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Art. 61. Mumiographia, Musei Obiciani, &c. Padua, 1800. 4to.

65 pp. with two Plates..
In this work the learned and indefatigable author, Paulinus à Sto.
Bartholomeo, describes au Egyptian mummy, covered with hierogly-
phics, which had attracted his attention, when, in the month of July,
1799, he had been, together with Cardinal Borgia and Dr. Florian
Caldani, to see the magnificent museum of the Marquis Thomas de
Obiciis at Catajo, near Padua. Mr. Edward Wortley Montague, cele-
brated for his travels and his singular adventures, had enriched that
muselin with this mumıny before his death, which happened at Padua
in 1976. The amateurs of an iquity will read with much pleasure
this memoir; in which, besides the descripcion of the mummy, are to
be found a great number of interesting observations-

Mr. P. à S19. B. is likewise employed in preparing a new and greatly
augmented edition of his Grammatica Samfcredana, with Latin cha-
racters, for the use of Europeans.

Art. 62. Joh. Gurlicts Versuch über die Büsenkunde.--Esag on Bufis,

by J. Gurlitt. Magdeburg, 1800. 410. 91 pp.
Mr. G. has before published several valuable works on the subject of
Archæology. In the present one, which is peculiarly important, he
treats of antique bults; his dissertation is divided into fix paris.

The author firit gives an account of the origin and use of beads, of
Hernes and of antique busts. By the term Hermès are understood heads
placed on a square base, because Hermès (Mercury) had been represented
in this manner. Thus we say Hermathene, to indicate a Minerva lo
placed ; Hermerotes, to denote a Cupid of the same form, and not, as
has been imagined, to signify the double heads of Mercury and Mi-
nerva, of Mercury and Cupid, &c.

Mr. G. gives an alphabetical catalogue of 375 buffs, of all kinds,
Atill existing. The authors from whose works he has formed it are
ehiefly Urjini, Bellori, Sandrart, the Capitoline and Pia-Clementine
ART. 63. Reise nach Troas oder Gemählde der Ebene von Troja in

ihren gegenwärtigen Zujiande vom Bürger Lechevalier. Nach dem
Franzörischen der zweyten Ausgabe frey bearbeitet, von C. G. Lenz,
Professor am Gymnasium zu Gorba.- Voyage to the Troad, or description
of the Plain of Troy in its present State, by Lechevalier, Freely irans-
lated from the Second French Edition, by C., G. Lenz, Profellur in the
Gymnasium at Gotha, with Eight Engravings, and a Chari. Alten-
burg and Erfurt, 1800 ; 271 pp. in 8vo.

A work had already been published, on the Plain of Troy, by Mr.
Lenz, after a manuscript of the Duke de Choiseul, which had been fent
to him from Transylvania, in which he had given an account of the
scene of the Iliad, according to Homer. Since that time, he has pub.
blished this German translation of the second edition of the excellent
work of Mr. Lechevalier, on the Plain of Troy, Besides this version,


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well executed, and accompanied with notes, Mr. L. publishes in this volume a letter, which had been addresled to him by Mr. Ake, blad, who had resided for several years as Swedish Secretary of L gation at Conítantinople, and who, in 1792 and 1797, had vifited the lroad. This letter contain different obscrvations on the work of Lechevali r; and, among other things, an inscriprion, copied by Mr. Akerblad near Tschiblak; an exact copy of the inscription, publi'hed No. V. of the work of Lechevalier, pp. 262 feqq.; a copy of what is still remaining of the Sigean inscripcion; some other inscriptions, found in ihe Troad by an English merchant, Willis, fettled in the Dardanelles, in whose house Mr. Akerblad copied them, in 1792, &c. The other additions confift of two leiters from Major Sibawartz, one of them to Mr. Heyne, the other to Mr, Lenz; another from she Swedish Majes Hela wig to Mr. Heyne, also relating to the Troad; and, lastly, some ob. fervations of the late Mr. Kaestner, Professor at Göttingen, on the height of Mount Athos. ART. 64. Petri Camperi, fummi medici, differtationes decem, quibus ab

illuftribus Europæ, præcipuè Galliæ, academiis palma adjudicaia. Accedunt ejufdem de optima agendi vel expeditandi in medicina ratine liber singularis, et dissertatio de forcipum indole et aétione. Vol. fecundum et ultimum; cum tabulis in ære expressis. Lingen, 1800, 834 pp. in 8vo.

