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S. M
Knowledge of forgiveness.
OW can a sinner know

His sins on earth forgiven ?
How can my gracious Saviour show

My name inscribed in heaven? 2 What we have felt and seen

With confidence we tell ;
And publish to the sons of men,

The signs infallible.
3 We who in Christ believe

That he for us hath died
We all his unknown peace receive,

And feel his blood applied. 4 Exults our rising soul,

Disburden'd of her load, And swells, unutterably full

Of glory and of God.
5 His love, surpassing far

The love of all beneath,
We find within our hearts, and dare

The pointless darts of death. 6 Stronger than death or hell

The sacred power we prove; And, conqu’rors of the world, we dwell

In heaven, vho dwell in love. 460

S. M
Continued. The ind welliny Spirit.
E by his Spirit prove,

And know the things of God.-
The things which freely of his love

He hath on us bestow'd.

2 His Spirit, which he gave,

Now dwells in us, we know; The witness in ourselves we have,

And all its fruits we show. 3 The meek and lowly heart,

That in our Saviour was, To us his Spirit does impart,

And signs us with his cross. 4 Our nature's turn'd, our mind

Transform'd in all its powers ; And both the witnesses are join'], —

Thy Spirit, Lord, with ours. 5 Whate'er our pard’ning Lord

Commands, we gladly do; And, guided by his sacred word,

We all his steps pursue. ô His glory our design,

We live our God to please ; And rise, with filial fear divine,

To perfect holiness. 461

S. M. Seeking the evidence of acceptance. LISTEN for the voice

Which speaks my sins forgiven; Speak, Lord, and bid my heart rejoice

In certain hope of heaven. Thy Name 0

may Thy Name inscribed on me; And triumph in redeeming love

Through all eternity. 462

C. M. The earnest and pledge of joys to come. HY should the children of a King

Go mourning all their days ? Great Comforter, descend and bring

The tokens of thy grace.


I prove,




2 Dost thou not dwell in all thy saints,

And seal the heirs of heaven?
When wilt thou banish my complaints,

And show my sins forgiven ?
3 Assure my conscience of her part

In the Redeemer's blood;
And bear thy witness with my heart,

That I am born of God.
4 Thou art the earnest of his love,-

The pledge of joys to come;
May thy blest wings, celestial Dove,

Safely convey me home. 463

L. M.
Rejoicing in forgiving love.
Y soul, with humble fervour raise

To God the voice of grateful praise,
And all my ransom'd powers combine,
To bless his attributes divine.
2 Deep on my heart let mem'ry trace
His acts of mercy and of grace;
Who, with a Father's tender care,
Saved me when sinking in despair ;
3 Gave my repentant soul to prove
The joy of his forgiving love;
Pourd balm into my bleeding breast,
And led my weary feet to rest.

L. M.
Shouting God's praises.
Y soul, through my Redeemer's care,

Saved from the second death, I feel;
Mine eyes from tears of dark despair,

My feet from falling into hell. 2 Wherefore to him my feet shall run ;

My eyes on his perfections gaze; My soul shall live for God alone,

And all within me shout his praise.



C. M.
The Godhead reconciled.
NOME, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

One God in persons three;
Bring back the heavenly blessing lost

By all mankind and me.
2 Thy favour and thy nature too,

To me, to all restore ; Forgive, and after God renew,

And keep me evermore.
3 Eternal Sun of Righteousness,

Display thy beams divine,
And cause the glories of thy face

Upon my heart to shine.
4 Light, in thy light, O may


see, Thy grace and mercy prove; Revived, and cheer'd, and blest by thee,

The God of pard’ning love. 5 Lift up thy countenance serene,

And let thy happy child Behold, without a cloud between,

The Godhead reconciled. 6 That all-comprising peace bestow

On me, through grace forgiven; The joys of holiness below,

And then the joys of heaven. 466

C. M. The spirit of adoption. ATHER, I wait before thy throne :

Call me a child of thine: Send down the Spirit of thy Son,

To form my heart divine. 2 There shed thy promised love abroad,

And make my comfort strong ; Then shall I say, My Father, God !

With an unwav'ring tongue.



6th P. M. 6 lines 7s. The Spirit of God dwelleth in you.

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Late in Jesus reconciled ;
Hear, and all the graces shower,
All the joy, and peace, and power ;

All my Saviour asks above,
All the life and heaven of love.

2 Lord, I will not let thee go
Till the blessing thou bestow :
Hear my Advocate divine :
Lo! to his my suit I join :
Join'd to his, it cannot fail :
Bless me ; for I will prevail.
3 Heavenly Father, life divine,
Change my nature into thine ;
Move, and spread throughout my soul,
Actuate, and fill the whole:
Be it I no longer now
Living in the flesh, but thou.
4 Holy Ghost, no more delay;
Come, and in thy temple stay:
Now thine inward witness bear,
Strong, and permanent, and clear:
Spring of life, thyself impart;
Rise eternal in my heart.


2d P. M. 6 lines 8s. The sanctifying and sealing Spirit. ATHER of everlasting grace;

Thy goodness and thy truth we praise, Thy goodness and thy truth we prove; Thou hast, in honour of thy Son, The gift unspeakable sent down,

Spirit of life, and power, and love.


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