3 These are the hymns that we shall know,

If Jesus we obey;
That is the place where we shall go,

If found in wisdom's way.
4 Soon will our earthly race be run-

Our mortal frame decay ; Children and teachers, one by one,

Must die and pass away. 5 Great God, impress this serious thought,

To-day, on every breast;
That both the teachers and the taught

May dwell among the blest.



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1st P. M. 6 lines 8s. Unfaithfulness acknowledged and lamented.

GOD, thy righteousness we own;

Judgment is at thy house begun; With humble awe thy rod we hear, And guilty in thy sight appear ; We cannot in thy judgment stand, But sink beneath thy mighty hand. 2 Our mouth as in the dust we lay, And still for mercy, mercy pray; Unworthy to behold thy face, Unfaithful stewards of thy grace, Our sin and wickedness we own, And deeply for acceptance groan. 3 We have not, Lord, thy gifts improved, But basely from thy statutes roved; Yet do not drive us from thy face, A stiff-neck'd and hard-hearted race: The melting power of love impart; Soften the marble of our heart.



C. M.
Deprecating the anger of God.
EHOLD, O Lord ! before thy throne

Thy mourning people bend: 'Tis on thy sov'reign grace alone

Qar humble hopes depend. 2 Tremendous judgments from thy hand

Thy dreadful power display; Yet mercy spares this guilty land,

And yet we live to pray.


3 And why, great God, are we thus spared,

Ungrateful as we are ?
O make thine awful warnings heard,

While mercy cries,—Forbear !
4 O turn us, turn us, blessed Lord,

By thine almighty grace;
Then shall our hearts obey thy word,

And ever seek thy face. 5 Hear thou our prayers, and grant us aid ;

Bid wars forever cease :
Heal every breach that sin has made,

And bless our land with peace. 1019

9th P. M. 87, 87. Pardon implored for national sins. READ Jehovah ! God of nations !

From thy temple in the skies, Hear thy people's supplications ;

Now for their deliv'rance rise.
2 Lo! with deep contrition turning,

In thy holy place we bend;
Hear us, fasting, praying, mourning;

Hear us, spare us, and defend. 3 Though our sins, our hearts confoundiny, Long

and loud for vengeance call, Thou hast mercy more abounding;

Jesus' blood can cleanse them all. 4 Let that mercy veil transgression;

Let that blood our guilt efface : Save thy people from oppression; i

Save from spoil thy holy place. 1020

C. M.
Impending judgments.
OME, let our souls adore the Lord,

Whose judgments yet delay;
Who yet suspends the lifted sword,

And gives us time to pray.


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