Bishop Barlow and Anglican Orders: A Study of the Original Documents

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Longmans, Green, 1922 - Anglican orders - 194 pages

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Page 178 - Burgesses, and other the freemen of the commonalty of this realm: and by authority of Parliament holden in the five and twentieth year of the reign of King Edward...
Page 176 - ... a licence under the great seal, as of old time has been accustomed, to proceed to election of an archbishop or bishop of the see so being void, with a letter missive, containing the name of the person which they shall elect and choose...
Page 32 - The ministers of God's word under his majesty be the bishops, parsons, vicars, and such other priests as be appointed by his highness to that ministration : as for example, the bishop of Canterbury, the bishop of Duresme, the bishop of Winchester, the parson of Winwick, úc.
Page 48 - Church, which always hath been reputed, and also found of that sort, that both for knowledge, integrity, and sufficiency of number, it hath been always thought, and is also at this hour sufficient, and meet of itself, without the intermeddling of any exterior person or persons, to declare and determine all such doubts, and to administer all such offices and duties as to their rooms spiritual doth appertain...
Page 182 - Rex omnibus ad quos prasentes &c. salutem. " Sciatis quod nos de gratia nostra speciali, ac ex " certa scientia et mero motu nostris dedimus et " concessimus ac per praesentes damus et concedimus " dilecto servienti nostro Thomse Barthelet impres" sori nostro quandam annuitatem sive quendam " annualem redditum quatuor librarum sterlingorum, " habendum et annuatim percipiendum prsedictam " annuitatem sive annualem redditum quatuor libra...
Page 169 - My lord, I am tied with a chain of iron about my neck.' He alleging her wonted courage to her, she replied, ' I am tied, and the case is altered with me.
Page 176 - ... with a letter missive, containing the name of the person which they shall elect and choose : by virtue of which licence the said dean and chapter...
Page 169 - ... fearing she would have been displeased that she left her alone, came towards her, to excuse herself; and she vanished away ; and when she returned into the same chamber where she had left her, found her asleep as before.
Page 50 - Majesty is and hath always been, by the word of God, supreme head in earth of the Church of England, and hath full power and authority to correct, punish, and repress all manner of heresies . . . and to exercise all other manner of jurisdiction commonly called Ecclesiastical jurisdiction'.
Page 13 - That if the king's grace, being supreme head of the Church of England, did choose, denominate, and elect any layman (being learned) to be a bishop ; that he, so chosen (without mention made of any orders) should be as good a bishop as he is, or the best in England."!

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