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"Hard by yon wood, now finiling as in fcorn,

Mutt'ring his wayward fancies he would rove, "Now drooping, woeful wan, like one forlorn, "Or craz'd with care, or crofs'd in hopeless love.

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One morn I mifs'd him on the custom'd hill,

Along the heath and near his fav'rite tree; "Another came; nor yet beside the rill,

"Nor up the lawn, nor at the wood was he;"

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The next with dirges due, in fad array,

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Slow thro' the Church-way path we saw him borne.

Approach and read (for thou can't read) the lay, "Gray'd on the ftone beneath yon aged thorn.




EC fama, neque notus, hic quiefcit,
Fortuna Juvenis, fuper filenti


Telluris gremio caput reponens.
Non cuñas humiles, Laremque parvum
Contempfit pia Mufa; flebilifque
Juffit Melpomene fuum vocari.


Huic largum fuit, integrumque pectus, Et largum tulit a Deo favorem: Solum quod potuit dare, indigenti Indulfit lacrymam; Deufque Amicum, Quod folum petiit, dedit roganti.


Virtutes fuge curiofus ultra
Scrutari: fuge fedibus tremendis
Culpas eruere, in Patris Deique
Illic mente facra fimul repostæ
Inter fpemque metumque conquiefcunt.

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HERE refts his head upon the lap of Earth

A Youth to Fortune and to Fame unknown:
Fair Science frown'd not on his humble birth,
And Melancholy mark'd him for her own.


Large was his bounty, and his foul fincere,
Heav'n did a recompence as largely fend:
He gave to Mis'ry all he had, a tear,

He gain'd from Heav'n ('twas all he wifh'd) a friend. 32.

No farther feek his merits to disclose,

Or draw his frailties from their dread abode, (§ There they alike in trembling hope repofe) The bofom of his Father and his God. paventofa fpeme.

Petrarch. Son. 114.

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