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L. M.
The struggling captive.
ORD, with a grieved and a hing heart,

To thee I look, to thee I cry;
Supply my wants; thy grace impart:

O hear an humble pris'ner's sigh! 2 On my sad heart the burden lies;

No human power can ease the load; My num’rous sins against me rise, And far remove me from


God. 3 Break, break, O Lord, these tyrant chains,

And set the struggling captive free; Redeem from everlasting pains,

And bring me safe to heaven and thee.



L. M.
Balm in Gilead, and a good Physician there.
EEP are the wounds which sin has made;

Where shall the sinner find a cure ?
In vain, alas! is nature's aid;

The work exceeds her utmost power. 2 But can no sov’reign balm be found,

And is no kind physician nigh,
To ease the pain, and heal the wound,

Ere life and hope forever fly?
3 There is a great Physician near;

Look up, O fainting soul, and live; See, in his heavenly smiles, appear

Such help as nature cannot give. 4 See, in the Saviour's dying blood,

Life, health, and bliss, abundant flow; And in that sacrificial flood

A balm for all thy grief and wo.

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C. M.
The voice that wakes the dead.
PHOT' Son of God, whose flaming eyes

Accept the grateful sacrifice

Which now to thee we give.
2 We bow before thy gracious throne,

And think ourselves sincere : But show us, Lord, is every one

Thy real worshipper ?
3 Is here a soul that knows thee not,

Nor feels his need of thee,
A stranger to the blood which bought

His pardon on the tree?
4 Convince him now of unbelief;

His desp’rate state explain ;
And fill his heart with sacred grief,

And penitential pain. 5 Speak, with that voice that wakes the dead,

And bid the sleeper rise;
And bid his guilty conscience dread

The death that never dies.




C. M.
The hammer of God's Word.
YOME, O thou all-victorious Lord,

Thy power to us make known;
Strike with the hammer of thy Word,

And break these hearts of stone. 2 O that we all might now begin

Our foolishness to mourn;
And turn at once from every sin,

And to the Saviour turn.

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3 Give us ourselves and thee to know,

In this our gracious day ; Repentance unto life bestow,

And take our sins away.
4 Convince us first of unbelief,

And freely then release;
Fill every soul with sacred grief,

And then with sacred peace. 329

L. M.
The accepted time.
HILE life prolongs its precious light,

Mercy is found, and peace is given;
But soon, ah, soon, approaching night

Shall blot out every hope of heaven. 2 While God invites, how blest the day !

How sweet the Gospel's charming sound ! Come, sinners, haste, 0 haste away,

While yet a pard’ning God is found. 3 Soon, borne on time's most rapid wing,

Shall death command you to the grave,-Before His bar your spirits bring,

And none be found to hear or save. 4 In that lone land of deep despair,

No Sabbath's heavenly light shall rise,-No God regard your bitter prayer,

No Saviour call you to the skies. 5 Now God invites; how blest the day !

How sweet the Gospel's charming sound ! Come, sinners, haste, O haste away,

While yet a pard’ning God is found.

S. M.
To-day the accepted time.
OW is the accepted time,

Now is the day of grace ;
Now, sinners, come without delay,

And seek the Saviour's face.

2 Now is the accepted time,

The Saviour calls to-day ;
To-morrow it may be too late-

Then why should you delay? 3 Now is the accepted time,

The gospel bids you come; And every promise in his word

Declares there yet is room. 331

LL yesterday is gone;

S. M.

A -;



O sinner, come, without delay,

And bow before the throne. 2 O hear God's voice to-day,

And harden not your heart;
To-morrow, with a frown, he may

Pronounce the word,—Depart ! 332

C. M.
Boast not thyself of to-morrow.
HY should we boast of time to come,

Though but a single day?
This hour may fix our final doom,

Though strong, and young, and gay. 2 The present we should now redeem;

This only is our own;
The past, alas ! is all a dream;

The future is unknown.
3 O, think what vast concerns depend

Upon a moment's space,
When life and all its cares shall end

In vengeance or in grace! 4 O for that power which melts the heart,

And lifts the soul on high,
Where sin, and grief, and death depart,

And pleasures never die.


5 There we with ecstasy shall fall

Before Immanuel's feet;
And hail him as our All in all,

In happiness complete. 333

5th P. M. 4 lines 78.

The danger of delay.
ASTEN, sinner, to be wise !

Stay not for the morrow's sun:
Wisdom if you still despise,

Harder is it to be won. 2 Hasten, mercy to implore!

Stay not for the morrow's sun, Lest thy season should be o'er

Ere this evening's stage be run, 3 Hasten, sinner, to return !

Stay not for the morrow's sun, Lest thy lamp should fail to burn

Ere salvation's work is done 4 Hasten, sinner, to be blest!

Stay not for the morrow's sun, Lest perdition thee arrest

Ere the morrow is begun. 334

C. ML No peace to the wicked. VINNERS, the voice of God regar);

'Tis mercy speaks to-day; He calls you by his sacred word

From sin's destructive way.
2 Like the rough sea that cannot rest

You live, devoid of peace;
A thousand stings within your breast

Deprive your souls of ease.
3 Your way is dark, and leads to bell:

Why will you persevere ?
Can you in endless torments dwell,

Shut up in black despair ?

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