Physics: Volume One: Classical Foundations

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Simplicity Research Institute, May 1, 2017 - Science - 100 pages

This book is a concise survey of the foundations of classical physics. It focuses on conceptual issues, and the various limitations that were later overcome with the development of quantum theory and Einstein's relativity.

The presentation is aimed at enthusiasts in schools and beyond who have had some prior exposure to physics, but the uninitiated might also find some parts of this book to be informative.

Topics covered include: Physics as information compression, the principle of relativity, cause and effect, symmetries and conservation laws, order and disorder, arrow of time, fields, waves, spontaneous symmetry breaking and emergence.

Notes, exercises, and references have been included for those who are more inquisitive. Additional resources are on the book's webpage.


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About the author (2017)

Dr. Parwani is a theoretical physicist, with interests in quantum 
theory, cosmology, astrobiology, consciousness, and yoga.
He currently resides on the Third Rock from the Sun.

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