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To return to the descent of Kiddall. Robert the br. and heir of Sir John of K. was doubtless father of

Thomas Elys of Kiddall Esq., who by such description in a deed dated 12 Hen. VI. releases" near the house of the friars preachers in Pontefract], a parcel of ground adjoining, being 90 ft. long and 30 ft. broad, near the lands of the said T. E. on the East” which in a deed d. 7 Hen. IV, it is noticed was licensed by the said T. E. “ to build a hermitage upon.” And by a deed d. 8 Hen. V. of Robert Elys of Fairburn Esq. a grant is made concerning the said hermitage. Again, by deed d. 9 Hen. VI. Rob. Elys of Everingham gent. gives "all his right in a tenement called the Hermitage in Pontefract, bounded on each side by the lands of Tho. Élys.” (Fox's Hist. of Pontefract.) This Thomas Elys would appear to be father of

HENRY Elys Esq." nuper de Farburne co. Ebor.” who is so styled in the Inquis. taken 4 June 20 Edw. IV. on his death.* It finds that he died seized of the manor of F. held of the king in capite by the service of 8 roses, if required, on the feast of St. John the Baptist, and that it is worth £10 per ann.; that the said Henry E. died 1 April 11 Edw. IV., and that Thomas Elys was his s. & h. to whom descended the said manor, of which he has received the profits since his father's death, and that he is 24 years old. The manor of Farburne was conveyed by Fine 10 Rich. II. by Sir Adam Everingham of Layton Knt. to Will. Elys and Joanna his wife; and their s. Robert we have just seen was owner 8 Hen. V. How then did the above Henry Elys become possessed of it? Not evidently by inheritance: perhaps by gift or purchase. In the reign of Hen. VIII. it seems to have gone back into the family of Everingham, Sir Henry E. of Birkin Knt. dying seized of it 37 Hen. VIII. (Inquis. p. m.) The Thomas Elys of the Inquis. was doubtless the

Thomas Elys Esq. of Kiddall with whom the pedigrees in the Visitations begin, and according to which he mar. Anne d. of Walter Calverley of C. Esq. [noto“ Knt.”]. The inscription on the bay window at Kiddall Hall in No. 2, p. 58, copied from The Mirror, refers to this Tho. and his wife ; but the date being misread 1400, which is also the date given in Whitaker's “Loidis and Elmete," has hitherto obscured the pedigree, and given rise to much confusion and apparent discrepancy. The inscription as accurately copied is as follows: “Orate pro nostatut Thome Elgs et Anne uroris cuet qui ista' fenestra' fecerunt anno dni mo rrrarf p’mo.”f The following Inquisition verifies the Visi

Administration was granted 1471, at York, of the goods of Henry Elys of Barwick in Elmet,

+ Sic. I Or FIFFE. Ś This is from personal inspection by Alfred Shelley Ellis Esq. to whom I am tation pedigree. It was taken at Wakefield 16 Nov. 7 Hen. VIII. on the death of Thomas Elys Esq. 7 March 6 Hen. VIII. seized of 116 a. in Kyddall juxta Thornor, held of the Abbey of Kirkstall, and of the manor of K. by mil. service, and a rent of 78., and it moreover finds that William Elys is his s. & h. and of full age, and that the said T. E. held no other manors or tenements of the King in capite, nor by military service, but that he held other lands and ten, in the said county of which the Jury know nothing.* Tho. E. and Anne C. had a d. Ellen mar. Michael Fawkes of Farnley (Vis.). His s. & h., indebted for much information in this article, and for many notices throughout this number ; and for the detection of several errors and discrepancies, and for many judicious remarks. Mr. Ellis states that “the inscription and the window are coeval. In the cavetto of the cornice are bosses with the emblems of the cruci. fixion and other devices. In the bays of the window are four shields of arms in stained glass. 1 and 4. ELLIS impaling CALVERLEY. 2. ELLIS impaling arg. on a fess sa. betw. 2 inverted fleurs-de-lis gules 3 torteaux [THWAITES). 3. ELLIS impaling paly of 6 sa. and arg. over all on a bend gu. 3 mullets pierced [ELTON). The bay window is at one end of the dining-room, which is wainscotted, and the carved oak chimney-piece, and arched sideboard recess opposite are Jacobean ; over the latter is a shield, Ellis impaling Calverley ; and over the former a shield, Wilkinson impaling -- The Dining Room was originally the Hall, and its fine open timber roof exists above the ceiling of the bed-rooms over. Kiddall Hall is now a farm of 234 acres, some few of which are in Thorner parish, the rest in Barwick, now held of — Wilkinson Esq. of Potterton Hall by Mr. Wetherhill."