The firfil volume of these very valuable Differtations was publifhed in 1799. In this second volume we have the following articles, besides those specified in the title : 7, De remediorun specialium requiftis, genuina historia, allione, et optima adminiftrandi methodo ; necnon de morbis, quorum Speciales curationes defiderantur ; to which the prize was awarded in 1779, by the Royal Academy at Dijon ; 8, p. 129, Differtatio de fomni et vigiliæ indole atque ufu in morbis qui manu curantur; which, in 1781, obtained the prize from the Royal Chirurgical Society at Paris; 9, p. 227, Solution de la question: comment le vice des différentes excretions peut influer sur les maladies chirurgicales et quelles font les regles des pratique, relatives à cet objet ; to which the prize was likewise adjudged in 1782, by the fame fociety ; 10, p. 389, De bydrope, to which the prize was given by the Royal Medical Society at Paris, in the same year, and which was also published in 1988, in the fixih volume of the Mémoires de la Société Royale de Medecine at Paris. The three annexed plates belong to the last Dissertation, De forcipum indole et actione.

. .Jena ALZ. Art. 65. Codices manufcripti theologici bibliothecæ Palatinee Vindobo.

nensis Latini aliarumque Occidentis linguarum. Volumen I. codices ad Caroli VI. tempora bibliothecæ illatos complexum Pars I.-II. 3358 Col. together with a double Index.- d. II. codices à Caroli ti. temporibus bibliothecæ illatos complexum, Pars I. Recenfuit, digofii, indicibus inftruxit Michael Denis, a concil, aul. Aug. et ejufdem bibliom thecæ primus cuftos. Vienna, 1799. 1116 Col. Fol.

The theological manuscripts described in this very important and accurate work, are divided by the learned author into hierograpbici, here


meneutici, patristici, dogmatici, polemici, afcetici homiletici, liturgici, fynodici. The codices, of which an account is given in the first volume, amount to 975; and those in the first part of the second volume to 475. Mr. Denis has, as far as was possible, assigned the ages of the differ nt MSS. and we are presented with fac fimiles of the characters of two of them only. Among the most ancient may be reckoned a Codex Hilari de Trinitate, belonging to the fourth, fifth, or fixth century; and tu. ture editors of that father, as also of Lactantius, Cyprian, Bede, Ifia Horus of Seville, Rhabanus Maurus, Petrus Longobardur, &c. and of the Christian Latin poets, will find a considerable ftore of new materials either transcribed into, or pointed out by, this catalogue.

We must not forget to observe, that where articles in other departe ments of literature are found, bound up in the same volume with theological works, they are likewise described with them. Ibid.

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ART. 66. Berichten van de Zendingen der Euangelische Brædergemeente

onder de Heidenen.--Arcoun: of the Millions of the Irangelical Brge therhood among the Heathen. No. 3–4; from p. 163 l0 p. 315. Zeilt and Amiterdam.

The third part contains, 1. The Continuasion of the Account of the Millions of the Brotherhood anong the Heachen. 2. The Joure ney of Hans Wied froin Paramaribo to Hoop in the year 1794. In the former of these articles, we are presented with the history of the endeavours of the Brotherhood to propagate the Gospel among the Laplanders and Samojedes; of the Millions to Georgia, Surinain, and Berbice. The latter of these articles gives an account of the situation of Haop, and of the measures adopied there for the purpose of the mision. The author, accompanied by his wife, left Paramaribo on the ift of July, and returned thither on the 16th of September. In p. 229, he describes the preparazion of the Indian beer from the case sabi root, which was firk chewed by an old woman. Many other cura toms of the Indians are likewife here noviced.

