Catalogue of New South Wales Exhibits: Department E, Mines, Mining and Metallurgy

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Page 348 - Sydney, 1890.) 4. The Fossil Fishes of the Hawkesbury Series at Gosford, by AS Woodward, &c. (4to. Sydney, 1890.) 5. A Monograph of the Carboniferous and Permo-Carboniferous Invertebrata of New South Wales.
Page 224 - At 8 chains 50 links to river, and marked gum-tree — at this place I found numerous particles of gold in the sand and in the hills convenient to the river.
Page 348 - Catalogue of Works, Papers, Reports, and Maps on the Geology, Palaeontology, Mineralogy, &c. , &c., of the Australian Continent and Tasmania, by Robert Etheridge, Junr., of the British Museum, and Robert Logan Jack, FRGS, FGS, Government Geologist for Queensland.
Page 224 - California, addressed a letter to the colonial secretary statingthat he had been prospecting for two months, and offered to point out the localities in which he had discovered gold to any officer of the government on condition of the government awarding him 500 as a compensation. To this the government directed that a similar answer should be given to...
Page 224 - FGS, who originally a clergyman in England has spent a long and laborious life in working out the geological structure of his adopted country, New South Wales. He found gold in 1841, and exhibited it to numerous members of the Legislature, declaring at the same time his belief in its abundance. While therefore geologists in Europe were guessing, he, having actually found the precious metal, was tracing its occurrence far and near on the ground.
Page 339 - Building stones, marbles, slates, etc. Rough, hewn, sawed, or polished, for buildings, bridges, walls, or other constructions, or for interior decoration, or for furniture. Marble — white, black, or coloured — used in building, decoration, statuary, monuments, or furniture, in blocks or slabs not manufactured.
Page 224 - Presuming that the origin above suggested is correct, viz., the occasional occurrence in the ancient deposits of trees of a peculiar resinous constitution, there is no anomaly in finding in one spot a mere patch amidst a coal seam (as...
Page 345 - CLASS 103. — Lime, cement, and hydraulic cement, raw and burned, accompanied by specimens of the crude rock or material used, also artificial stone, concrete, beton. Specimens of lime mortar and mixtures, with illustrations of the processes of mixing, etc. Hydraulic and other cement.
Page 219 - GROUP 51. Copper and its Alloys— Metallurgy. Class 339. Native copper and the methods of extracting, melting and refining it. Class 340. Copper ores and their treatment by fire. Copper smelting. Pneumatic process. Converter system. Class 341. Copper extraction in the "wet " way. Class 342. Copper in ingots, bars and rolled, with specimens illustrating its various stages of production. Copper and zinc. Brass industry and products regarded as materials of manufacture. Class 343. Copper and aluminum,...
Page 217 - Lithographic stones, hones, whetstones, grindstones, grinding and polishing materials, sand quartz, garnet, crude topaz, diamond, corundum, emery in the rock and pulverized, and in assorted sizes and grades.

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