* Burke speaking of the Tho. E. who mar. Anne Calverley styles him “Sir Thomas Richard Ellys of Kiddall who in 1408 levied troops in Yorkshire with Sir Tho. Rokeby and defeated the Earl of Northumberland.” Now, we have seen there

Thomas Elys Esq. of Kiddall 12 Hen. VI. (1434) whose father might have been a Sir Thomas and s. of Robert the heir of Sir John: but as to the name Tho. Richard, as was remarked at p. 58, "a double name was most unusual if not unknown at this period, as also at the time of the so-called John Gascoyne Ellis." Possibly two persons are included in this double designation, the other perhaps, Richard Ellis of Lepton, living 1421, or more probably Richard eldest s. of Sir Wm. Ellys of Everingham. Mr. Burroughes says [About 1407 Sir Thomas Ellys served in France] and [In the reign of Henry VII., Sir Walter Ellys did good service to the King in an insurrection among the villains in Yorkshire). If so, it is strange that his contemporary Thomas E. the owner of Kiddall should have lived and died an esquire only. Burke says “Sir Henry Ellys of K. was slain at Bosworth field” [1485). Now the only known Henry about that period died an "esquire” and in 1472. It is true he might have had a s. Henry, but where is the proof of it ?

† Alice d. of a Tho. Ellis of Kiddall was wife of James 8. & h. of John Green (Coll. of Arms, H 19, p. 82). Green of Norfolk bears arg. on a cross engrailed 5 crescents of the first. (Burke's Armoury.) Tho. Green of Stayncliffe bore arg. on a cross engr. gules 5 crescents or, on a chief azure 3 bezants. (Harl. MSS. 1394, p. 349.) Probably one of this family mar. a heiress of Ellis.

9 March 1514. Release of Recognizances of ALFRED ELys of Berwick in Elmet and others of their Recog. of 100 marks made 15 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII. (Cal. State Papers, 1509-14, vol. i. No. 4866.)

MAUD ELYS, widow, late wife and administratrix of Alex. Paslowe, dec. is mentioned in a suit apparently concerning Kiddall, etc. 7 Hen. VIII. (Cal. of Pleadings in Duch. of Lanc.) She would appear to have been second wife of Tho. E. who died 6 Hen. VIII.

A ROGER Ellis of Kiddall is said to have had a d. Jane ux. Roger Savill of Copley, 1585. (Egerton MSS. Brit. Mus. 1075, p. 38.)

was a

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WILLIAM ELLYs Esq. of Kiddall mar. Joan d. of Wm. Pearchechay of Riton Esq.,* and by her had a d. Anne ux. Mr. John Moor of Austropp, and a s. & h.,