The fourth number coin prizes, 1. The Life of Martherý Slach, the Grit Millionary to Greenland, who died, 1785, in the 77th year of his age. 2 and 3. Observations on the State of the Million, from the iniddle of the year 1795 10 1797, and from the ilt of July, 1797, 10 the 20th of June, 1903, at Paramaribo; among the Hortentuto, at Bavianíxloof; in Greenland, Labrador; in the Welt Indies, in Antigua, St. Kiir's, St. Thosas, Santa Cruz, and Sr. John; as aisu in North America.

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- ACKNOWLEDGMENTS TO CORRESPONDENTS. : W. W. will find our sincere and candid opinion on the work he recommends, in the Review for the present monih. If we cannot be so unlimited in our applause as the persons he mentions, he may recollect, that the very circumstances which remove the limits of their praise, are likely to produce a contrary effect on our decision. We have been much urged on the subject of this book, and have spoken with reflection and care.

To 7. S.-who wrote on the fame subject, and whom we answered last month, we now add, that we are forry it was not in our power to decide more according to his wishes.

We cannot suppose C. S. S. to be ignorant, that the Elements of Euclid are the proper work for commencing the study of mathematics ; yet what else can we confiftently re.commend? The editions of Euclid are many, and a very good one added to the number, was reviewed by us last month,

P. 498.


Mr. William Smith, Member of the Bath Society of Agriculture, is printing a work on the natural order of the various Atrata in different parts of England and Wales, with practical observations. ,

Dr. Watkins has it in contemplation to publish an account of the Clergy of the Church of England who were sufferers in the Great Rebellion, an improved edition of Walker's Sufferings of the Clergy; to be comprised in two volumes, octavo.

The Rev. John Moore, President of Sion College, is preparing Notes on the Latin Sermon which he preached before the Clergy, on the Seventy Weeks of Daniel, and is about to publish at their request.

Sir Henry Englefield has in the press a Walk through Southampton, which comprises an interesting survey of the long neg. lected antiquities of that town, and will contain engravings of some of the most remarkable objects.

A new translation, in French, of Pope's Rape of the Lock, will be published in a few days, handsomely printed in post quarto, with notes, by the translator, Mr. Desmoulins, of Southampton.

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TICHILLES wrongfully repre-

fented as a baltara...
as a bastard............513

..:" Jo
- , anecdote relat.
ing to the birth of............ ib.
A&ion, conditions which decide

one to be typical stated ....... 24
Administration, on the law re-

specting .................... 178
Affection, the progress of, a song 516

Africa, travels in ....
Agricultural operations, increase of 59

surveys, perniciuus
tendency of ....
Agriculture, proceedings of the

board of.................... 548
Alfred, enquiries concerning his
tomb ......

......... 397
Algorism, etymology of ........ 72
Alphabetical writing, Jewish and

Greek methods of, contra fced.. 344
Alpine shepherds, fimile of the.. 48
Amboyna, dress, manners, &c, of

the inhabitants of............ 106
America, commercial intercourse

of, with England and France..
Antichrift, referred by Mr. Jones

to the revolutionists of France 75
Apostles, not unprepared as to hu-
man knowledge

their imputed ignorance
further explained............

boundaries of their in-
spiration .................... 293
Arabic numerals, the general use of 65

explanation of
Chaucer's terming them nowe
figures..................... 72

Arabic numerals, bursary accompts

at Oxford, examined in search

of them .................... 7
Arithmetic, inattention of the

founders of public schools to..
Arts and sciences, early knowledge

of, in India...........
Asthenia of old age, treatment of 238
Avalanche, Alpine phænomenon
of the, described ............ 487

Bahahara described............. 124
Bank of England, credit of, al-
tacked...................... 58

an average circu.
lation of its notes........... 59, 60
Bannockburn, by Robert Burns.. 418
Bar, remarks on thely

of edu.
cation adopted for the........ 5OL
Barrow, the earliest known ....

not a necessary proof of a
Basing, John de, the importer of

Greek numerals.............
Bat, vampire, described .........
Blondel's discovery of his master
Richard ...................

, quits him abruptly

- his love for Birengaria,
daughter of the king of Chorus 489
Bougainville island, account of... 103
Bouka island, account of........ 1b.

- manners and habits
of the inhabitants........... 104
Bourbon, negroes for the cultiva-

tion of the ille of, furnished by
Madagascar .
w m .......... 463


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