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4 How excellent, O Lord, thy name,

In all creation's lines :
Spread through eternity, thy fame

With rising lustre shines. 5 These lower works that swell thy praise,

High as our thoughts can tower, Are but a portion of thy ways,

The hiding of thy power. 6 Millions before thy presence stand,

Who feel, while they adore, Fulness of joy at thy right hand,

And pleasures evermore. 71

C. M.
His greatness and condescension.
LORD, our King, how excellent

Thy name on earth is known;
Thy glory in the firmament,

How wonderfully shown! 2 When I behold the heavens on high,

The work of thy right hand; The moon and stars amid the sky,

Thy lights in every land : 3 Lord! what is man that thou shouldst deign

On him to set thy love,
Give him on earth a while to reign,

Then fill a throne above?
4 O Lord, how excellent thy name;

How manifold thy ways !
Let time thy saving truth proclaim,

Eternity thy praise. 72

C. M
His glory and majesty.
GOD, we praise thee, and confess

That thou the only Lord
And everlasting Father art,

By all the earth adored.


2 To thee all angels cry aloud;

To thee the powers on high, Both cherubim and seraphim,

Continually do cry ;3 O holy, holy, hcly Lord,

Whom heavenly hosts obey, The world is with the glory fill'd

Of thy majestic sway. 4 The' apostles' glorious company,

And prophets crown'd with light, With all the martyrs' noble host,

Thy constant praise recite. 5 The holy Church throughout the world,

O Lord, confesses thee, That thou eternal Father art,

Of boundless majesty.


L. M. Wisdom, majesty, goodness. DATHER of all, whose powerful voice

Calld forth this universal frame ! Whose mercies over all rejoice,

Through endless ages still the same: Thou by thy word upholdest all;

Thy bounteous love to all is show'd ; Thou hear'st thy every creature's call,

And fillest every month with good. 2 In heaven thou reign'st enthroned in light,

Nature's expanse before thee spread ; Earth, air, and sea, before thy sight,

And hell's deep gloom, are open laid : Wisdom, and might, and love, are thine ;

Prostrate before thy face we fall, Confess thine attributes divine,

And hail thee sov’reign Lord of all.




C. M.
Universul sovereignty.
HE Lord descended from above,

And bow'd the heavens most high,
And underneath his feet he cast

The darkness of the sky.
2 On cherubim and seraphim

Full royally he rode,
And on the wings of mighty winds,

Came flying all abroad.
3 He sat serene upon the floods,

Their fury to restrain;
And he, as sov'reign Lord and King,

Forever more shall reign.

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1st P. M. 6 lines 8s. Omnipotence and immutability. HEN Israel out of Egypt came,

And left the proud oppressor's land,
Supported by the great I AM,

Safe in the hollow of his hand,
The Lord in Israel reign'd alone,
And Judah was his fav'rite throne.
2 The sea beheld his power, and fled,

Disparted by the wondrous rod;
Jordan ran backward to its head,

And Sinai felt the incumbent God; The mountains skipp'd like frighten'd rams, The hills leap'd after them as lambs. 3 What aild thee, O thou trembling sea ?

What horror turn'd the river back? Was nature's God displeased with thee?

And why should hills or mountains shake ? Ye mountains huge, that skipp'd like rams ? Ye hills, that leap'd as frighten'd lambs?


4 Earth, tremble on, with all thy sous,

In presence of thy awful Lord, Whose power inverted nature owns,

Her only law his sov'reign word: He shakes the centre with his rod, And heaven bows down to Jacob's God. 5 Creation, varied by his hand,

The' omnipotent Jehovah knows; The sea is turn'd to solid land,

The rock into a fountain flows:
And all things, as they change, proclaiın
The Lord eternally the same.

S. M.
Creator of soul and body.

At whose supreme decree
My body rose, a breathing clod,

My soul sprang forth from thee: 2 For this thou hast design'd,

And form’d me man for this
To know and love thyself, and find

In thee my endless bliss. 77

3d P. M. 4 6s & 2 8s. Greatness and condescension.

His throne is built on high ;
The garments he assumes

Are light and majesty :
His glories shine with beams so bright,
No mortal eye can bear the sight.
2 The thunders of his hand

Keep the wide world in awe;
His wrath and justice stand

To guard his holy law;
And where his love resolves to bless,
His truth confirms and seals the grace.

THE Lord Jehovah reigns,


3 Through all his mighty works

Amazing wisdom shines;
Confounds the powers of hell,

And all their dark designs ;
Strong is his arm, and shall fulfil
His great decrees and sov'reign will.
4 And will this soy'reign King

Of glory condescend ;-
And will he write his name,

My Father and my Friend
I love his Name, I love his word;
Join all my powers to praise the Lord.

L. M.
Omnipotence and wisdom.
OME, O my soul, in sacred lays,

Attempt thy great Creator's praise
But 0, what tongue can speak his fame?
What mortal verse can reach the theme?
2 Enthroned amid the radiant spheres,
He glory like a garment wears ;
To form a robe of light divine,
Ten thousand suns around him shine.
3 In all our Maker's grand designs,
Omnipotence, with wisdom, shines;
His works, through all this wondrous frame,
Declare the glory of his Name.
4 Raised on devotion's lofty wing,
Do thou, my soul, his glories sing;
And let his praise employ thy tongue,
Till list’ning worlds shall join the song.

C. M.
Majesty and power.
IE Lord our God is clothed with might,

The winds obey his will ;
He speaks, and in his heavenly height

The rolling sun stands still.


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