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use all the means in its power to have the records of our earliest courts of justice preserved with the utmost and unremitting care, as a sacred trust for the students of our legal, social and political institutions in the remote past:

Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed, with instructions to petition the Legislature to appropriate such a sum as will meet the expenses of continuing and completing the work already authorized by the General Assembly.


The following committee was then appointed under said resolution: S. S. P. Patteson, W. R. Meredith, William A. Jones, George McIntosh and T. S. Garnett.

On motion, the Association then adjourned, subject to the call of the Executive Committee.



Annual Reports


Report of Treasurer

To the Virginia State Bar Association:

I submit herewith, as prescribed by Article II. of the By-Laws, a report of the transactions of this office from July 1, 1901, to August 1, 1902. I began the year with a balance of $989.79, and ended with a balance of $1,107.08 in the treasury; the sum of $200.00 referred to in former reports having been passed to the general account. Our financial history is summarized in the following table:

Annual Accounts.

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Frequent applications have been made to all delinquents for their dues, and three members have been dropped for the non-payment thereof by order of the Executive Committee. I now report that, Forty-eight members owe $5.00 each...

$240 00 Thirteen members owe $10.00 each..

130 00 Five members owe $15.00 each..

75 00 Six members owe $20.00 each.

120 00

Total delinquency

$565 00

The following is a summarized statement of my transactions for the year ending August 1, 1902:

1.-Receipts and Disbursements.

As will appear from the accounts filed herewith (which have been examined and certified by the Auditing Committee), the total receipts for the current year have been $3,245.96, as follows: Balance on hand as per last report....

$ 989 79 Admission fees, annual dues for current year and dues collected from delinquent members.....

2,200 00 Interest on certificate on deposit in State Bank.

34 67 Cash from sale of Reports...

16 50 Cash from sale of tickets to John Marshall banquet.

5 00

Total receipts, as above..
And the total expenditures have been.

$3,245 96 2,138 88

Leaving in the treasury a balance of...

$1,107 08

The expenditures are classified as follows:
Annual dinner and other expenses at the White Sulphur
Springs, West Virginia, August 6, 7 and 8, 1901.

$ 568 71 Stenographer at annual meeting..

96 00 Salary of Secretary and Treasurer.

300 00 Printing, wrapping, stamping and mailing reports of Thir

teenth Annual Meeting and extra copies of addresses and papers

671 98 Stamps and envelopes for correspondence.

168 91 Rent for fifteen months....

156 25 Incidentals, printing circulars, express, telegrams, etc.

92 50 Traveling expenses of J. S. Bryan and Eugene C. Massie on business of Executive Committee..

58 53 Insurance

26 00


$2,138 88

II.-Outstanding Obligations.

There are at present no outstanding obligations.

III.--Resources and Probable Expenses.

The resources of the Association for the coming year are estimated at $3,107.08, as follows: Balance now in treasury....

$1,107 08 Annual dues from 400 members at $5.00 each...

2,000 00

Total estimated resources, as above..

$3,107 08 The probable expenses of the Association for the coming year are estimated at $2,325.00, as follows: Salary of Secretary and Treasurer.

$ 300 00 Stenographer at this meeting..

75 00 Annual dinner at this meeting, including incidentals.

750 00 Printing and distributing Reports of Proceedings.

900 00 Rent and incidental expenses...

300 00


$2,325 00

The cost of printing our reports this year will be greater than usual, and the cost of this meeting will also exceed that of last year; and if the above estimate is correct, our balance at the end of the coming year. will be nearly $400.00 less than it is now. I have been convinced for some years that we ought to make a small charge for each banquet ticket, and that the list of complimentary tickets should be greatly curtailed. The actual cost of each ticket to the Association is between $5.00 and $6.00, and I should think no one would object to paying as little as $2.00 for his ticket. Certainly, if one wishes to compliment a friend or client, as is frequently done, he ought to be willing to pay this small amount. As a rule, the complimentary tickets number from twenty to thirty. This is a very heavy charge upon the treasury, which should be reduced, if not entirely eliminated. The Association ought to accumulate a fund for the purchase of a permanent home, and I trust the proper steps will be taken to gather a surplus for this and other purposes.

Respectfully submitted,



Accounts of Treasurer



In account with EUGENE C. MASSIE, Treasurer.




31 25


July 24. To cash paid for telegram to Julian Burke, Esq.,

concerning rates at White Sulphur Springs for
Thirteenth Annual Meeting...

26. To telegram to J. S. Bryan, Esq., concerning inter-

view with Mr. Burke...
27. To Davenport & Co. for 3 months' rent to July 1, ,

Aug. 1. To telegram to Judge C. T. Davis, of Boston,

concerning annual address in the place of Mr.

To Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Co. for

conversation with C. T. Davis at Boston con

cerning annual address, as aforesaid.

To telegram from Judge Davis.....
14. To express on trunk from White Sulphur Springs.
15. To expenses of banquet at White Sulphur Springs,

West Virginia:
250 Benefactor cigars....

$17 50
500 Turkish Trophy cigarettes.

3 25 2 cases Virginia claret.

6 00 9 qts. Wilson whiskey.

9 45
23 qts. Neirsteiner at 90 cts...

21 70
84 qts. champagne (“White Seal”)
at $3.25

218 75
12 qts. Apollinaris.

8 10

50 1 85

2 41

$279 06

27 90

Add 10 per cent...

$306 96
256 00

128 plates at $2.00.

562 96


$ 1 95

3 30

5 25

MEMO.—Total expenses at White Sulphur were $568.21, of

which $420.25 was paid in cash August 9, 1901, and $147.96 was paid by check dated August 16, 1901.

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