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FATHER of me and all mankind,

5 Take the dear purchase of thy blood ;

Thy blood shall wash us white as snow : Present us sanctified to God,

And perfected in love below. 592

C. M.
For the coming of Christ's kingdom.

And all
Let every understanding mind

Unite to praise thy love. 2 To know thy nature and thy name,

One God in persons Three; And glorify the great I AM,

Through all eternity. 3 Thy kingdom come, with power


grace, To every heart of man; Thy peace, and joy, and righteousness,

In all our bosoms reign.
4 The righteousness that never ends,

But makes an end of sin-
The joy that human thought transcends-

Into our souls bring in. 593

C. M.
For the waters of salvation.

FOUNTAIN of life

, to all below

Water, replenish, and o’erflow

Every believing soul. 2 Into that happy number, Lord,

Us weary sinners take; Jesus, fulfil thy gracious word,

For thine own mercy's sake.
3 Turn back our nature's rapid tide,

And we shall flow to thee,
While down the stream of time we glide

To our eternity.

4 The well of life to us thou art,

Of joy, the swelling flood; Wafted by thee, with willing heart,

We swift return to God. 5 We soon shall reach the boundless sca;

Into thy fulness fall;
Be lost and swallow'd up in thee,-

Our God, our All in All.



L. M
Rejoicing at the return of the Sabbath.
Y opening eyes with rapture see


My thoughts, O God, ascend to thee,

While thus my early vows I pay. 2 I yield my heart to thee alone,

Nor would receive another guest : Eternal King, erect thy throne,

And reign sole monarch in my breast. 3 O bid this trifling world retire,

And drive each carnal thought away ; Nor let me feel one vain desire,

One sinful thought, through all the day. 4 Then, to thy courts when I repair,

My soul shall rise on joyful wing, — The wonders of thy love declare,

And join the strains which angels sing. 595

C. M. Sunday morning : Preparing for public worship. ORD, in the morning thou shalt hear

My voice ascending high :
To thee will I direct my prayer,-

To thee lift up mine eye:

2 Up to the hills where Christ is gone,

To plead for all his saints; Presenting, at the Father's throne,

Our songs and our complaints. 3 Thou art a God before whose sight

The wicked shall not stand ; Sinners shall ne'er be thy delight,

Nor dwell at thy right hand. 4 Now to thy house will I resort,

To taste thy mercies there; I will frequent thy holy court,

And worship in thy fear.
5 O may thy Spirit guide my feet

In ways of righteousness;
Make every path of duty straight,

And plain before my face. 596

L. M. Morning : Adoration.


And, fill'd with love and fear, adore The awful Sov’reign of the skies,

Whose mercy lends thee one day more. 2 And may this day, indulgent Power,

Not idly pass, nor fruitless be; But may each swiftly passing hour

Still nearer bring my soul to thee. 597

L. M. Morning : Sacrifice of praise and prayer.

A sun

Thy daily stage of duty run;
Shake off dull sloth, and joyful rise
To pay thy morning sacrifice.
2 Wake, and lift up thyself, my heart,
And with the angels bear thy part,
Who all night long unwearied sing
High praises to the' eternal King.

3 All praise to Thee, who safe hast kept,
And hast refresh'd me while I slept:
Grant, Lord, when I from death shall wake,
I may of endless life partake.
4 Lord, I my vows to thee renew;
Scatter my sins as morning dew;
Guard my first springs of thought and will,
And with thyself my spirit fill.
5 Direct, control, suggest, this day,
All I design, or do, or say ;
That all my powers, with all their might,
In thy sole glory may unite.


L. M. Morning : The Lord is my portion. 0

GOD, my God, my all thou art :

Ere shines the dawn of rising day, Thy sov'reign light within my heart,

Thy all-enliv’ning power, display. 2 For thee my thirsty soul doth pant,

While in this desert land I live; And, hungry as I am, and faint,

Thy love alone can comfort give. 3 In a dry land, behold, I place

My whole desire on thee, O Lord; And more I joy to gain thy grace,

Than all earth's treasures can afford. 4 More dear than life itself, thy love

My heart and tongue shall still employ; And to declare thy praise will prove

My peace, my glory, and my joy. 5 In blessing thee with grateful songs,

My happy life shall glide away; The praise that to thy Name belongs,

Hourly, with lifted hands, I'll pay.



C. M.
Morning : The Sun of righteousness.
WAKE, my soul, to meet the day;

Unfold thy drowsy eyes,
And burst the heavy chain that binds

Thine active faculties. 2 God's guardian shield was round me spread

In my defenceless sleep:
Let Him have all my waking hours

Who doth my slumbers keep.
3 Pardon, O God, my former sloth,

And arm my soul with grace; As, rising, now I seal my vows

To prosecute thy ways.
4 Bright Sun of righteousness, arise ;

Thy radiant beams display;
And guide my dark, bewilder'd soul

To everlasting day. 600

C. M.
Morning : Self-consecration.
NCE more, my soul, the rising day

Salutes thy waking eyes;
Orice more, my voice, thy tribute pay

To Him that rules the skies.
2 Night unto night his Name repeats,

The day renews the sound;
Wide as the heavens on which he sits,

To turn the seasons round.
3 'Tis he supports my mortal frame;

My tongue shall speak his praise ;
My sins might rouse his wrath to flame,

But yet his wrath delays.
4 O God, let all my hours be thine,

Whilst I enjoy the light;
Then shall my sun in smiles decline,

And bring a peaceful night.

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