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6 Lo! the' incarnate God, ascending,

Pleads the merit of his blood : Venture on him.--venture freely; Let no other trust intrude :

None but Jesus Can do helpless sinners good. 7 Saints and angels, join'd in concert,

Sing the praises of the Lamb;
While the blissful seats of heaven
Sweetly echo with his name:

Hallelujah !
Sinners here may do the same.



C. M.
He waiteth to be gracious.
ESUS, Redeemer of mankind,

Display thy saving power ;
Thy mercy itt the sinner find,

And know his gracious hour.
2 Who thee beneath their feet have trod,

And crucified afresh,
Touch with thine all-victorious blood,

And turn the stone to flesh.
3 Open their eyes thy cross to see, -

Their ears, to hear thy cries : Sinner, thy Saviour weeps for thee;

For thee he weeps and dies 4 All the day long he meekly stands,

His rebels to receive; And shows his wounds, and spreads his hands,

And bids you turn and live.
5 Turn, and your sins of deepest dye

He will with blood efface;
E'en now he waits the blood to' apply ;-

Be saved, be saved by grace.



6th P. M. 6 lines 7s.

Fly to Jesus.
TEARY souls, that wander wide

From the central point of bliss :
Turn to Jesus crucified ;

Fly to those dear wounds of his :
Sink into the purple flood;
Rise into the life of God.

2 Find in Christ the way of peace,

Peace unspeakable, unknown;
By his pain he gives you ease,

Life by his expiring groan :
Rise exalted by his fall;
Find in Christ your all in all.
3 O believe the record true,

God to you his Son hath given;
Ye may now be happy too,

Find on earth the life of heaven:
Live the life of heaven above,
All the life of glorious love.
4 This the universal bliss,

Bliss for every soul design'd;
God's original promise this,

God's great gift to all mankind : Blest in Christ this moment be, Blest to all eternity.


1st P. M. 6 lines 8s Room for the guilty. OME, O my guilty brethren, come,

Groaning beneath your load of sin ; His bleeding heart shall make you room ; His open

side shall take you in : He calls you now, invites you home: : Come, O my guilty brethren, come.

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2 For you the purple current flow'd,

In pardons from his wounded side; Languish'd for you the Son of God; For

you the Prince of glory died. Believe, and all your sin 's forgiven: Only believe, and yours is heaven. 345

35th P. M. 87, 87, 77

The healing Fountain.
NOME to Calvary's holy mountain,

Sinners ruin’d by the fall ;
Here a pure and healing fountain

Flows for every thirsty soul,
In a full perpetual tide,
Open'd when the Saviour died.
2 Come, in sorrow and contrition,

Wounded, impotent, and blind;
Here the guilty, free remission,

Here the lost, a refuge, find. Health, this fountain will restore; He that drinks need thirst no more. 3 Come, ye dying, live forever;

'Tis a soul-reviving flood; God is faithful; he will never

Break his cov'nant seal'd in blood;
Sign'd when our Redeemer died;
By the Spirit ratified.

S. M
Seek Him while he be found.
Y son, know thou the Lord ;

Thy father's God obey;
Seek his protecting care by night,

His guardian hand by day.
2 Call, while he may be found;

Seek him while he is near ;
Serve him with all thy heart and mind,

And worship him with fear.



3 If thou wilt seek his face,

His ear will hear thy cry;
Then shalt thou find his mercy sure,

His grace forever nigh.
4 But if thou leave thy God,

Nor choose the path to heaven; Then shalt thou perish in thy sins,

And never be forgiven. 347

He justifieth the ungodly.

C. M.

than God,

For you he suffer'd pain;
For you the Saviour spilt his blood :

And shall he bleed in vain ?
2 Sinners, his life for you he paid ;

Your basest crimes he bore; Your sins were all on Jesus laid,

That you might sin no more. 3 To earth the great Redeemer came,

That you might come to heaven; Believe, believe in Jesus' name,

And all your sin 's forgiven.
4 Believe in him who died for thee;

And, sure as he hath died,
Thy debt is paid, thy soul is free,

And thou art justified. 348

L. M. The gospel feast. YOME, sinners, to the gospel feast; Let every soul be Jesus' guest :

' Ye need not one be left behind, For God hath bidden all mankind. 2 Sent by my Lord, on you I call; The invitation is to all : Come all the world ! come, sinner, thou ! All things in Christ are ready now.

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3 Come, all ye souls

souls by sin oppress’d, Ye restless wand'rers after rest; Ye poor, and maim'd, and halt, and blind, In Christ a hearty welcome find. 4 My message as from God receive; Ye all may come to Christ and live: O let his love your hearts constrain, Nor suffer him to die in vain. 5 See him set forth before your eyes, That precious, bleeding sacrifice : His offer'd benefits embrace, And freely now be saved by grace.

S. M.


And yet there is room.
E wretched, starving poor,


Where mercy spreads her bounteous store

For every humble guest.
2 See, Christ, with open arms,

Invites, and bids you come;
O stay not back, though fear alarms;

For yet there still is room. 3 0 come, and with us taste

The blessings of his love:
While hope expects the sweet repast

Of nobler joys above.
4 There, with united voice,

Before the eternal throne,
Ten thousand thousand souls rejoice,

In ecstasies unknown.
5 Ten thousand thousand more

Are welcome still to come :
Ye longing souls, the grace adore ;

Approach,—there yet is room.

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