My Everyday Marseille: The Film Photographs

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My Everyday Marseille, Oct 31, 2014 - Photography - 93 pages
Hello! Marseille, a city in the South of France, needs no introduction. It is remembered for precisely the things it wishes everyone to forget - a tragic history of violence and poverty due no fault of its own. In most of Marseille there are divergent scenes, the chaotic and savage yet beautiful streets and natural landscapes amalgamate in cohesion, into an unparalleled version of France. You will encounter in the first chapter, the beautiful natural landscapes around the Calanques that dot the Mediterranean coastline in the South of France. The second chapter throws a spotlight on a variety of street scenes, a capsule of the essence of the daily lives. These soft, sublime moments are lived surrounded by the romance of the Mediterranean sun and sea. Here, the old and new collide in a sweeping sensation of grandeur and naivete, finding exciting possibilities in cohabiting with each other, where the mistral winds howl along the long Mediterranean coastline and azure waters lap languidly on pebbled beaches. You notice the scent of pine and thyme in windblown gardens of reds and yellows as the city beckons to yet another stranger from a faraway place, whispering, 'Explore me', making you yearn to experience more in this place of contradiction. Experiencing the city, consuming it piece by piece brings forth myriad emotions, a happiness that borders on ecstasy together with an unfathomable obsession, a glimpse of a breathing, living story. Some places seem familiar at first glance, others are delightfully foreign. Your feelings are not completely understood, and should never be. The Marseille that you will encounter tells a story about a journey across the city through the lens of a film camera. The fragile moments of daily life, embracing you with the light touches of a sunny, smiling place you know you will not forget. Step in, and enjoy your small travel adventure, one photo at a time.

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About the author (2014)

Rachel Minn Lee is a travel enthusiast who prefers to make journeys into unknown places. Rachel uses the medium of 35 mm film to capture the city and surroundings of Marseille, in the South of France, as seen from her perspective. In love with the savage beauty of the mountains and seas, she photographs the singular, fragile moments as they are lived, their narratives documented visually in this book. This is the second year of her film photography odyssey, and 'My Everyday Marseille: The Film Photographs' , is her first book. You can follow Rachel on Twitter (@geekySG) or visit her online at

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