THOMAS ELLIS, Mayor of Doncaster, 1519-22-32-43–53 and 59, is said by Mr. Falconer, in his Hist. of St. Tho. the Apostle, to have been s. of Tho. E. and Anne C. The inscription in St. George's church at Doncaster on his memorial is as follows : “Here lyeth the body of Thomas Ellis late of Doncaster, Gentleman and Alderman, six times Mayor of the same, who for the honour of God, built one hospital for the poor, called St. Thomas the Apostle, who dyed July 17, 1562. Go thou and do likewise.” He mar. the widow of — Lewys of Doncaster. His will, which is very long, and gives several legacies, mentions no other relative but his wife. The coat of Ellis of Kiddall is on his monument. Alexander Ellis was Mayor of Doncaster, 1533. The following quaint lines commemorate another Ellis in Doncaster church (Hunter's Doncaster, p. 42):

“Yf gud turn dun gud turn require
Then prey for me Robert Ellius esquyer
Who when I was 30 wyntar and one
Was Alderman of thys town,
And hafeying lifed full long
Now ley undere yis ston.

I deyd ye 11 of Avril anno 1402." RICHARD ELLIS of Midhope is said by Mr. Falconer to have been another son of Tho. E. and Anne C. and ancestor of the Ellises of Wooley and Brampton. The following account of this family is from Hunter's South Yorkshire (ii. 72-390). “This M. I. is in the church at Royston in which Wooley is. Mr. Thomas Ellis 8. of Mr. John Ellis sole heir male and last of a family that for many years lived in good repute and esteem at Wooley. He being the 4th of that name was bap. May 9, 1677 and died Apl. 20, 1704—his grandmother Mrs. Ann Ellis. On the pavement are memorials for Richard Ellis, 1597. Tho. Ellis, 1614. Elizabeth E. 1651. James E. 1668. Tho. E. 1677. John E. 1760 æt. 67. Tho. E. of Notton s. of Tho. E. of Wooley, 1693, æt. 52. Eliz. Heather d. of Tho. Ellis 1716, æt. 85. Tho. s. of John E. 1704.

[An Inquis. was taken 6 April 12 Car. I. on the death of THOMAS Ellis of Wooley who died 20 Dec. 1634 seized of 1 mess. and 40 a. land in W. held of the King as of the Honour and Castle of Pontefract, parcel of the Duchy of Lanc. by mil. service and rent of 38. 7d. and is worth per ann. 138. 4d., Thomas ELLIS being his s. & h. æt. 30.]

M. I. in Wath church. GEORGE Ellis late of Brampton, gent. twice mar. ob. s. p. April 12, 1712, æt. 85. Arms. Ellis of Kiddall. This township produced a very liberal public benefactor in Mr. Geo. Ellis whose M. I. is above. He descended of a family who were seated at Midhope as early as the reign of Hen. VIII., and had been benefactors there. No pedigree is to be found in any of the visitations, and I have not seen any attempt at forming one by any Collectors of West Riding genealogy, though the family not only pretended to coat-armour but Mr. Geo. Ellis had on his seal the arms of Ellis quartering a chevron between three heads [? a fess betw. 3 mullets). John Ellis the father or the grandfather of the benefactor is the first of Brampton. He occurs with that description in the will of his br. RALPH Ellis Esq. of York, 1622, who mentions also another br. Sir GEORGE ELLIS of York, Knt., who was one of the Council of the North.” He was buried in the church of St. Michael le Belfry, York, with this inscription, “ Here lyeth the Body of Sir George Ellys one of the most Honourable Council established in the North, who departed this life, May 22, 1626, æt. 59.” Arms, Qu. 1 and 4, Ellis of Kiddall, except that the crescents are or ; 2 and 3 a fess between 3 mullets. He mar. Margaret d. of Roger Lepton Esq. who remar. Geo. Anby and Edm. Clough Esq. (Whitaker's Leeds

An Inquis. was held 9 Apr. 10 Car. I. on the death of JAMES ELLIS of Brierley who died seiz. of 1 mess. and 30 a. land in B. Tho. Coare being his grandson and heir æt. 18.

* Her grandfather was Lionel P. after whom probably Lionel Ellis (p. 62) “third s. of E. of Kiddall” was named, Wm. Ellys and Joan P. being doubtless his parents.

p. 225.)

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