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Aug. 20. To cash paid Everett Waddey Co., to-wit:
March 13th, 1 letter file..

$ 30
June 29th, 100 card notices..

1 25 July 13th, 500 stamped envelopes... 12 90 July 20th, 1,000 applications..

2 25 July 22d, 500 stamped envelopes.... 12 90 July 24th, 800 programmes.

10 50 July 27th, 500 postals printed... 6 00

46 10


2 00

28. To express on photograph of Thirteenth Annual

To H. B. Wills, photographer, for group of Asso-

29. To John G. Winston for stenographic services, etc.,

in connection with Thirteenth Annual Meet


96 00 1 50 Dec.

To Thaddeus for cleaning and storing books. Sept. 12: To Everett Waddey Co. for500 stamped envelopes.

$12 90 600 card notices.

1 75

14 65


5. To Everett Waddey Co. for

500 letter heads
2,000 receipts

$2 50
2 50

5 00

75 00

27 47


8. To salary of Secretary and Treasurer for three

months to October 1, 1901.....
23. To Fritz Sitterding, carpenter, for bookshelves for

storage of reports, etc.
5. To Christopher Engraving Company for 14 half-

tone cuts for Vol. XIV....
11. To Everett Waddey Co. for-

Printing, binding and wrapping Vol.
XIV., at $1.19 per page.

$536 69
Pamphlets with Vol. XIV..

53 29 500 stamped envelopes..

12 90

43 60

602 88

31 25 88 00 12 96

To Davenport & Co., rent for three months to

October 1, 1901...
12. To stamps for Vol. XIV., 550 at 16 cts.
15. To stamps for Vol. XIV., 81 at 16 cts.
16. To Frank Cole for delivering Vol. XIV. to Rich-

mond members and others in city.

To W. G. Cosby for hauling volumes to P. O... 21. Ernest Young for framing group of 1901.

5 00

50 1 13

20 00 1 60

12. To Everett Waddey for binding 20 volumes No.

XIV. in Morocco for Mr. Justice Horace Gray..
26. To stamps for Vol. XIV..
30. To stamps for Vol. XIV., $1.60, and rubber

stamp, 25c...
31. To salary of Secretary and Treasurer to date...

1 85 75 00



28. To Davenport & Co., three months' rent to Janu

ary 1, 1902..

31 25


11 00 12 90


8. To Everett Waddey Co., 435 “return postals" for

vote as to place of Fourteenth Annual Meet

10. To Everett Waddey Co. for 500 stamped envelopes.
13. To express on package to American Bar Associa-

21. To Postal Telegraph Cable Co. for cablegram to

Judge A. M. Keiley...
22. To Virginia Fire and Marine Insurance Co. for

$1,500.00 insurance
To Virginia State Insurance Co. for $2,500.00 insur-

ance on library...

11 16

9 75

16 25

March 1. To storage room for reports.

31. To telegram to Judge Thomas G. Jones, of Ala...

6 00


April 12. To Davenport & Co., three months' rent to April

15. To telegram to Judge Thomas G. Jones.
16. To telegram to Judge Thomas G. Jones.
18. To telegram to Judge John Garber, San Francisco.
20. To telegram to Maj. T. C. Elder...
21. To telegram to Judge Garber, Washington, D. C..
22. To telegram to Maj. T. C. Elder.
24. To telegram to Judge Ed. Baxter..

31 25


80 3 17

31 43 37 92


65 55


1. To telegram to Judge Thomas G. Jones..
6. To telephone to Maj. T. C. Elder..
To telegrams to R. B. Davis and George Mc-

13. To expenses of E. C. Massie to Washington to

interview Judge Garber on April 21, 1902....
To expenses of J. Stewart Bryan and E. C. Mas-

sie to Washington to interview Secretary of

the Navy W. H. Moody, etc... 28. To telegram to Senator Martin.

15 10

24 25

53 June


2. To telegram to Secretary Moody...
To salary of Secretary and Treasurer to April 1,

75 00

13 20

60 84

13. To Everett Waddey Co. for 500 stamped envel-

opes, $12.90, and letter file, 30c....
18. To telegram to Judge James B. Gantt.

To telegrams to and from J. S. Bryan.
30. To salary of Secretary and Treasurer, three

months to July 1, 1902...
9. To telegram to Thomas Nelson Page.
10. To telegram to Judge Gantt...
22. To Davenport & Co., three months' rent to July 1,

30. To amount to balance.

75 00


50 60

31 25 1,107 08

$3,245 96

July 30. By annual dues for year ending July 30, 1902,

and receipts from other sources..

$3,245 96

Aug. 1. By amount on deposit in cash and certificate in

State Bank of Virginia...

$1,107 08

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To the Virginia State Bar Association:

Your Executive Committee respectfully report that, according to the custom which has heretofore been followed in holding the annual meeting at some place in the mountains and on the seashore in alternate years, the meeting for this year would have been fixed at the seashore, but your committee believed that August was the best time for holding the annual meeting, and that the seashore was not the best place for holding a meeting in that month, and caused reply postal cards to be sent by mail to each member of the Association, asking an expression of the individual preference of each member as to the time and place of holding the meeting.

A considerable number of members returned answers to these questions, and a very large majority of those answering expressed a preference for the Hot Springs, in Bath county, ar a place of meeting and some time in the early part of August as the time.

In accordance with the wishes of the members so expressed, your committee fixed upon the Hot Springs as the place, and the 5th day of August as the time for holding the annual meeting, and they feel confident that the very generous hospitality which has been extended to the Association by the authorities of the hotel company, together with the beautiful surroundings of the place, both natural and artificial, are all that need be stated in justification of the wisdom of the choice so made.

Your committee believe that August is the best time for holding the annual meeting of the Association, because, generally, throughout the State, no circuit or corporation courts are in ses sion and the Court of Appeals is also, generally, in recess during that month. The month of August, in the judgment of your committee, is not a fit time for a visit to the seashore, and for that reason it is submitted by the committee, that, if it is the judgment of the Association that the annual meetings shall

be held in the month of August, it will be better to abandon the custom heretofore observed, and to have all such meetings held at some place in the mountains.

Your committee are pained to have to report that since the last annual meeting twelve of its highly honored and well beloved members have died, namely:

Robert C. Stribling, of Newport News, Va., died April 30, 1901.

Archer L. Payne, of Roanoke, Va., died September 16, 1901.

General James A. Walker, of Wytheville, Va., died October 20, 1901

John Page, of Beaver Dam, Va., died October 30, 1901. Arthur S. Segar, of Hampton, Va., died November 28, 1901.

Judge John Paul, of Harrisonburg, Va., died November 1, 1901.

A. W. Armstrong, of Alexandria, Va., died December 24, 1901.

George A. Mushbach, of Alexandria, Va., died December 30, 1901.

L. D. Starke, of Alexandria, Va., died February 21, 1902. Leonard Marbury, of Alexandria, Va., died June 4, 1902. Judge R. R. Kane, of Gate City, Va., died June 6, 1902.

Judge Thomas M. Miller, of Powhatan, Va., died June 11, 1902.

Suitable memorials of all these members will be prepared and published with the Minutes of this meeting, in conformity with the usual customi in such cases.

The thanks of the Association are due to the officers of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad Company for the courtesy extended to the members in reduction of the fare to and from the place of meeting from the ordinary rate, which has heretofore been granted, to the sum of one fare for the round-trip, and the ticket being good from the 1st of August to the 22d, this being the most liberal terms ever offered the Association by any transportation company. Thanks are also due to Mr. Fitzgerald, the courteous Commissioner of Associated Railroads of

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