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a lawyer of exceptional ability, and eminently successful in his profession, and was held in high esteem by his brother lawyers, as well as by all the courts before whom he practiced, and I know of no citizen in Alexandria who was held in higher estimation, or possessed more sterling qualities of character than the late Anthony W. Armstrong.”

Mr. Armstrong was survived by his widow, whose maiden name was Jessie R. Easten, of New York city, and two children--a son and a daughter; also by three sisters, Mrs. R. W. Falls, of Washington, D. C.; Mrs. Ada K. Shattuck, of Falls Church, Va., and Miss Lou Armstrong, of Alexandria.

The following minute appears among the records of one of the courts in which he practiced :

At a Corporation Court of the city of Alexandria, held at the courthouse of said city on Monday, January 13, 1902. Present, Hon. J. K. M. Norton, Judge.

The resolutions recently passed by the Bar Association of Alexandria in respect to the memory of the late Anthony W. Armstrong were read and the court ordered the same spread upon the minutes. Leonard Marbury and Francis L. Smith spoke upon the resolutions.

Resolutions on behalf of Anthony W. Armstrong:

Resolved, That we have received with deep sorrow the intelligence of the death of Anthony W. Armstrong, for many years a leading practitioner in the courts of this city, and that we regard this said event as a great loss to our profession and to our whole community.

Resolved, That fidelity to all, and a strict regard for the rights of others, marked in a conspicuous degree his walk among men, so that his life is an example to contemplate with pleasure and profit.

Resolved, That his personal excellence will abide in our hearts and will make the recollection of our intercourse with him, beth social and professional, a memory upon which we shall ever delight to linger.

Resolved, That in the death of Mr. Armstrong, the community has lost an upright and public-spirited citizen; the Bar a conscientious, industrious and honorable member, whose sound

judgment and legal attainments adorned the practice of his chosen calling; his family a tender and devoted relative, and his friends, one who was always loyal and true.

He was a man of uncommon worth ; has left a good name, which is far better than riches, and we deplore the death of our friend and brother, and mourn with others who loved him.

Resolred, That these resolutions be communicated to his bereaved family, and be presented to the United States Circuit Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, and to the State courts in this city, and the counties of Alexandria and Fairfax, to be spread upon their minutes, as a testimonial of his character and attainments and our high regard and esteem for him.

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