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3 That Spirit, which from age to age

Proclaim'd thy love, and taught thy ways ? Brighten'd Isaiah's vivid page,

And breathed in David's hallow'd lays ? 4 Is not thy grace as mighty now

As when Elijah felt its power ; When glory beam'd from Moses' brow,

Or Job endured the trying hour? 5 Remember, Lord, the ancient days;

Renew thy work; thy grace restore; And while to thee our hearts we raise,

On us thy Holy Spirit pour. 860

1st P. M. 6 lines 8s. Broken vous lamented. GOD! how often hath thine ear

To me in willing mercy bow'd ;
While, worshipping thine altar near,

Lowly I wept, and strongly vow'd :
But ah! the feebleness of man!
Have I not vow'd and wept in vain ?

Return, O Lord of Hosts, return!

Behold thy servant in distress; My faithlessness again I mourn;

Again forgive my faithlessness; And to thine arms of mercy take, And bless me for the Saviour's sake.



S. M. The warning voice of Jesus. IRACIOUS Redeemer, shake

This slumber from my soul ! Say to me now,--Awake, awake!

And Christ shall make thee whole. 2 Lay to thy mighty hand;

Alarm me in this hour;
And make me fully understand

The thunder of thy power.

3 Give me on thee to call,

Always to watch and pray,
Lest I into temptation fall,

And cast my shield away.
4 For each assault prepared,

And ready may I be;
Forever standing on my guard,

And looking up to thee.
5 0 do thou always warn

My soul of evil near;
When to the right or left I turn,

Thy voice still let me hear :
6 Come back! this is the way;

Come back, and walk therein;
O may I hearken and obey,

And shun the paths of sin.



1st P. M. 6 lines 88. Pleading for restoring grace. ’TIS enough, my God, my God!

Here let me give my wand'rings o’er: No longer trample on thy blood,

And grieve thy gentleness no more;
No more thy ling'ring anger move,
Or sin against thy light and love.
2 O Lord, if mercy is with thee,

Now let it unto me be shown ;
To me, the chief of sinners, me,

Who humbly for thy mercy groan :
Me to thy Father's grace restore,
Nor let me ever grieve thee more.
3 Fountain of unexhausted love,

Of infinite compassion,-hear:
My Saviour, and my Prince above,

Once more in my behalf appear: Repentance, faith, and pardon give: O let me turn again and live!



C. M.
Faint, yet pursuing.
S pants the hart for cooling streams,

When heated in the chase,
So longs my soul, O God, for thee,

And thy refreshing grace.
2 For thee, my God—the living God,

My thirsty soul doth pine ;
O, when shall I behold thy face,

Thou Majesty divine !
3 I sigh to think of happier days,

When thou, O Lord, wast nigh; When every heart was tuned to praise,

And none more blest than I. 4 Why restless, why cast down, my soui ?

Hope still, and thou shalt sing The praise of him who is thy God,

Thy Saviour, and thy King. 864

C. M.
I shall be satisfied when I awake in thy likeness.
ESUS, the all-restoring Word,

My fallen spirit's hope,
After thy lovely likeness, Lord,

Ah! when shall I wake up ?
2 Thou, O my God, thou only art

The Life, the Truth, the Way; Quicken my soul, instruct my heart,

My sinking footsteps stay.
3 Of all thou hast in earth below,

In heaven above, to give,
Give me thy only love to know,-

In thee to walk and live.
4 Fill me with all the life of love;

In mystic union join
Me to thyself, and let me prove

The fellowship divine.



5 Open the intercourse between

My longing soul and thee, Never to be broke off again

To all eternity. 865

S. M.
Restore my peace.
ND wilt thou yet be found,

I still draw near ?
Then listen to the plaintive sound

Of a poor sinner's prayer. 2 Jesus, thine aid afford,

If still the same thou art:
To thee I look, to thee, my Lord,

I lift my helpless heart.
3 Thou seest my troubled breast,

The strugglings of my will, The foes that interrupt my rest,

The agonies I feel. 4 O my offended Lord,

Restore my inward peace; I know thou canst; pronounce the word,

And bid the tempest cease. 5 I long to see thy face;

Thy Spirit I implore,–
The living water of thy grace,

That I may thirst no more. 866

L. M.
Danger of final apostasy.
H! Lord, with trembling I confess,

A gracious soul may fall from grace;
The salt may lose its seas'ning power,
And never, never find it more.
2 Lest that my fearful case should be,
Each moment knit my soul to thee;
And lead me to the mount above,
Through the low vale of humble love.





L. M.
OD of unspotted purity,

Us, and our works, canst thou behold ? Justly are they abhorr'd by thee,

Whose works are neither hot nor cold. 2 Better that we had never known

The way to heaven, through saving grace, Than basely in our lives disown,

And slight and mock thee to thy face. 3 O let us our own works forsake ;

Ourselves and all we have deny: Thy condescending counsel take;

And come to thee, pure gold to buy. 4 O may we through thy grace attain

The faith thou never wilt reprove ;The faith that purges every stain,

The faith that always works by love. 868

L. M.
Humble confession.
JAVIOUR, I now with shame confess

My thirst for creature happiness;
By base desires I wrong'd thy love,
And forced thy mercy to remove.
2 Yet, О the riches of thy grace !
Thou, who hast seen my evil ways,
Wilt freely my backslidings heal,
And pardon on my conscience sea)
3 Yea, for thy truth and mercy's sake,
My comfort thou wilt give me back;
And lead me on from grace to grace,
In all the paths of righteousness;


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